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John, just heading out the door, so abbreviating ...

For years I've posted about a transitional energy shortfall, and the need, then, for nuclear power. Links, later — but I agree.

In fairness, at least part of nuclear's problems rise from the current glut of natural gas, with consequent low prices: at present nuclear can't compete. But the glut won't last: so what then?

"As you are aware, I am not fan of the religious hysteria on and around CO2"

— Discord around the issue is an irresolvable problem. It replicates smoking/cancer debates in the 60's, complete with ideological biases, corporate misdirection, and public failure to understand probabilistic decisions, as opposed to probative and linear yes/no binary decisions. Different national/cultural biases toward prudence and common (global) good also play a part. These are clearly visible in different country trajectories.

— In any case, even where we disagree, we both see trouble coming.


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