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To: TideGlider who wrote (55527)12/2/2020 10:40:56 AM
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I see the gullible are still with us and still gullible.
RMIL was a fraud, plain and simple, and some people still don't believe that.
It is hard to say what makes people swallow a certain hook, line and sinker all the way.
Once they have swallowed it though it can be a bitch getting it out again.
Facts don't register when someone has swallowed hook, line and sinker.
You can point out criminal convictions but they don't mean a thing to the gullible.
People can go into a court of law, hear the facts and still stick with the fraud.
People twist their minds in the most convoluted fashion to dismiss glaring problems.
They lack all critical thinking skills once they are hooked and think the fraud is real.
They will look at the results of dozens of lawsuits, determinations by dozens of judges, and dismiss them.
Rather than stop and think for even a second they will wander further and further from reality.
At some point they will reach place where no light of intelligence shines at all.
It is sad when it happens to someone you know, you wonder what went wrong in their head?
We are not talking little old ladies believing the fake call is from the IRS.
There is evil afoot and it is plain and simple, evil bringing lies and death to many, loss of trust to all.
And if you believe this evil is good then you are part of the problem, part of the evil, part of spreading evil.
Wake up, look at the big picture, criminality is criminality, bad is bad, evil is evil.

When we look for evil we can look in several ways.
One way is ideological ie You eat eels, eels have no scales, they are evil, you must be evil.
This is not really a good way to search for evil, eels may not have scales but that doesn't make them evil.
A better way to determine what is fraudulent or evil is to apply normal standards and see how that works.
Look at the everyday record, that is really a great help when looking for evil.
So if a person has a record of defrauding others they will likely continue to defraud in all new roles.
If a player has had to settle previous frauds by paying out money they have learned to profit from fraud.
Once a person has learned to profit from their fraudulent activity they never stop until they are cornered.
For some, lies and fraud become a way of thinking, a way of life, and still the investors invest their trust.
Why? Admitting to fraudulent activity then settling with authority simply allows more fraudulent activity.
If I open a school to teach critical thinking then I better not be selling religion.
Bankruptcies may be bad but they are not evil, fraud however is evil.
The record is clear, the evil is ongoing and there are many gullible who think the evil is good.
What is particularly galling is when the gullible should know better.
Tsk, tsk.