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SI - Site Forums : Silicon Investor - New feature discussion -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: Kirk © who wrote (6853)9/28/2021 3:43:54 PM
From: SI Ron (Colonel Sammy)  Read Replies (2) | Respond to of 7082
Did you try and delete cookies and clear cache?

To: Kirk © who wrote (6853)9/28/2021 4:12:39 PM
From: Zen Dollar Round2 Recommendations

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Kirk ©
Terry Maloney

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I'm experiencing the same issue for that page.

It has nothing to do with clearing cookies or cache.

Firefox is the only browser that will show those stock charts as I've also tried Safari and Microsoft Edge on that page (I'm using macOS).

To: Kirk © who wrote (6853)9/28/2021 4:33:20 PM
From: SI Ron (Colonel Sammy)2 Recommendations

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Kirk ©
Terry Maloney

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I called Dmitri, and will email this link to your post.

To: Kirk © who wrote (6853)9/28/2021 4:42:23 PM
From: SI Ron (Colonel Sammy)  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 7082
I am using Chrome for SI and no issues.

To: Kirk © who wrote (6853)9/28/2021 4:53:12 PM
From: SI Dmitry (code monkey)3 Recommendations

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SI Ron (Colonel Sammy)
Terry Maloney
Zen Dollar Round

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If you go into dev tools for your browser, you can see that the remote server is returning 403 (Access forbidden) error codes when your browser tries to load the pictures.

The site owner apparently doesn't like the content being embedded on other sites, and so has placed a restriction on the serving of the content.

Why does it work in Firefox? That is really the question. Perhaps Firefox is masking the origin page of the request when it makes it. That's just my guess.



To: Kirk © who wrote (6853)9/28/2021 9:37:39 PM
From: George Statham  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 7082
the links are http and the site is https. It worked fine in chrome for me until I turned off allow insecure content for I'm normally using firefox for SI but had looked at this issue in the past.

You can copy the image location and paste it elsewhere to see that the stockcharts link is http.

Looking at network requests with developer tools in chrome seems a bit weird. It's got a 403 error and is using https. I'm thinking that might not actually be a response from stockcharts but some artifact from chrome. Not delving deeper, at least tonight.