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Politics : The China Joe Biden Presidency -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: J_F_Shepard who wrote (578)2/1/2021 2:21:34 PM
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And every one of his voters showed up for his inauguration

To: J_F_Shepard who wrote (578)2/1/2021 2:22:43 PM
From: GROUND ZERO™  Respond to of 2538
Keep telling yourself that... LOL!!!


To: J_F_Shepard who wrote (578)2/1/2021 2:27:03 PM
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Here are more people receiving Donald in Mar-A-Lago than biden had at his phony ceremony in D.C....

Tell me this is fake, also... LOL!!!

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To: J_F_Shepard who wrote (578)2/1/2021 2:32:33 PM
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I know from experience, that trying to change some who has made up their mind politically is a fool game. So I am posting this link to those reading this thread, so they they may gain some perspective...

As time moves forward, those of you that supported the Marxist Socialist Demon-cratz, will come to regret it. You need only look in the mirror to see who to blame...


To: J_F_Shepard who wrote (578)2/1/2021 2:43:38 PM
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Omg.. If you are actually stupid enough to believe Biden got 81 million votes I have no idea where your common sense is... There were 132 million registered voters. No one is arguing that Trump got 74 million... Usually 60% of voters show up to vote so that says approx 100 million might have voted.. That says Biden at the max got 26 million... Another way to put it is Trump had 86 million followers on Twitter and got 74 million votes.. Biden had 26 million followers and got 81 million...yeah sure he did.. My guess most followed Biden for the same reason I did... to see the stupid things he posted... Even with Covid there would have been some in the streets for the inauguration... There wasn't anyone anywhere except the National Guard that didn't have a choice and even they turned their backs on him and don't tell me that is the way security is supposed to do it because that is bull. They turned their backs on him because the electoral system failed the country and they knew the wrong person just got in...

To: J_F_Shepard who wrote (578)2/1/2021 2:59:29 PM
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It was mathematically impossible for Biden to win.

The election was rigged, stolen !!!!!