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To: Litore Lapis who wrote (1278615)11/15/2020 2:16:10 PM
From: Wharf Rat2 Recommendations

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"I posted a lot of real scientific stuff,"
Don't flatter yourself. You're posting bullshit.

"The post with the UK retired supreme court judge, and that guy is not stoopid, was my last hope"
He might not be stupid, but anybody who values a judge's opinion about a disease more than he values the advice of physicians certainly is.

"You are not talking to someone who came down with yesterdays rain btw"
Yesterday's rain is today's fairy ring.

To: Litore Lapis who wrote (1278615)11/15/2020 3:14:12 PM
From: bruwin2 Recommendations

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Litore Lapis
Mick Mørmøny

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"Warfie, I think we are done here. I posted a lot of real scientific stuff, you just poo pooed it all."

I admire your determination and desire to be fair and reasonable and your willingness to enter into constructive debate.

BUT, from past experience, I'm afraid to say that you will not be successful in any way whatsoever with this individual. Apart from anything else he has been through that EXTREMELY EFFICIENT RADICAL LEFTIST/SOCIALIST/MARXIST Brainwashing "Institution" at the University of California, Berkeley ......

....... here is someone else who also agrees with me --->

When young minds abandon any desire to pursue INDEPENDENT, LOGICAL THOUGHT and SUCCUMB to the Peer Pressure of Indoctrinating Professors, then they are usually lost to the world of Reason, Circumspection and the Genuine Pursuit of Truth untainted by Radical Political Marxist Dogma.

And what makes them even more of a Lost Cause is that they never actually Comprehend how they have been Mentally Manipulated and how their Thinking Process remains in a "Straight Jacket" and therefore incapable of accepting any conclusions other than their own, irrespective as to the Veracity of someone else's argument ......... Sorry, but there it is ....... I've come across many similar examples in the past who all exhibit very similar traits, so I've become adept at recognizing them for who they actually are .....