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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435316)11/11/2020 10:00:37 AM
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Cogito Ergo Sum

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Lies have been shredding the fabric of your democracy since forever, though info-wars and Trump have taken things to a whole new level these past years -- seems having a black president triggered way too many people.

Trump is trying to free speech you into a coup or a civil war, and if you and that Turley clown can't see it or don't care, so be it.

To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435316)11/11/2020 10:24:53 AM
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Category......"Can't make this shit up"

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Kory Langhofer, the lawyer representing Trump in Arizona has asked to have his "evidence" of voter fraud in Arizona sealed so that people can't see it.

Team suing Maricopa County over allegations of voting problems asks to seal evidence The attorney representing Donald Trump’s reelection team in a lawsuit alleging poll workers "incorrectly rejected" Election Day votes has asked a Maricopa County Superior Court judge to seal the evidence he plans to submit in support of that claim.

But lawyers representing the election officials being sued have moved to block the request, arguing the public “has a right to know how flimsy Plaintiffs’ evidence actually is.”


“Entry of a protective order, as well as an order sealing the records when admitted into evidence, will allow full access to critically important evidentiary materials, while ensuring that the privacy of individual voters and witnesses is appropriately safeguarded,” Langhofer wrote.

In response, Maricopa County attorney Thomas Liddy [a Republican] acknowledged attorneys usually agree to a protective seal in “standard election-law cases” because “large quantities of documents from the Voter Registration Database must be offered into evidence.” But this is “not a standard, run-of-the-mill election law challenge," he argued, and plaintiffs are asking to hide "significantly more than what is protected by statute with no legal or factual basis."

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To: Broken_Clock who wrote (435316)11/11/2020 2:12:27 PM
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If FB and the like want to preserve what little reputation they have left, they damn well ought to suppress the garbage spewing from them. Note that I said suppress, not censor. A private entity cannot censor; the garbage is free to flow to Qanonbook. Biden cannot single-handedly censor any public media; nor will Congress do it.