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To: Elroy who wrote (218)9/17/2019 7:52:37 PM
From: greg s  Respond to of 244
Yeah, life’s a bitch!

To: Elroy who wrote (218)9/17/2019 9:32:20 PM
From: J.F. Sebastian  Respond to of 244
This is what I expected the cable guy to do. I don't think all of our cable channels are in HD. Many of them say HD, so they're obviously HD. I assume the ones that don't say HD are not HD, and they are the ones that are a bit blurry. Not sure what we can do to upgrade the viewing of those.
Kirk is right, cable companies are constrained in bandwidth compared to satellite, and you will find fewer HD channels available on cable.

For example, in my area, DirecTV has 13 different channels of HBO, 9 of which are available in HD. Xfinity/Comcast offers 11 HBO channels, with only 4 in HD.

With more limited bandwidth, cable is forced to pick and choose which channels to offer in HD based on availability and popularity. That said, I'm surprised CNN isn't available in HD where you are, even if it's the Philippines.

The downside of having a high quality HD or 4K TV with a good picture is what you're experiencing. I have a friend who had a lower end Vizio 1080p TV years ago using Comcast, and you couldn't tell a lot of difference between the SD and HD versions of most channels.

To: Elroy who wrote (218)9/18/2019 2:50:56 AM
From: Frank Walker  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 244
Even when you set up your TV channel sources just right, there can be quite a lot of variation in video quality on the same channel depending on the program that’s on at the moment. For my system all my channels reach me in HD 1080i resolution, but for example the PBS nightly news and business programs don’t look anywhere near HD sharp. The programs PBS puts on next are usually a Rick Steves travel show and maybe Antiques Road Show and then a nature documentary and those look better and sharper than the news. Same thing happens on other channels, the daytime programs and news look lower resolution, while later on movies look much better. Commercials almost always look better than the program they’re in. I suspect that the program originators and channels/networks have different resolution and bandwidth/compression settings for different types of program material, maybe some of those settings are automated at some point in the distribution chain.

I have my Netflix account set up for 1080P with the best quality settings. Almost all Netflix material looks a lot better than my 1080i TV channels. But even on Netflix 1080P, some movies look and sound mediocre, while others look and sound really good. Best quality I’ve seen is from Chinese action movies, my theory is they do minimal post-processing of their video, so it is very sharp and colourful and you can see a lot of detail in skin texture, wrinkles etc. Whereas with mainstream Hollywood movies they do a lot of processing to give a certain colour tone for the entire movie, and those expensive actors get thick fake-tan makeup and are digitally blurred so you can’t see wrinkles and blemishes. Result is that a lot of YouTube videos and the Chinese action movies look more realistic with better colour and sharpness than big-budget Hollywood movies.

To: Elroy who wrote (218)9/18/2019 10:00:51 AM
From: Kirk ©  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 244
Sounds like that is the issue.
Not sure what we can do to upgrade the viewing of those.

Switch to Dish.... they are very clear when adding channels to my "Favorites" Lists and I can select either SD or HD for most. For awhile, I paid extra for HD in the past but it is included now.

If you consider it, I have referral code
  • They'll need to call 888-608-6768 and use referral code VCD0021387573.
They used to give generous deals and incentives but now I need 2 referrals to get $100 in bill credits, so not nearly as good in the past. So many of us know to call for specials to keep our business, that they probably have the fat cut to the bone....