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To: chase1389 who wrote (27365)6/13/2019 8:47:46 PM
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I was there too. I asked the question about Coring. Gorilla glass in cars! Seemed to me Joe went out of his way to mention them being at the NASDAQ opening bell.

To: chase1389 who wrote (27365)6/13/2019 11:40:22 PM
From: N. Dixon  Respond to of 31455
Please post what you will from your conversation with the professor.
My takeaway from the professor was that after all these years of hope, disappointment, hope again.etc.etc....he can finally say with confidence that there are more than enough events occurring that will give us result substantial revenues....and not too far off either. The doctor, who gave the professor a ride back to NYC (in the Dr.'s private town car to his home on the Upper East Side) said he believed that dividends could be on the horizon sooner than some might think.

First thing he said to me was that I was so smart to average down. Finally convinced of SPD and REFR's future, he's going to do the same.


To: chase1389 who wrote (27365)6/14/2019 12:27:06 PM
From: 613  Respond to of 31455
Thank you for you comments.

>> dwarf Daimler volumes starting in calendar year 2020
Was 'dwarf' JH's term? I assume that this just means that the automaker's entire volume dwarfs Daimler. This then means very little to how many cars will have the option or what the volume is of the cars that do get the option.

>> Gauzy is using TelAviv as a lab for Stuttgart.
Again - did JH say this or is this your conclusion? To me, it was rather obvious - in spite of others on the board quoting the operational plant in Israel.

Since you have traveled the world to follow SPD, you probably have some good insight into what has been holding SPD back. All the current excitement is due to Gauzy. The 'only' thing Gauzy adds is 1.8m film. Hitachi could supply all the auto glass demand for the foreseeable future. Do you believe not having a second source of film has been a serious holdup?

Was there any information about architectural projects waiting on the wide film? I'm not convinced that the default dark state will be competitive with other options. REFR could do well without that but it would be a huge statement if SPD glass was installed in some large 'regular' buildings.

To: chase1389 who wrote (27365)6/25/2019 11:38:11 AM
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Thank again Chase.

<<<1. One legacy auto OEM is expected to adopt spd that would dwarf Daimler volumes starting in calendar year 2020 (It was not entirely clear if this is one model or more than one model, i.e. one ICE and one electric vehicle)>>>

I wonder if it isn't the w213 refresh? The timing is right, and there were the articles from 2015 about the E class..... If so a package for the w223 with SPD and also for the W213 as MB gets rid of stand alone options. Did Joe rule out MB as the OEM for this model?

<<2. Panasonic will begin production in 4Q 2019 of transparent display product with spd.>>>

I'm re-reading this panasonic article from March in a new light: Maybe the second layer of 'black OLED' is actually dark SPD?

'Pixels light up by themselves.The groundbreaking technology of this OLED display is possible because the organic light-emitting diodes (Organic Light Emitting Diodes) shine on their own. Unlike screens based on LCD technology, OLED panels emit their own light when the voltage is applied and do not require any backlighting. Each individual pixel can be individually radiated, color generated or switched off,

The carbon-containing ("organic") film of the diodes is placed in the panel in front of the glass pane. For the transparent TV, two layers of OLED are used: a black ensures that you can not look through television and brilliant black is possible. A second one creates the actual picture.'

To: chase1389 who wrote (27365)6/25/2019 12:24:08 PM
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Yes, thanks for posting your thoughts.
<<The market may want more than announced contracts, but it seems the numbers will follow, this time.>>

I think the market will behave normally and have priced in #s by the time news disseminated for public consumption in addition to follow through in the few days after.