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To: miraje who wrote (199273)6/13/2019 9:00:25 PM
From: Elroy Jetson3 Recommendations

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China probably does have a lot more to lose, but I'm not convinced they're currently rational in that way.

China has a long history of seeing their country as the victim of others in the world and is thus entitled to the intellectual property owned by others as some sort of reparations for past slights. A lot of this same victim justification runs through Russian society. China arrests their own citizens to use them fatally as organ donors because "victims" can justify any sort of barbarity as a natural response to their own past real or imagined hurts.

Both Russia and China have long operated major programs of industrial espionage without any sense of shame, because they see themselves in a fight against a world that is "rigged against them".

Of course it's their political suppression of their own scientists, intellectuals and entrepreneurs that keeps them at a perpetual disadvantage, but they truly don't understand this as they believe these most intelligent of people are primarily the source of anti-state agitation and plots.

China does have a very strong economic incentive to do a deal to protect foreign intellectual property, reveal the level of state subsidies to each of their government-owned industries, and halt the shift of their economy into a war machine - but instead their propaganda is preparing their population for "another Long March" to defeat the oppressors.

This is the same fundamental misunderstanding Trump has used in his "negotiations" with North Korea.

North Korea doesn't see themselves as a merchant trying to make life better for their citizens. They see themselves as an underdog in an ongoing fifty-year-long war with the United States. Trump is effectively trying to bring an end to Nazi Germany by trying to convince Hitler to instead pour his efforts into being a partner in a new potentially profitable condominium and golf resort.

I wish Trump luck but it's such a bizarre long-shot that it's both sad and comical.

To: miraje who wrote (199273)6/13/2019 9:02:09 PM
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No problem. Let's agree to disagree. Though, everything would turn out much better for us all if you prove to be right.

Worth repeating the posted opinion UR replying to isn't political. It's based entirely on life long focus on reading the best historical research on economic, financial history, and other branches of history over many years. That perspective was the single most important edge during long career, as a professional investor. Had no idea that would be the case, 40-50 yrs ago. Life is full of surprises....

Worth repeating that I avoid politics on this board AWA my own thread. Have to leave it there. No time for back and forth.



To: miraje who wrote (199273)6/15/2019 12:05:04 PM
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There are no winners or losers in trade wars -- both sides lose the longer they continue and the general citizenry loses the most. Both China and Trump hold losing hands and the longer they keep betting, raising the bets and continuing the hand, the more both will lose ultimately -- and that's it -- that's all the politics I'm willing to endure for the day. I hate even commenting one way or another on a msg. link posted here from a very active political thread.

And just like nobody ever wins trade wars -- neither side -- nobody in the history of social media actually changed someone's mind about political or even religious beliefs just by posting about them. Nobody wins, and the rest of the thread members either pile on or have to ignore both/all sides of politics and religious questions.

So put me on record for being anti discussion of either topic from any "side" of them all. Too much, and some day, someone may notice I'm not around anymore -- at least the threads that fall under the above categories and only see everything from one perspective and won't even consider the other perspectives as valid, only targets to be flamed.