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To: Intrepid1 who wrote (1245)3/14/2019 9:17:48 PM
From: sense  Respond to of 1319
Yeah. Saw that pass across Drudge recently. My immediate skepticism proved prescient.

I've not read the actual study yet... but have found none of the descriptions of it compelling enough to make me want to read it.

You could make essentially the same claim by rewinding a cheap cassette player while listening as the sounds are being played backwards rapidly. I guess reversing a digital stream isn't different, either, if you limit the analysis to output representing positions along the time scale.

But, what if you lock the cassette player as its rewinding inside a safe with a cat ?

Returning to the prior state... any reversal along a prior path... isn't necessarily a reversal of the time arrow.

Pause walking down the stairs, and step backwards up a step... Does that reverse the flow of time ?

I've not yet seen anyone publish a convincing enough description of what time is... to think that I should trust anyone making claims about how it operates.

Also, will always have issues with the use of purely statistical analysis to describe any related phenom.

As you sit reading this post... how much of you is already in the future, and how much of you is already in the past... as you pass through the present ? Relativity seems it requires that our experience of time is densely local, locally, but increasingly non-local given ever greater separations in... inertia ? Is the separation between entangled quantum pairs... occurring as a drift outside the flow of time... with an instantaneous dilation event upon recognition ? How do you measure that ? Schrodinger's use of a cat... didn't intend to limit effects, or the analysis, to cats ?

But, if you enjoyed that claim as entertaining... you should probably Google "frozen light".

Wait. Isn't the speed of light a constant ?