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Politics : Donald the Devil Trump -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: ryanaka who wrote (3)10/17/2016 8:00:18 PM
From: SolonRespond to of 12
“I am superior to Donald Trump in judgment about right from wrong and being a decent human being”

It does not appear that 5000 newspapers are scouring your history for the comparison. So forgive us if we consider your pompous and secretive arrogance to be your own personal opinion.

“I have lived under several of these tyrants already and they all share some common characters"

You ought to stop doing that.

“How many tyrants/dictators have you had experiences, for several years under each?”

NONE. So I can’t whine, complain, and piss myself.

“White men without college degree tend to be racists, which they became through their life experiences, such as losing their jobs and opportunities to immigrants who take these lower level jobs and thus compete directly with the white men without college degree, etc. Also white men tend to think the country is theirs, and don't consider nonwhites have equal rights in this land. The despicable Trump resorts to and take advantage of this twisted and wrong mindset. Deplorable Trump is causing very deep damage to this country.”

I guess that tells us who you are and who and what you hate. You surely are angry eh Sport? Can I send you some money to get you off the pity/piss pot?? I really can’t stand WHINERS!

“suppose your daughter, your sister, your wife, or your mother was treated by Trump”

I would love the opportunity to spend an evening with Donald and his family. I have been around this world as long as him and I understand his love for country and his commitment to values. You are an angry young man who claims that multiple dictators mistreated you and blah blah blah.

It makes you feel important to attack somebody you envy. Because you have never had anything. So start another dozen threads with no participants. I cuffed you as a favor.

So vomit your response. You know that I know you. I know your silly hate against others because of how you were so “mistreated”. And maybe you were. But nobody gives a SH—about the multiple tyrants you ignorantly chose to live under. Show some backbone and stop piss---into the wind.