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Politics : Donald the Devil Trump -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: Solon who wrote (2)10/17/2016 12:34:27 PM
From: ryanakaRead Replies (1) | Respond to of 12
You believe in the devil?? Not the metaphor. Do you believe in SATAN?
=> No. Just saying figuratively.
Or do you just believe that Trump is "evil"--which again speaks to your ideology?
=> He is all the things bad and evil
No doubt, all candidates for any job have human qualities--plus or minus. And it is natural to suppose that those running the final Olympic heat have a toughness and resilience far beyond the norm.
=> I agree, especially in toughness and resilience
But are their powers supernatural? Are invisible creatures sitting on their shoulders??
=>Not super natural.
And are you superior to those who actually compete and lay it all on the line??
=> Am I superior to the candidates? In what sense? I am superior to Donald Trump in judgment about right from wrong and being a decent human being, Trump uses any and all means at his disposal for his personal gains at the expense of a lot of little guys. Donald Trump is certainly superior in running his business, but he is a con man, tricking other people to provide services and not paying.
=> Why do you assume I did not lay it all on the line at some point in my life for some goal. You are a moron if you make such a blanket assumption.
=> Bloomberg said he knows a con man if he sees one (i.e., New Yorkers do)
=> I say I know a tyrant/dictator when I see one. I have lived under several of these tyrants already and they all share some common characters. Strong man mentality, self righteousness, never acknowledging one's faults, belittling others, self centered egomaniacs, etc.
=> WTH do you know? How many tyrants/dictators have you had experiences, for several years under each?
=> White men without college degree tend to be racists, which they became through their life experiences, such as losing their jobs and opportunities to immigrants who take these lower level jobs and thus compete directly with the white men without college degree, etc. Also white men tend to think the country is theirs, and don't consider nonwhites have equal rights in this land. The despicable Trump resorts to and take advantage of this twisted and wrong mindset. Deplorable Trump is causing very deep damage to this country.

=> Did you ever ask your self: suppose your daughter, your sister, your wife, or your mother was treated by Trump, sexually assaulted, and you still support this sex predator?

To: Solon who wrote (2)10/17/2016 1:01:25 PM
From: ryanakaRead Replies (2) | Respond to of 12
You must be one of these?

The uneducated white men and most Trump supporters are like this. In this cartoon, replace "Fox News" by "uneducated white men", "Trump supporters", "GOP extremists", "Republican Radicals", "Alt Right", .....