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To: Erie who wrote (56)4/24/2016 8:28:17 PM
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Erie & Stem - I agree that ENDGF has been a pain or a thorn in some aspects, most likely since the Ginguro / Investus had to go to arbitration with Endurance back in 2013.

This does not preclude the fact that ENDGF did a lot of the Exploration, and we have heard nothing from ENDGF at all, and it has me wondering WTH is really going on??

Stem -
Basically I believe they know this "bulk sample" really is not a sample at all. Rather, it is the commencement of the lowest cost per ounce mining operation in the world......
IMO I don't think they will begin full mining operations anytime soon, at least not this year.

Granted Bulk Sampling does involve a rudimentary form of Mining or Trial Mining. DRilling grades thus far are to spoty at this point and Bulk Sampling may give a better overall Average of Grade from an area. Which is Why Sprott Mining will most likely be Bulk Sampling in the JV Area probably, 007 Zone down to the Godzilla Zone, of course I'm just guessing.

A better understanding of the entire project is still required and they have not finished connecting enough dots between the zones yet to push forward with full scale mining operations.

"Sampling of placers is difficult, as placer deposits are typically stratified with increased concentration of values in layers, especially on bedrock. Often the paying layer of bedrock may extend one or more feet into bedrock because of crevices. If the placer values are coarse in size, the nugget effect can be especially bad, making the determination of a true average extremely difficult. Checking placers by fire assay almost always gives misleading (higher than expected) results as the fire assay captures gold within fragments of quartz and other mineralization that normal placer operations simply cannot recover. Good placer sampling requires larger-sized bulk samples and accurate collection of materials from the bedrock or other paying strata such as false bedrock or flood layers. It is also much better to test a placer using recovery methods similar to those that will likely be used when the deposit is mined."

But with Sprott on board, as well as Sprott Mining things are looking up.

I'm awaiting to hear the take on the Management Committee Meeting and the Decesion on Consolidation and also possibly something happening with the JV partnership. Not sure on that last point, but with Sprott Mining coming in, and ENDGF (probably like the rest of the Industry "Brother can you spare a Dime") is probably in need of Capital for other projects in Alaska, Wyoming, Yukon & Dogpaw in Ontario, perhaps there maybe a buyout of the JV portion of Pardo by another entity? (PURE SPECULATION on my part) If I were Endurance Management I would not Let Go.

Who knows what ENDGF thinks of bringing in Sprott Mining, and they getting the Limelight at Pardo?
Possibly a reason for no PR's from Endurance ?

Perhaps Sprott Mining will work on Bulk Sampling and Enduance will continue Exploration?

Let's take a look at the PARDO Picture forming, a little dated but helpful.

Above pictures and drawings are from an Endurance Presentation. They perhaps may help in understanding the PARDO Project a little better.