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To: molee who wrote (39)4/20/2016 5:28:38 AM
From: JW@KSC  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 728
That's it ! Thanks Molee ! Glad to see someone's reading and willing to do some research.

Again, Thank You ! Not an easy task. Kinda reminds me of doing research on AmatI back on SI back in early 1996. Back then I used the. HotBot Search Engine, and when you typed in ADSL you got 6 hits, yet I was able to find plenty of information to formulate an opinion on weather to own the stock and post good informative Posts.

Reseach is an Art, you acquire the skills with time and dedication. There are a lot of Key aspects unknown to most.

You can either do the research yourself and get into a stock early or be late for the Party.

i.e. McEwen Mining/USGL or Amati. Amati Communications Corp. Oh I could have began in vesting much earlier, as I used to do research and knew of Companies like Microsoft before the went public in 1986, by reading Magazines like Technology Illustrated but had little to invest..
But in 1995 and the creation of the World Wide Web, I could put two of my passions together, research and investing. It was not long before I was debating Engineers on the Aspects Of DMT Line Code (Amati) vs CAP Line Code (AT&T) a battle similar to the VHS vs BETA MAX for the VCR Standard. DMT the ANSI / IEEE Standardn around the year 2000.

Know the Man: It helped knowing the CEO of Amati was a Professor at Stanford and he was at AT&T's Bell Lab's when AT&T created ADSL (simply DSL as its now Known, although the are Many Types of DSL.
If interested in that Research see one of my posts WHY DMT for ADSL

If you have time check out a chart of Cisco (CSCO) and see how many times that it Split 1:2 and 1:3 between 1990 and 2000 ?

Wow, Sorry, I guess I got off on a tangent there !

As far as as investing in MUX, I began research in Gold, boy was there a lot of hype back then and I caught a quote by someone who said Gold was going to $5000 oz. and I said who is this guy! LOL. The rest is history.....

This interview I found way back in 2006 explains a lot.
One of my first Posts, I posted on the MUX Board in Jan 2012 when I started the MUX Board, on the Early research I did into McEwen in 2006
; ^ )

Back in the days of Dial-Up and 28K & 56K Modems. LOL

To: molee who wrote (39)4/20/2016 12:41:02 PM
From: JW@KSC  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 728
Molee - Since your interested in learning more about these guys, are you at all interested in the geology as well?

I went on kinda a Geological Research Crusade shortly after investing in Ginguro and at the early stages it began with the comparisons between Witswater and Pardo. Once I found the first Gigantic Association, this lead me further and further down the road. As if a large magnetic was pulling me deeper and deeper in to my quench my thirst.

Finding little fascinating Gold Nuggets of Information keep feeding me like a drug addict always looking for another Fix or Gold Nugget, that added to the Bigger Picture, one puzzle piece at a time.

As with Amati Comm. Corp. ( from my last post) It seemed like I got hooked, and ventured again into uncharted territory that I knew nothing about.

So far I've learned a lot.