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To: Peter Ecclesine who wrote (42075)1/20/2013 7:16:24 PM
From: Frank A. Coluccio  Respond to of 46820

As always, much appreciated. Thanks.



To: Peter Ecclesine who wrote (42075)1/25/2013 4:13:00 PM
From: Peter Ecclesine  Read Replies (2) | Respond to of 46820
Today the NTIA responded to Congress mandate to study sharing the 5 GHz bands

The report concludes that further analysis will be required to determine whether and how the identified risk factors can be mitigated through, for example, the promulgation of new safeguards in addition to the FCC’s existing requirements. Accordingly, NTIA, in collaboration with the federal and industry stakeholders and the FCC, will conduct quantitative analysis of potential mitigation requirements in connection with regulatory proceedings. In the next phase of its assessments, NTIA will lead detailed quantitative studies described more fully in this report, which will include additional analysis and measurements to evaluate the feasibility of existing, modified, proposed and new spectrum-sharing technologies and approaches. These studies will be supported by and involve direct interaction between federal and non-federal stakeholders, including representatives of the wireless industry and the intelligent transportation community. In addition, NTIA, the FCC, the State Department and the other affected federal agencies will continue to work cooperatively with industry representatives and international partners to fully assess various sharing scenarios in these bands and to address the international dimensions and ramifications of these issues.

To: Peter Ecclesine who wrote (42075)1/31/2013 2:48:09 PM
From: Peter Ecclesine1 Recommendation  Respond to of 46820
Hi All,

Today on the 802.11 home page
are ballots on three drafts
REVmc Draft 1.0, including 11ae and 11aa 2622 pages
11ac Draft 5.0 413 pages
11af Draft 3.0 302 pages
and two other documents
IEEE 802 Overview & Architecture 56 pages
IETF/IEEE 802 liaison agreement 26 pages

When a draft receives 75% approval, it is made available for purchase

The draft prices are $5, and will go up latter this Spring. I suggest you get REVmc in early March, as soon as it becomes available


To: Peter Ecclesine who wrote (42075)2/20/2013 9:27:44 PM
From: Peter Ecclesine1 Recommendation  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 46820
With today's NPRM on the 5 GHz band

the FCC has in play more spectrum below 6 GHz than any day before:

TV channels 21-51 up to 180 MHz
the 1755-1850 MHz band, 95 MHz
the 3550-3700 MHz bands, up to 150 MHz
the 5350-5470 MHz bands, 120 MHz
the reopened 5600-5650 band 50 MHz
the 5850-5925 MHz band 75 MHz
up to 670 MHz

FCC 12-118 TV band auctions

It is also possible to apply FCC 13-21 Consumer and Industrial Signal Boosters

to FCC 12-148 3550-3650 MHz band

To: Peter Ecclesine who wrote (42075)6/2/2013 3:15:38 PM
From: Peter Ecclesine3 Recommendations  Respond to of 46820
Report from IEEE 802.11 Waikoloa session

802.11ac (Very High Throughput below 6 GHz) resolved many comments and will go to recirculation sponsor ballot of Draft 6.0 in July.

The 802.11 Working Group gave 91.7% approval to 802.11af Operation in TV White Spaces, an amendment to the 11ac Very High Throughput below 6 GHz radio. The radio overview is in 802.11-12/866r2 .

This is the first time 802.11 are amending an amendment in flight, and we have pioneered ways to change frame formats and operations while leveraging 11ac. We expect to recirculate an unchanged Draft 5.0 in July and enter Sponsor Ballot before September.

We expect later this year 802.11ah Sub 1 Ghz operation to similarly amend 11ac for small channels in unlicensed bands below 1 GHz. The 11ah specification framework is 802.11-11/1137r15

The 2nd Vice Chair’s report slides 17-21 report the historic view of 802.11 activity (we have averaged 100 document uploads per week for the last six years)

The closing reports are in 11-13/409r0

Overview of regulatory activity involving 802.11, focusing on crafting the IEEE 802 filing in FCC 13-22 5 GHz Next Generation Unlicensed-National Information Infrastructure

IEEE 802

Both US DOT individuals and several contractors attended, and we discussed how DSRC and IEEE 802.11 could coexist in 5850-5925 MHz bands