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To: Kirk © who wrote (43077)1/3/2013 12:19:00 PM
From: penthouse mike4 Recommendations  Read Replies (3) | Respond to of 193622
The US Congress is no different than the Roman Senate Patronage system 2000 years ago. The elected officials need the support of the wealthy special interests to stay in office. Each member of Congress has a Chief of Staff who controls his calendar. If you are a big employer and employ an expensive lobbyist, they will meet with you early and often. If you represent an interest with little money or followers, then you will meet with the intern while the whale meets with the Congressman.

Every Congressman is a slave to his schedule which is set up by his minions to be full of special interest pleas. His only decision is to decide which special interests will get his support. The banks and big corporations control the lobbyists who are feeding the agenda to Congress, so nothing will change until campaign fund raising laws change.

To: Kirk © who wrote (43077)1/3/2013 1:09:42 PM
From: GROUND ZERO™  Read Replies (3) | Respond to of 193622
I think there are a lot of shorts still holding out and hoping for a pull back so they could bail... but, I don't think the market is going to be so generous...


To: Kirk © who wrote (43077)1/3/2013 2:10:26 PM
From: phlegmish3 Recommendations  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 193622
"It is so true. Funny... I watch Boardwalk Empire and 'Treme on HBO and what I take away from those two shows is the big money is from getting government to send tax dollars to your town for "disaster relief" or "building roads" or whatever... so you can siphon off more than actually goes to helping people"

Thats the absolute truth. I live in a suburb of New Orleans where the storm eyewall hit, and the best connected guy in town got a federal contract worth about $15 M putting blue tarps on damaged roofs. He subbed out the contract, pocketed about $14.5 M, and moved on to the next contract.
Bought a piece of property in our town, held it 45 minutes, then sold it to the Sherriffs department for a $750K profit.
His last deal that made local news was a fraudulent deal to rent helicopters for the BP cleanup--- he got caught this time, and may have to rake a few leaves in a federal prison (his words, not mine).
This stuff goes on all the time...with OUR money!!!