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To: Dale Baker who wrote (206889)11/4/2012 10:03:52 AM
From: epicure  Read Replies (2) | Respond to of 517508
The wingers are about as consistent as weathervanes. Reagan fucked up royally several times- Iran-Contra, the Marines in Beirut (lest we forget- another stupid foreign adventure for a wingnut- one which he was warned against taking)- and then there's The Shrub- with fuck ups in Iraq, Afghanistan, and 9/11 on his watch. We know there were warnings for 9/11- why don't they hold Bush responsible? That's a heck of a lot more than 4 people- and many of them worked for our government. Now I don't hold the president responsible for everything- he's at the top, and he won't know about all the memos- but the Shrub's admin by any metric, seems to have been full of fools- and yet, the republicans didn't seem to notice. Now, when there's a problem at an embassy that was apparently a CIA nest they jump the gun all over the place, tripping over themselves to second guess the situation. Where were they when their presidents were screwing up right and left? Nowhere. Crickets chirp. Where are they when FEMA does an outstanding job handling Sandy? Again- crickets chirp (though local republicans are grateful). I'm sure the wingnutties will find some small areas that could have been handled better, and fixate on those, but really, why does anyone listed to these folks any more? 9/11- on their watch. A foolish war in Iraq- on their watch. Another foolish war in Afghanistan- on their watch. Iran- contra- on their watch. And so many other fuck ups, we really could not list them all here.I will leave the Shrub's father out of this because I actually liked a lot of what he did. His pushback on Iraq made sense to me I thought he did the right thing, working with all our allies. But the other republican presidents? fools, pandering to fools