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Technology Stocks : Pandora -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: FactsOnly who wrote (24)4/18/2012 9:57:18 PM
From: Lahcim Leinad  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 44
So what do you think of the stock here? Personally, I have not changed my mind since I started this thread and posted this:

To: engineer who wrote (12)7/3/2011 1:35:08 AM
From: Lahcim Leinad1 Recommendation of 24
Are we really back to the stupid investor with the greater fool theory now to sell off after the IPO?


To: FactsOnly who wrote (24)4/20/2012 3:09:28 PM
From: Doren1 Recommendation  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 44
I would never use Pandora and here's why: There is a vast universe of incredibly interesting music out there.

Pandora focuses your listening into a tiny niche. If you like a great band it will find the lesser bands that copy the first band's sound. That is anti-creative and stifles innovative music and probably the reason most people over 25 stop listening to music "Because they don't make good music like they did in my day."

I've been hearing that last one for 50 years. Sheech.

I want to expand my listening into areas I where would not necessarily be comfortable. I want to expand my mind and stretch my ears into new area. Most of the great music composers were misunderstood at first. Beethoven's students complained they couldn't understand his music. There were riots at the first Stravinsky ballets. Miles Davis was constantly criticized when he innovated. Bob Dylan was criticized when he went electric.

The way I find great new music is almost always through friends with big stretched out ears. My friends have recommended a lot of music that I initially did not like, but because I had respect for their intelligence I stuck with most of it until I understood what they loved about it.

The loser here in actuality is... Apple. The people who really know about what is new and great are... surprise... musicians! Musicians sell music on iTunes and Apple wants to expand its social values but they are overlooking this treasure, the musicians themselves and who they listen too.


On the other hand I think Pandora will survive because 90% of the listening population uses music for the "background" of their lives. Quality and innovation are not a big deal to them. Cheap is a big deal. You won't find many of these folks shelling out $100 for a Duke Ellington box set. They like 4/4 time and major/minor chords. A "good beat" and "a good melody" known as a hook in the trade. So its pretty easy for hollywood to pump out more of the same. A good beat and a good melody are not rare commodities, we are drowning in it. So as any commodity the law of supply and demand rules, extreme thin margin and huge cash flow.

Only 10% of the population takes time to actually sit down and do nothing while listening to a piece of music.

This would be akin to going to a gallery and glancing at Michal's photos while carrying a laptop working and checking stocks. You cannot empathize with the creator of the art form without some concentrated thought. You cannot guess the creators intentions if you don't at least try.