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To: Thomas M. who wrote (249)4/16/2005 2:04:51 AM
From: Thomas M.  Respond to of 261
<<< Barry Healy on the Dead Pope's opposition to Liberation Theology:

"By assiduously aligning himself with the most reactionary elements of late 21st century power politics, John Paul II left a profound crisis in Catholicism in his wake. Latin America was once overwhelmingly Catholic but the US rulers have used their Protestant fundamentalist sects as weapons against liberationist Catholics there. Now 10% of Brazilians are believed to be talking in tongues!

In the developed capitalist countries, Catholicism continues to bleed membership as believers tire of the ridiculous strictures on their sexuality and democratic rights within the church. As AIDS threatens millions in the crucified impoverished world and wars and indebtedness worsen, the Catholic Church's lame responses are simply making it irrelevant."

The effect of II's horror at Liberation Theology - and for that matter for any kind of freedom outside of Poland - has been to drive the people of Latin America out of the Catholic Church and into the arms of American evangelical fruitcake religions, which are spreading like a plague over Latin America. >>>

And these fruitcake Evangelicals are taken seriously by amateurs like Cobalt, even as they tell obvious lies.

To: Thomas M. who wrote (249)4/16/2005 2:54:26 PM
From: marcos  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 261
This post was in response to the Zapata-goes-marxist [!] part of that exchange - Message 21228922

La Robolución was complex, carranza is quite right in that, however zapatismo was deadly simple - folks wanted their stolen land returned, and Zapata meant to get it back for them, and to such extent as he was able, he did so, and continues to do so

As for FaultLine, he's not around FADG recently, for a long time now ... possible health concerns again, or a recognition of the futility of it all, i think there are far more twisted moderators though, like Evile and Lindy [who banned me, lol] [but who have both lifted the bans since, for whatever reason]

Agreed on the utter uselessness of the self-professed lawyer of ad hominem fame ... on liberation theology versus whacko evangélicos, it's not quite that simple, a pure black and white thing ... from personal experience at the seventeenth parallel, trust me, there are idiots on both sides, and useful principles from both sides being used by the greedy and unscrupulous ... in the specific case in which i was involved, it was a land dispute, a clash of cultures as to the way in which they viewed land tenure, as well as competing claims to the land - and neither side had an exclusive right to the land, imho, as nobody had lived in that valley for a thousand years - until both factions moved in, in the same year[!] ... and both sides lied to me, one more than the other, this is true, but on neither side was there anyone with authority who failed to lie ... there will be other stories elsewhere, of course ... generally, yes it was a retrograde step for Juan Pablo to stomp on the LTs, but hey, this is the catholic church, what do you expect, and anyway, there are scarey whackos in all fanatic movements, and the term 'liberation' abused by many