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To: LindyBill who wrote (41461)4/29/2004 11:13:54 PM
From: LindyBill  Read Replies (1) | Respond to of 753699
Hugh Hewitt - Michael Kinsley has been named the new Editorial Page Editor at the Los Angeles Times, which is a very good thing given the realistic possibilities for a left-leaning paper in a way left state.

Here is my welcome aboard memo for Kinsley:

Very few people read your pages right now. The mix of the obscure and the strident just doesn't make it meaningful. Making it meaningful means making it a must-check in the morning, which it manifestly isn't right now.

First, hire Roger L. Simon as a weekly columnist. Do the same with Dennis Prager. Two Angelenos with broad folllowings, writing talent, and deep knowledge on issues that matter assure you of some familiar faces from around town and a finger on the pulse of the west.

You need to entice Patt Morrison to add a column a week. Patt's from the land of the far left, but she can write, and she'll keep LA's hard left happy. Ink Estrich as well, as Susan is another local with zing.

My colleague in the talk radio business, Laura Ingrahm, should be a regular as well, as there aren't many former United States Supreme Court clerks from the right with nationally syndicated radio shows on which they will almost certainly discuss their Los Angeles Times' column. Want traffic? Hire Laura.

Keep Max Boot, the only reason I presently check your page. And grab Lileks' column from Newhouse, and perhaps even dedicate a weekly space to a guest columnist from the ranks of the bloggers. Give us Krauthammer and Will on a regular basis. If you can re-teach Mickey to write in complete sentences, bring him in as well.

I haven't nominated any African-Americans or Latinos or Asian-Americans, but I know the folks Janet has pressed into service over the years just don't have the stuff to attract a crowd. Find some young talent and start over.

What will you do with Scheer? He's mad as a hatter, of course, and you know it as do I and everyone else who takes the punditry business seriously. He's got to go, or why bother taking the job? You only get one chance to make a purge, and it is at the beginning.

Twenty spaces a week, right? And a few more on Sunday? It could matter again. But not unless you understand --and given where you are coming from, you must-- that no one is a captive audience anymore. Your audience below 60 gets its opinion journalism from the web, from places like and from every paper in America. I can handle imbalance if it isn't incoherent or dull, which is what the paper is putting out now.

So, good luck. The paper's in ghastly shape, a monopoly that can't command a respectable market share. Even a reinvigorated editorial page and opinion page won't help much given the senior staff's refusal to deal with the poisonous bias in the "news" reports and a spectrum of columnists off your new pages whose views run from left to hard, hard left. It is so irrelevant that few even bother to complain anymore, or even to read it because it just doesn't matter.

It would be a wonderful thing to have a paper to read again, but I'll even settle for two, well-written, left-leaning pages a day.