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To: DonP who wrote (6452)9/6/2000 12:23:08 PM
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To: Futurist who wrote (5193)
From: Don Devlin
Tuesday, Sep 5, 2000 7:17 PM ET
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On December 6, 1996 I was the first person in Los Angeles to lease a GM
Gen 1 EV1. In December of 1999 I leased a GM Gen 2 EV and am
presently driving that car and averaging about 140 miles per charge
(Nickel metal Hydride batteries made in Troy Michigan).

Within a month or two after leasing the first EV1 I began to notice what
appeared to be terrible advertising and absurd marketing. I made my
feelings known to everyone involved and was assured that the advertising
and marketing would change. Month after month the promises of change
were given by GM and Saturn to the EV1 drivers but there were no
changes. After a few more months and even years it became clear that this
Giant Corporation and all other Auto companies were trying to sink the
electric car. They had developed the egg that could kill the Golden Goose.
How? No replaceable parts required, other than tires. No maintenance.
Batteries (NiMH) that would last the life of the vehicle. In volume the EV
could be sold for the amount of profit GM makes on their large SUVS.

In 1998 I wrote the following letter to and it was published.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the EV1

by Don Devlin

Remember that very fine British play and movie, 'Amadeus'? The story
dealt with
Mozart's last years at a time when he was no longer the precocious child
who had delighted the music world in 18th century Europe. He arrives at
king's court relatively unknown and is not immediately identified as the
genius who the world will later revere.

There is one person however that does recognize the sublime brilliance of
great master. Salieri is the official composer of the Austrian court.
Salieri is a minor composer, he is the most respected composer,and the
very one
who could do the most for Mozart and the very one in the court most
by Mozart's genius. Although conflicted by his great admiration for the
composer Salieri believes that for his own survival he must destroy the
great artist
who threatens his exalted position.

And now we come to the General Motor's EV1. Is there an analogy here?

GM and other automobile companies are experiencing one of their most
profitable periods. Much of this affluence comes with the outsized SUVs
have now taken a bit more than half the consumer market. The profits on
monsters of waste and consumption and pollution are enormous. The
replacement business is enormous. The infrastructure is in place.

The General Motors EV1, the electric vehicle, is a masterpiece even in its
generation. The second generation is about to appear with very few
changes but with the emphasis on greater range through the addition of
Nickel metal hydride batteries.

The problem is that the EV1 is a snap to make and in volume could sell
for a
very reasonable price. There's no engine, no clutch, no transmission and
on and
on. The car is essentially an aerodynamic, electronic computer with
wheels. It is a
technological marvel. It has but one moving (Propulsion) part as opposed
to hundreds in the
Internal combustion engine.

The EV1 is a no maintenance vehicle it could last more than ten years
ever setting wheels in a gas station or changing a part. No grease, no dirt,
smell, no pollution. That's not sometime in the future, that's now.

The talk is that the new batteries will last the life of the vehicle, over
miles although that has not yet been officially announced. The EV1 is a
powerhouse. It can power out of a dead stop faster than almost all Gas
cars. With instant torque, it can feel like a G force if you hit the accelerator
It amazes everyone who has ever driven it. It is the most aerodynamic
vehicle in the world. It is beautiful and attracts the attention and approval
everyone who recognizes it. You may by now have heard reference to the
famous 'EV smile' that comes from fellow drivers and the ever constant
up' EV drivers experience.

The GM EV1 is simply the best URBAN , Suburban, and commuter
vehicle in
the world.

Is it in the minds of the planners that they have created the machine that
can kill
their golden Goose?

Some think that is the case and is the only thing that can explain what has
to be
the most unattractive most uninforming and in fact invisible advertising
in history. GM advertising has yet to show a full shot, or attractive picture
of the
car after two years in the marketplace.

As an EV1 driver I can tell you that each day as I am charging at a public
charger or simply, parked somewhere, a small crowd of people gather to
questions about the car. They know not who makes it, how it is propelled,
far or fast it will go , where to go buy or lease it , how much does it cost,
do you charge it, will it run out of fuel and on and on. GM and all the
companies have told the potential consumers nothing at all that would
them to buy or lease these vehicles.

Is this incompetence or has Salieri decided the car must be destroyed? If
this is
intentional they are succeeding wonderfully in destroying or seriously
delaying the
advance of the electrics.

If after two years, this is actually incompetence, the future of the electric
vehicle is
very much in doubt and so is the future of the executives responsible for
incredible debacle.

I believe These thought have been proven to be true. September 5th 2000
Don Devlin