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Microcap & Penny Stocks : BAAT - world records for electric vehicles with zinc-air -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: DonP who wrote (6430)12/1/1999 1:10:00 PM
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By: JoeLaStella ___ *** Last Posting From JoeLaStella ***
Reply To: NoneMonday, 29 Nov 1999 at 7:47 PM EST
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*** Last Posting From JoeLaStella ***
I am sorry to say this is my last posting. Some of us have tried to
organize this board. Miraclewon and several other have done a marvelous job to transform this board into an more structured vehicle for serious communication.
However, new bashers and irresponsible posters are coming onto the board at an increasing rate. In my last posting, I spoke about a person impersonating Bill Wason who then shifted like a chameleon to
impersonate other BAT employees. Now we have a rather intellectual
person impersonating me on the board as "LaStella", whereas I post as
The problem is that many newcomers don't know what's going on, and there isn't a viable communication infrastructure to shore up and protect the communication process that is not working. If you couple these impersonation antics with the amount of ridiculous posting from bashers and others on this board, the resulting situation is a huge waste of time and can confuse newcomers.
My email is full of suggestions from BAAT's very loyal stockholders and they are pleading with me to get off of this message board. They are asking me to do this because it is obvious that only a very few who are posting on this board really want to learn. They don't use this forum as a place to expand their knowledge. This majority of posters only come here to vent anxiety that they are carrying around from living on boards rather than living life.
I have written some 25 full pages of information on the company during
the past 3-1/2 weeks. Very few people appreciate this and even less seem to either understand them or want to understand them. I really do have a very wonderful company to run called BAT International and I have already wasted to much time on trying to develop a community of board members that want to have lots of honest, open dialog.
So, here are my last postings! This time around I am not going to be so gentlemanly.....

The rest is on RB. He goes on to insult most of the other posters on the board. He only answered 3 1/2 questions. Most of his postings contain whining about his health or reposting his own press releases.

To: DonP who wrote (6430)12/1/1999 1:22:00 PM
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By: Miraclewon ___ Questions left unanswered (see also 4875,4876)
Reply To: NoneWednesday, 1 Dec 1999 at 11:46 AM EST
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Joe LaStella here are some more...
Questions that I was keeping track of for you to Answer.
Where is the money from the sell of the Jazz Electrobikes?
What ever happened to the Eastern European diesel engine project for
Dolphin Pulse charging? Were any ever completed and what were the
results? Did anyone buy any, if so how much revenue was generated?
Would the price be higher if you had brought in those millions of
dollars of Income from the licensing of Dolphin Technology?
Do you think that the Dolphin test runs and BAAT Press Releases had
something to do with the stock run up? Could it also be the lack of
INCOME and contracts that you talked about contributed to the stock to
Would the price be much higher, even with the bashing, had you filed
Audited Financials ON TIME and not gone to the pink sheets?
What is the name, phone number, and contact person to verify that the
"Electrobikes are in 10 stores of a chain that has a total of 150
stores."? This should be an easy question to answer, anyone could verify the information and find out how many bikes are being sold monthly.
When did Bill Wason go from an employee to a "volunteer….. working on
only a few projects, and is not fully up on my activities."? How many
"volunteers are "working" for BAAT? And why would they do that? Are they paid, if so how? Did Bill Wason become independently wealthy when he sold his BAAT stock?
Joe, aren't you the least bit responsible for the current share price
and value of this company?
What ever happened to the Dolphin Technology? Does it work? If it does, why don't you do tests with a certified EPA lab and prove that it does work once and for all and then start marketing it?
How many vehicles have been Dolphin Pulse charged? What have been the
Please give us contact names and phone numbers of individuals at the
Companies that have evaluated Dolpin Technologies?
How many vehicles have been produced and sold from Otay Mexico?
The following question was partially asked in question # 3 1/2. This is the one that you decided NOT to answer and then bailed out on us...
Could it be that you really wanted people to think you were NOT taking
ANY money out of BAAT? You stated several times that you were not taking a "Salary" But anyone with any business background KNOWS that there are a NUMBER of different ways to take money out of a Corporation and a "Salary" is only ONE way, isn't it?
How do you compensate those individuals (including volunteers)
contracted outside of BAT for PR and investor relations? With stock or
cash, if stock is or was it restricted? How are you compensated? You
mentioned that you do not receive a Salary. Is your Salary accruing? Do you receive stock and or options from BAAT or any of its Subsidiaries, if so, how much have you received and how much have you sold to keep BAAT going? How much money does it take to get and keep BAAT on the OTC/BB? What is the annual cost to BAAT for Accounting and filing fees as a publicly traded company?
Who funded the start up of SSPC and why didn't they just put the money
into BAT?
What ever happened to the order for 2000 small commercial Power
Generators that were suppose to be built for the Y2K Superstore? What is your relationship with the Y2K store?
Have you paid all of your unpaid debts for your Utah operation?
Regarding financials you once said "With operations in Mexico and India, we have piles of records that don't necessarily conform to U.S.
standards," La Stella explains. "It's difficult to put them all
together." Why NOT hire someone who knows how to put it together and
conform to US CPA standards of accounting?
Are you still having a dispute with your accountant?
"He keeps writing in our financial statements that it is unclear whether we are a going concern," La Stella says, referring to boilerplate language that auditing firms often use for poorly capitalized companies.
"I told him that if he does that again, he's fired." Did you fire him?
I was going to rephrase some of the following qestions in a more civil
manner out of respect for Joe, but now that he has put all of us on
Ignore I don't want to waste my valuable time. This is only a partial
list but the questions are VALID.

Continued on RB. Here Miraclewon reposts many more questions left unanswered.

The cycle continues.........