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Technology Stocks : GTIS - Will it be a Phoenix or not ? -- Ignore unavailable to you. Want to Upgrade?

To: Burlitis who wrote (2291)11/15/1999 10:00:00 PM
From: Mike O'Brien  Read Replies (2) | Respond to of 2319
So basically, individual investors in this stock just got screwed. Not only was there no takeover premium, but Infogrames paid less per share than the going market rate, valuing GTIS at less than its current market cap. In addition, all hope of profiting from a takeover is now gone, so the stock will quickly return to the level it was at before this latest round of takeover rumors. Finally, individual investors in GTIS now have essentially no voting rights in the company. The new board of directors will do what's best for Infogrames, not what's best for individual investors. Any focus that the board had on improving the stock price is gone.

For a look at what the future holds for GTIS stock, look at what happened to IPLY stock after it got taken under by Titus.


Disclaimer: this is my personal opinion, and I hold no position in this stock.

To: Burlitis who wrote (2291)11/15/1999 11:08:00 PM
From: Scot  Read Replies (2) | Respond to of 2319
Another sad day for this industry, last i
looked the hype machine had figured there
will be 7.4 Billion in sales this year.

Meanwhile the French are making fondu of
IPLY and GTIS. Good deal for them, bad deal
for all the talent they are buying because
they don't know S**T from Shinola about making
good games.

Weird, we both own French game companys, maybe
a new board is in order. The best solution would
be for a Interplay/Titus/GT Interactive/Infrogrames

Yeah, and don't forget Havas. I suppose this could be described as ironic...American exportation of corrupt culture through violent videogames is now controlled by the French! What will the future bring? Forget about NASCAR games.....we'll all be road rallying in Peugeots; or perhaps Duke Nukem 5: The Foreign Legion; Deer Hunter will give way to Frog Trapper: 3D; and instead of Unreal Tournament.....we'll have games about striking sanitation workers. Hey, at least the talent will get lots of vacation.

Sales will day. But there are too many problems with hardware and games are too damn expensive. I'm shocked there are enough people willing to pony up $50 as it is.....

That's another discussion. Oh well. C'est la vie!