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To: RitzHuskie who wrote (26110)6/18/2021 3:29:43 PM
From: I'manoledguy
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I listened--absolutely nothing new this board doesn't know about.

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To: I'manoledguy who wrote (26111)6/18/2021 8:06:41 PM
From: occams_phasor
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Recommended thanks.
And what a bummer.

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From: Ravid.Ron6/20/2021 10:12:56 PM
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[Exclusive] Samsung Electronics finally joined hands with LGD... OLED panel annual supply contract of 3 million sheets

-Supply contract for 3 years from 2022 to 2024... Contract size expected to exceed 5 cents
- Faced with LGD in the face of threats from Chinese companies… Full-scale entry into the OLED TV market

Samsung Electronics will receive organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels from LG Display and enter the OLED TV market in earnest. As Chinese companies control the supply of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and the prices continue to rise and LCD TV profitability gradually deteriorates, it is interpreted that they have joined hands with rival LG Display.

According to the financial investment industry and the display industry on the 21st, Samsung Electronics is planning to sign a contract with LG Display to supply 2 million to 3 million OLED panels per year from next year to 2024. It is known that as early as this week, Han Jong-hee, head of Samsung Electronics' video display (VD) business division, will make an announcement directly. According to market research firm Omdia last month, the average price of an OLED panel in the first quarter of this year based on a 55-inch general-purpose product is $510 (about 580,000 won). Taking this into consideration, a simple calculation would estimate the contract size to exceed 5 trillion won.

Accordingly, Samsung Electronics, which has not yet released an OLED TV, is expected to enter the market in earnest. While the OLED TV market is growing rapidly, it is determined that it will be difficult to keep pace with the market growth rate with the large OLED panel 'QD OLED' being developed by its subsidiary Samsung Display. Although there is a forecast that Samsung Display will mass-produce QD OLED within this year, it takes considerable time for yield stabilization in the initial stage of production. For this reason, it is predicted that it will be difficult to exceed 1 million shipments next year by only supplying itself.

Cooperation between Samsung Electronics and LG Display has been discussed several times in the past, but has been canceled due to various circumstances such as security. However, with the recent surge in LCD demand due to COVID-19 and Chinese companies such as BOE raising prices, it is no longer possible to guarantee profitability with LCD TV alone. In the OLED TV market, which is considered to be the future food of the future, some analysts say that the two companies have joined hands by winning over concerns that the future of the domestic display industry will be uncertain if they do not secure cost competitiveness from Chinese companies.

An industry official said, "As the price bargaining power with Chinese display companies is low, they are trying to change the plate to OLED while holding hands with LG Display, which is in competition with its subsidiaries." "In particular, the Chinese display industry is at a serious level for domestic companies. It seems that the two companies have decided to cooperate with each other for the protection and development of the domestic display ecosystem in the face of threats.”

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To: Ravid.Ron who wrote (26113)6/20/2021 11:49:49 PM
From: Ravid.Ron
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Samsung Electronics “Reports on OLED panel procurement contract with LG Display are groundless”
2021-06-21 12:06:06

Samsung Electronics denied the possibility of procuring OLED panels from LG Display.

A Samsung Electronics official said on the 21st, "Some reports that LG Display has signed an OLED panel procurement contract are groundless."

On the same day, Asia Economy said, “Samsung Electronics is planning to sign a supply contract with LG Display to supply 2 to 3 million OLED panels per year from next year to 2024.” “As early as this week (20-26), Han Jong-hee Samsung Electronics It is known that the president of the video display business division will make the announcement directly.”

The Asian economy predicted that Samsung Electronics would sign an OLED panel procurement contract with LG Display to enter the OLED TV market.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is preparing for mass production of large-scale quantum dot OLED (QD-OLED) panels, but it takes time to stabilize the initial yield.

An LG Display official said, "I don't know anything about the content of the OLED panel supply contract with Samsung Electronics."

The purchase decision seems to be true, but...tracking news more.

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To: Ravid.Ron who wrote (26114)6/21/2021 7:07:55 AM
From: Dkjunior143
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Ha ha ha! Love the reports and denials game that keeps playing out over this Samsung/LG OLED panel supply drama. I trust we will hear something official sooner than later. Thanks for posting both sides, Ron!

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From: I'manoledguy6/21/2021 8:52:12 AM
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LG Electronics will begin sales of its 83-inch OLED TV in South Korea.

Sales will also begin in the US this month, the company said on Monday.

The TV, model name 83C1, is LG’s largest 4K OLED TV yet.

Its largest OLED TV to date is 88-inch and supports 4K resolution.

LG offers 48, 55, 65, 77, 83 and 88 inch sizes for its OLED line-up. It offers 11 models in total for those with 70-inch or larger screen sizes.

83C1 will cost 10.9 million won in South Korea. The company said it will offer a million won cashback program for those who purchase the TV within June.

?? : THE ELEC, Korea Electronics Industry Media(

LG starts shipping the 83-inch OLED C1, for $5,999 in the US In 2021, LG Display started shipping a new 83-inch 4K OLED TV panel, and LG Electronics is now shipping the 83-inch OLED C1 in the US and Korea. The 83-inch C1 is now shipping $5,999. The 48-inch C1 model costs $1,399.

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From: Ravid.Ron6/21/2021 10:12:45 AM
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BOE news

PJT name : BOE Chongqing G6 AMOLED (FLEXIBLE) Production Line Project
Purchasers:Chongqing BOE Display Technology Co.,Ltd.
Bid Winner:Canon Tokki Corporation
FMM EV(Evaporation) System

On June 9th, Cannon tokki's EV System was selected as the final competitive bidder by BOE.

As far as I know, this is the first FMM EV System Announcement in 2021.

It seems BOE B12 plant bidding result.(need to check)

Note: I don't know the report source of above time schedule table.


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From: Dkjunior1436/21/2021 10:25:06 AM
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Pent-up demand could drive strong 'iPhone 13' cycle into 2022, analyst says

Ahead of the potential launch of the " iPhone 13" later in 2021, Wedbush believes there is still "massive" pent-up demand for new smartphones within Apple's customer base.

JUNE 21, 2021 10:02 AM EDT

In a note to investors seen by AppleInsider, Wedbush lead analyst Daniel Ives acknowledges that Apple shares have underperformed thus far in 2021. Ives attributes that to Wall Street being unconvinced about continued iPhone growth.

However, the analyst believes that current demand could point toward another strong cycle for Apple's upcoming 2021 iPhone models.

Recent Asia supply checks have put current iPhone builds between 130 million and 150 million, with the "iPhone 13" representing about 35% to 45% of those models. That gives Ives increased confidence that the next iPhone lineup is slated for debut in the third week of September.

Build numbers for the "iPhone 13" appear to be clocking in at around 90 million to 100 million units. Compared to the iPhone 12 lineup at 80 million units this time pre-launch, Ives says that represents a 20% year-over-year increase out of the gates.

"While this number will clearly move around over the coming months (chip shortage volatility adds to it), we believe this speaks to an increased confidence with Cook & Co. that this 5G driven product cycle will extend well into 2022 and should also benefit from a post vaccine consumer reopening environment," Ives writes.

As far "iPhone 13" specifications, the analyst predicts that the lineup will add a 1TB storage option and will include a number of LiDAR-related enhancements across the lineup.

Because about 250 million out of the current 975 million iPhone models have not yet been upgraded in the past three and a half years, Ives says that Apples current "robust consumer product cycle" will continue well into 2022.

However, Ives does admit that there appears to be a roughly $20-per-share "overhang" on Apple's stock because of antitrust scrutiny and government regulatory momentum. He cites other concerns like the Epic Games v. Appleverdict and the appointment of FTC head Lina Khan, who is an antitrust scholar.

Although the analyst thinks that the antitrust scrutiny represents a "headline risk" for Apple, he believes that the company and its App Storeremain very defendable.

Ives still believes that Apple remains a top tech stock to own as he expects the tech bull cycle to continue and a new iPhone lineup to drive a potential $3 trillion valuation by 2022.

He maintains his 12-month Apple price target, a sum-of-the-parts valuation based on Wedbush's 2022 estimates. It includes a 16x multiple applied to Services at $1.3 trillion and a 7x multiple applied to the rest of Apple's hardware ecosystem at $2.1 trillion.

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To: Dkjunior143 who wrote (26118)6/21/2021 10:38:57 AM
From: I'manoledguy
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The supply of AMOLED panels by Samsung Display (SDC) for production of Apple's next-generation iPhone devices slated for launch in the latter half of 2021 is unlikely to be affected by a strike reportedly to be taken by its workers starting June 21, according to sources from Taiwan's panel industry.

The strike is being scheduled after SDC's management and its labor union failed to reach an agreement on the salary increases planned for 2021 after repeated negotiations.

The labor union had asked for a 6.8% increase in salary, but the management had insisted on the 4.5% set by the previous labor-management consultation meeting.

However, the sources said it appears that only workers at SDC's LCD panel production lines may join the strike, and those who are working at the AMOLED lines will not be involved.

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To: Ravid.Ron who wrote (26113)6/21/2021 10:43:25 AM
From: A.J. Mullen
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-Supply contract for 3 years from 2022 to 2024... Contract size expected to exceed 5 cents

What am I missing? Translation error?

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