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From: I'manoledguy6/14/2021 5:52:12 AM
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The ministry said continued global demand and rising prices of semiconductors fueled the gain, with outbound shipments of memory chips growing 13.6 percent to $6.57 billion over the cited period.
Exports of logic chips jumped 55.7 percent to $3.02 billion.
Display shipments also surged 38.7 percent to $1.78 billion thanks to organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) used in smartphones.
OLED exports grew 64.2 percent to $970 million, while liquid crystal display (LCD) shipments gained 7.1 percent to $480 million.

Exports of mobile phones and related parts rose 43 percent on-year to $1.04 billion.


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From: mikeemarc6/14/2021 9:53:18 AM
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Nice reference re order backlog....

LG Display dominance in auto display widens as mobility goes connected2021.06.14 14:15:50 | 2021.06.14 14:19:34

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[Photo provided by LG Display Co.]

South Korea’s LG Display Co. is cementing leadership in the fast growing automotive display market amid mobility shift into electric vehicles and autonomous cars.

LG Display claimed a 25.9 percent share in the 10-inch or larger automotive display market by revenue in the first quarter, keeping to the top place for the 11th consecutive quarter, according to display market financial data tracker Omdia on Monday.

In the automotive OLED display market, the company commanded the lion’s share of 91 percent.

Global automotive OLED display shipments are estimated to balloon to $264 million in 2023 and $601 million in 2025 from $50 million last year, according to Omdia.

LG Display chose the automotive display business as one of the future growth engines and focuses its investment and development. It produced plastic OLED (P-OLED) panels for vehicles for the first time in 2019 and unveiled an ultra-large display that combines four displays into one T-shape screen and a 12.8-inch rollable product at the Display Week 2021, the world’s largest display exhibition hosted by the Society for Information Display (SID).

The Korean display maker has expanded its supplies to premium vehicle models of global brands like Mercedes-Benz and Genaral Motors.

GM’s premium 2021 Cadillac Escalade is equipped with LG Display’s 38-inch P-OLED display, and Mercedes-Benz’s newest S-class model reportedly a 12.8-inch screen. The infotainment system MBUX for Mercedes-Benz’ large-sized all-electric EQS lineup also is said to feature LG’s panel.

LG Display’s order backlog is expected to reach around 10 trillion won ($8.95 billion), according to industry sources.

“It generally takes more than three years to develop and manufacture an automotive OLED display, which prevents new competitors form easily entering the business sector. LG Display will be able to expand its supplies to carmakers in North America and Europe,” said Kim Dong-won, an analyst at KB Securities.

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From: mirage20176/14/2021 10:17:16 AM
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The stock is basically at a standstill until next earnings. Volume is down significantly. Management's fumble with guidance has once again crippled the stock.

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From: Dkjunior1436/15/2021 8:12:30 AM
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Innovations & Market Trends in Displays & Lighting (LIVE online conference)

*Looks like UDC presents on July 15

The following is a sponsored post by TechBlick

TechBlick's fourth event on 14 - 16 July 2021 will cover the Innovations and Market Trends in Displays and Lighting. TechBlick is a year round event series with over 350+ analyst-picked live online presentations on emerging technologies. With a single Annual Pass you have year long access to our platform where you can join our live conferences as well as watch over 160 (and growing) on-demand presentations. You can also network with fellow attendees in our networking lounge, and learn and meet our exhibitors. It is the networking hub for the emerging technology community.

TOPICS COVERED: Market Data & Forecasts • microLED/OLEDs • AI in Displays • Flexible/Rollable Displays • Printed Displays • AR/VR Glasses • Quantum Dots & Phosphors • TADF • Nanoimprint • R2R Displays • Outdoor Displays • Automotive Display • Reflective

Innovations & Market Trends in Displays & Lighting14 - 16 July 2021 | Agenda Announced
Purchase Annual PassQuote: RonTechBlick20% and Save 20% by 18 June 2021

Add the date to your Calendar:
Google Calendar | Microsoft Outlook Calendar | Office 365 Calendar | Yahoo CalendarSpeakers Include See Full Agenda

Purchase Annual PassQuote: RonTechBlick20% and Save 20% by 18 June 2021

Wednesday | 14 July
14:30 - 14:40 PMTechBlick | Welcome & Introduction
14:40 - 15:02 PMVolvo | Automotive lighting: Volvo's stake towards an electronic world
15:02 - 15:24 PMTNO/Holst Centre | Laser-assisted microLED integration
15:24 - 15:46 PMPlayNitride | Development of MicroLED Display and Future Opportunities
15:46 - 16:08 PMNETWORKING BREAK. Welcome to the Lounge
16:08 - 16:30 PMIMEC | High-PPI OLED displays made with photolithography
16:30 - 16:52 PMiBeam Materials | Large-area LEDs directly grown on metal foils
16:52 - 17:14 PMSmartKem | Moore’s Law and the Display Industry
17:14 - 17:36 PMVueReal | The solution for large-area printing of opoelectronic microdevices
17:36 - 17:58 PMNETWORKING BREAK. Welcome to the Lounge
17:58 - 18:20 PMOptomec | Aerosol Jet Printed 3D Interconnects for Display Applications
18:20 - 18:42 PMScrona | Shifting paradigm - doing true microfabrication at the cost of a printing technology
18:42 - 19:04 PMPARC, Xerox | Microassembly Printer for LEDs and Beyond
19:04 - 19:26 PMIntel | Fundamental Challenges in Micro LED Display Technology
19:26 - 19:48 PMSCHOTT | Foldable glass from SCHOTT
19:48 - 20:10 PMMicrosoft | Integration of Vision & Display Using Machine Learning
Thursday | 15 July
14:30 - 14:40 PMTechBlick | Welcome and Introduction
14:40 - 15:02 PMHendy Consulting | Display Industry: Market Status & Outlook
15:02 - 15:24 PMDSCC | Quantum Dots vs. OLED: Forecasts for Advanced TV Displays
15:24 - 15:46 PMBardsley Consulting | OLEDs in Lighting: Status and Trends
15:24 - 15:46 PMPalomaki Consulting | Electroluminescent QLED: Technology Progress & Roadmap
15:46 - 16:08 PMNETWORKING BREAK. Welcome to the Lounge
16:08 - 16:30 PMNoctiluca | Display emissive materials revolution - 10years of TADF in making for PVD and Inkjet applications
16:30 - 16:52 PMOTI Lumionics Inc | AI-Based Display Material Developments: Latest Results
16:52 - 17:14 PMGE Research | Market Leading Wide Color Gamut, Narrow Band Phosphors by GE & Path Towards Enabling Next Generation Displ
17:14 - 17:36 PMPixelligent Technologies | Enabling Next Gen Displays with Ultra HRI Materials
17:14 - 17:36 PMNanosys | Latest Progress in Quantum Dots Materials for microLEDs
17:36 - 17:58 PMNETWORKING BREAK. Welcome to the Lounge
17:58 - 18:20 PMUniversal Display Corp | Phosphorescent OLEDs for Next Generation Products
18:20 - 18:42 PMMETA (MetaMaterials) | Nanoimprinting in displays: AR/VR and beyond
18:42 - 19:04 PMRoyole | Advances in the Development of Flexible & Stretchable Displays and End-Product Innovations
18:42 - 19:04 PMAmorphyx | Thin Film Transistors: Eliminating the Roadblock to the Next Generation of Displays
19:04 - 19:26 PMMorphotonics | Democratization of Large Area Nanoimprinting via Roll-to-Plate Technology
19:04 - 19:26 PMTen Flecs | Manufacturing OLCD Glass-Free Flexible Displays
19:26 - 19:48 PMYole Development | Quantum Dots, OLED, MiniLED, MicroLED NanoLED: technology landscape for next generations TVs
19:48 - 20:10 PMDolby | TBC
20:10 - 20:32 PMGoogle | Flexible Displays: Key Emerging Trends and reliability challenges
Friday | 16 July
14:40 - 15:02 PMTechBlick | Diverse world of printing in displays: how printing impacts AMOLED, AMQLED, microLEDs, AR/VR, and beyond
15:02 - 15:24 PMLamar Advertising | Out Of Home Advertising - Digital Evolution & the Future
15:24 - 15:46 PMInuru | Printed Electronics Solutions: What it Takes to Bring Electronics Into Everyday Products
15:46 - 16:08 PMYnvisible | The Visual Interface of IoT – Ynvisible Electrochromic Displays
16:08 - 16:30 PMKent Displays | Boogie Board writing tablets, from smart materials engineering to commercialization of pressure sensitiv
19:48 - 20:10 PMENJET | High-Resolution Printing from 2D to 3D for Additive Manufacturing of Printed Elecronics | PRE-RECORDED
19:48 - 20:10 PMetulipa | Outdoor Display That Runs Forever on Solar Energy
20:10 - 20:32 PMXTPL | High-Resolution 3D-Printed Conductive Features In Single Micron Scale | PRE-RECORDED
20:10 - 20:32 PMBodle Technologies | Solid-state Reflective Displays For Video-Rate, Full Color, Outdoor Readable Displays
20:32 - 20:54 PMAvantama AG | First commercial products with perovskite QDs | PRE-RECORDED
20:32 - 20:54 PMApplied Materials | Advanced screen printing for PE: 2 case studies of industrial applications in medical and display | PRE-RECORDED
20:54 - 21:16 PMFraunhofer IAP | Progresses & Challenges On QD Colouring Displays | PRE-RECORDED
20:54 - 21:16 PMQustomDot | On-chip Grade Quantum Dots For Future Display Technologies | PRE-RECORDED
21:16 - 21:38 PMHelio Display Materials | Red Perovskite Emitters For Colour Conversion & LEDs | PRE-RECORDED
21:16 - 21:38 PMQuantum Solutions | Perovskite Quantum Dots Color Converter Film in Displays and Sensors | PRE-RECORDED
21:38 - 22:00 PMC3Nano | Platform Optoelectronic Materials: Flexible, Rollable, Large-Area, Biotech & Beyond | PRE-RECORDED

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From: seabrookcajun6/17/2021 6:15:22 PM
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OLEDWorks receives an SBIR grant to develop stacked OLED lighting technologies

OLED lighting developer OLEDWorks announced that was awarded with a new US federal SBIR grant to develop OLED technologies.

Under this new project, OLEDWorks will develop new OLED automotive taillights composed of multiple stacked layers of red and white OLEDs. This technology can also be applied to indoor lighting to provide greater efficiency, a broader intensity range, and the ability to communicate safety information.

OLEDWorks was established in July 2010 by former Kodak OLED business experts and has become one of the OLED lighting leaders. In 2015 OLEDWorks acquired Philips' OLED lighting business. The company is now one of the leading OLED lighting producers, offering flexible and rigid panels, for the general lighting, commercial and automotive markets.

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From: RitzHuskie6/17/2021 8:29:45 PM
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Anyone listen or attend today's shareholder meeting? Any news? It's been way too quiet.

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To: RitzHuskie who wrote (26110)6/18/2021 3:29:43 PM
From: I'manoledguy
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I listened--absolutely nothing new this board doesn't know about.

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To: I'manoledguy who wrote (26111)6/18/2021 8:06:41 PM
From: occams_phasor
   of 27637
Recommended thanks.
And what a bummer.

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From: Ravid.Ron6/20/2021 10:12:56 PM
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[Exclusive] Samsung Electronics finally joined hands with LGD... OLED panel annual supply contract of 3 million sheets

-Supply contract for 3 years from 2022 to 2024... Contract size expected to exceed 5 cents
- Faced with LGD in the face of threats from Chinese companies… Full-scale entry into the OLED TV market

Samsung Electronics will receive organic light emitting diode (OLED) panels from LG Display and enter the OLED TV market in earnest. As Chinese companies control the supply of liquid crystal display (LCD) panels and the prices continue to rise and LCD TV profitability gradually deteriorates, it is interpreted that they have joined hands with rival LG Display.

According to the financial investment industry and the display industry on the 21st, Samsung Electronics is planning to sign a contract with LG Display to supply 2 million to 3 million OLED panels per year from next year to 2024. It is known that as early as this week, Han Jong-hee, head of Samsung Electronics' video display (VD) business division, will make an announcement directly. According to market research firm Omdia last month, the average price of an OLED panel in the first quarter of this year based on a 55-inch general-purpose product is $510 (about 580,000 won). Taking this into consideration, a simple calculation would estimate the contract size to exceed 5 trillion won.

Accordingly, Samsung Electronics, which has not yet released an OLED TV, is expected to enter the market in earnest. While the OLED TV market is growing rapidly, it is determined that it will be difficult to keep pace with the market growth rate with the large OLED panel 'QD OLED' being developed by its subsidiary Samsung Display. Although there is a forecast that Samsung Display will mass-produce QD OLED within this year, it takes considerable time for yield stabilization in the initial stage of production. For this reason, it is predicted that it will be difficult to exceed 1 million shipments next year by only supplying itself.

Cooperation between Samsung Electronics and LG Display has been discussed several times in the past, but has been canceled due to various circumstances such as security. However, with the recent surge in LCD demand due to COVID-19 and Chinese companies such as BOE raising prices, it is no longer possible to guarantee profitability with LCD TV alone. In the OLED TV market, which is considered to be the future food of the future, some analysts say that the two companies have joined hands by winning over concerns that the future of the domestic display industry will be uncertain if they do not secure cost competitiveness from Chinese companies.

An industry official said, "As the price bargaining power with Chinese display companies is low, they are trying to change the plate to OLED while holding hands with LG Display, which is in competition with its subsidiaries." "In particular, the Chinese display industry is at a serious level for domestic companies. It seems that the two companies have decided to cooperate with each other for the protection and development of the domestic display ecosystem in the face of threats.”

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To: Ravid.Ron who wrote (26113)6/20/2021 11:49:49 PM
From: Ravid.Ron
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Samsung Electronics “Reports on OLED panel procurement contract with LG Display are groundless”
2021-06-21 12:06:06

Samsung Electronics denied the possibility of procuring OLED panels from LG Display.

A Samsung Electronics official said on the 21st, "Some reports that LG Display has signed an OLED panel procurement contract are groundless."

On the same day, Asia Economy said, “Samsung Electronics is planning to sign a supply contract with LG Display to supply 2 to 3 million OLED panels per year from next year to 2024.” “As early as this week (20-26), Han Jong-hee Samsung Electronics It is known that the president of the video display business division will make the announcement directly.”

The Asian economy predicted that Samsung Electronics would sign an OLED panel procurement contract with LG Display to enter the OLED TV market.

Samsung Display, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, is preparing for mass production of large-scale quantum dot OLED (QD-OLED) panels, but it takes time to stabilize the initial yield.

An LG Display official said, "I don't know anything about the content of the OLED panel supply contract with Samsung Electronics."

The purchase decision seems to be true, but...tracking news more.

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