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To: ynotgoal who wrote (25897)4/22/2021 11:08:47 PM
From: slacker711
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It's unlikely but the only thing that comes to mind specifically for Visionox is they never said the length of their contract so I guess its possible it was a 3 year deal.

The presentation is now gone but I am nearly positive that Sid stated that Tianma was the only expiring license this year at the Needham conference in January.

Random speculation, but maybe UDC has some pricing mechanism in their contracts that allows them to raise material prices based on the underlying cost of iridium? They could have agreed to reduced prices in exchange for an extension.

I don't know if that is plausible but I am having trouble coming up with non-IP related reasons for these extensions.

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To: slacker711 who wrote (25898)4/22/2021 11:39:49 PM
From: ynotgoal
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I don't know if that is plausible but I am having trouble coming up with non-IP related reasons for these extensions.

This is going way back to the original 2005 Samsung agreement but I think it still holds that the agreements covers patents UDC obtains during the term of the contract. I think the excluded patents were blue but, again, not sure how an extension would change that. And not sure why they would need to do an early extension for IP they already have access to.

License Rights to Future Patents. To the extent Universal Display has the right to do so, SMD’s license rights under Section 2.1 above will be expanded to include, and Universal Display hereby grants to SMD a license under, additional patents, for which Universal Display at anytime during the Term acquires the ownership interest or the right to grant license thereunder, to the extent such additional patents cover SMD’s manufacture, use, importation, or sale of OLED Display Modules through Permitted Processes as contemplated hereunder, but excluding any such patents which (a) [***], and (b) [***], unless separately agreed in writing. [***]

The presentation is now gone but I am nearly positive that Sid stated that Tianma was the only expiring license this year at the Needham conference in January.

I think I remember that, too.

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To: slacker711 who wrote (25898)4/22/2021 11:43:55 PM
From: Creaky Skier
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Does UDC actually manufacture emitters? I thought PPG manufactured them to UDC specifications.
If so is there any way to determine the cost of the Iridium that goes into the emitters?

As a percentage of selling price?

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To: ynotgoal who wrote (25897)4/23/2021 4:34:44 AM
From: I'manoledguy
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Visionox is A-Pillar in the Chinese Oled industry. It would make sense for a new contract based upon moving from sampling/R&D material usage to a full mass production usage scenario. Visionox spun off their Pmoled business and has gone full Amoled.

More on being A-Pillar In the community. We should see two or more more Oled Screens in autos very soon that aren't on the dash. Most major auto manufacturer's have patents for this new application.


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To: I'manoledguy who wrote (25901)4/23/2021 4:51:44 AM
From: I'manoledguy
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Visionox going full Amoled

Visionox start mass-producing the first fully under-screen front-facing smartphone camera

Chinese display company Visionox has announced the first mass-produced fully under-display smartphone camera. The OLED display features a new pixel structure, highly transparent materials, a special pixel arrangement and new driving circuitry.

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From: Ravid.Ron4/23/2021 5:34:25 AM
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1Q 2021 Mobile Usage OLED Shipment Trend Analysis (Rigid / Flexible)
-1 Q In 2021, global mobile AMOLED module shipments were 140.60 M units, 31.5% YoY.
-Rigid OLED shipments in 67.90 M units total 1 Q 2021.
-Significant growth of 4.2% QoQ and 13.9% YoY.
-Worldwide shipment of flexible OLED panels reaches 72.50 M units in 1 Q 2021.

It is February data, but if you haven't seen it, it would be nice to refer to it using translator.

OLED laptop is coming

"The most powerful Galaxy is coming"...Samsung powers laptops

The last day of'World IT Show 2021'... Samsung·LG Electronics,'Zipcock' Home Appliances'Popularity'

Apple's iPhone panel diversification, reducing Samsung and increasing LG

Previewed'Galaxy Book Pro 360' ..."Rotate 360 degrees, with S Pen"
Both models are equipped with OLED displays.

The reason why LG Electronics products are a staple at presidential events... It is cutting-edge technology
This time, it's a transparent OLED signage... Rollable TV also appeared several times

From TV and mobile to the old...LGD expands the OLED ecosystem

Samsung Electronics' Quantum Dot TV launch preparations, Han Jong-hee wrestles with LG Electronics' OLED

Samsung disagrees with the ruling of 'solars OLED patent infringement'… Request for reconsideration

I think it would be okay to change the news to the method of leaving only the title and url, and upload them all at once for reducing time consumption.
If you are curious about the Korean language in the image file, reply me and I will check it.

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To: Creaky Skier who wrote (25900)4/23/2021 7:32:16 AM
From: slacker711
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PPG manufactures the emitters.

UDC's gross margin guidance was for 65-70% material margins going foward. UDC paid for the capital equipment that makes their emitters so I doubt that PPG has very high gross margins on their material sales to UDC.

If PPG gross margins are 20%, then the cost of the raw materials would make up 24% to 28% of UDC's material revenues. I assume that iridium makes up the bulk of those materials but I have no idea what the proportion might be.

The fact that UDC only shifted their gross margin guidance by a small amount could be a sign that their contracts have some leeway on pricing built into them.

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To: chessboard_andy who wrote (25886)4/23/2021 8:47:30 AM
From: mikeemarc
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Stating the obvious here but 2021 should be about utilization rates.

If you look at udc's gross revenues over the last few years and include that blip of a late year buy which pulled in some in one yr from the next we haven't moved much.

Having said that capacity has grown but utilization while spiking at times has remained 50ish % on average I think?

So as Sid has said need to turn fabs on.

I think this and next yr more should be turned on and in particular I see it in mid range phones among other expanding devices ie laptops, autos, etc. Still early days on the latter but a good sign nonetheless.

Another relatively recent Sid term is across the board re expanding customers activity and hopefully this means increased utilization for the Chinese fabs as well

Good luck all,


Ps thks RavidRon.. appreciate your contributions

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To: ynotgoal who wrote (25897)4/23/2021 9:57:00 AM
From: BigDogTone7
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Maybe Steve and Sid want to cash in before their capital gains rates get jacked to over 50% (including state)

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To: Ravid.Ron who wrote (25903)4/23/2021 2:49:17 PM
From: Dkjunior143
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Here is my attempt at displaying the translations for the charts Ravid.ron posted earlier. I am going to try to pair the original with the translated version for each of the 3 charts. Sorry it's a bit of a hack job and that the translated versions are patched together like they are; it's about the best I could pull off with my mobile phone and the Google Translate app. :)

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