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To: david james who wrote ()3/10/2000 11:34:00 AM
From: dvdw©
   of 7024
Looks like more Accumulation the last few days, it's good to be a part of this company early. Regardless of the daily ups or downs KVHI looks like a keeper.

The thin float is certainly providing LIFT on minimal volume, which bodes well for days in the future when KVHI DATATV tracking starts to hit it's stride.

Come ON FORD, Come ON GM, Come ON Chrysler, and all our friends off shore making vehicles for US Market. Get with the program KVHI is waiting to receive your Purchase orders.

And a few shareholders too.

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To: dvdw© who wrote (343)3/14/2000 12:24:00 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
I've tried to do a little research on current sensors - particularly for the power industry. I didn't find too much specific to the power industry, but I am still looking.

One thing I learned is the wide variance of products, designed for many different markets. If you click on this search link and read the choices and their descriptions, you will see how some of these products are designed for specific applications, leaving KVH plenty of room to develop and market their own specific products. Whatever they have, it appears there could be plenty of market potential here. This could be an exciting and lucrative add-on to their current products.

While probably none of the links may come close to whatever KVH is developing, these may provide some insight in this area we did not have before. Note the advantages and characteristics of the fiber optic based products . Enjoy.

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (344)3/14/2000 10:04:00 AM
From: dvdw©
   of 7024
Thanks for the links Sector, good information NFM

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (344)3/15/2000 8:22:00 AM
From: signist
   of 7024
New use for KVHI...

Glad to hear Sector is alive and well.
Thought he'd be on some Beach in the South Pacific
with a couple National Geographic Ladies fanning him
with large palm leaves, sipping on Iced Tea and surfing
away on his New Laptop using KVHI's mobile satellite system.

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To: signist who wrote (346)3/15/2000 9:20:00 AM
From: cmg
   of 7024
Ford to offer wireless service

Sprint deal to put technology in cars
March 15, 2000


Ford Motor Co. and Sprint PCS, the wireless-communications unit of Sprint Corp., will combine forces to offer wireless telephone and Internet services in vehicles next year, people familiar with the plan said.

The service is to be offered on some models of 2001 Lincolns and include phones that can be removed from the vehicle, those people said. While both companies declined Tuesday to comment on a possible linkup, Ford scheduled a briefing today with a "leading telecommunications company," and Sprint PCS's president said his company will unveil an auto industry accord.

"Tomorrow, I'll tell you all sorts of things," Sprint PCS President Andrew Sukawaty said at the Merrill Lynch & Co. telecommunications conference in New York.

Automakers are trying to bring more electronic services into vehicles to generate revenue beyond what consumers pay to buy and maintain them.

General Motors Corp.'s OnStar unit offers voice Internet access on some 2000 models and expects to boost the number of subscribers tenfold this year to 1 million.

"Ford is playing a little bit of catch-up in this area," said David Garrity, an analyst with Dresdner Kleinwort Benson. "The service revenue industrywide could reach about $10 billion annually within the next five years."

In September, Sukawaty said Sprint PCS expected additional revenue of up to $3 billion within three years from data and automotive services and its communications-tower business. At the time, he said it expected to unveil automotive services in the next 12 to 18 months.

"This is just another example of how wireless is creeping into every aspect of our lives," said Walter Piecyk, an analyst at Paine Webber Inc. who rates Sprint PCS "buy."

Ford's new service would go beyond its Rescue roadside emergency system that Lincoln offers as a $2,000 option on its Continental and LS models. The luxury division sold 176,493 Lincolns in the United States last year.

GM in January picked Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. to provide a wireless network to support OnStar, which also started as a roadside-emergency service using satellites to track vehicles and wireless communications to summon help.

DaimlerChrysler AG and Motorola Inc. offer StarTac wireless phones that drivers can use with voice commands in some 2000-model Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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To: cmg who wrote (347)3/15/2000 7:59:00 PM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
This thread is pretty dead, which is usually the case for emerging companies that have been out of the spotlight.

I know people are watching this thread though, so how about starting some discussion on wireless, using this article from the Broadband Wireless World Forum about Microsoft and OFDM, and cmg's Ford post?

How do these two items affect KVHI's prospects or markets?

A sure way to build some interest is to discuss interesting topics. Comments requested.

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (348)3/15/2000 9:14:00 PM
From: robert b furman
   of 7024
Hi Sector,

This thread historically discusses news directly effecting KVHI's niche. I am by no means an expert,but kvhi's technology deals with very broadband frequencies that are beamed in a controlled direction so the quality of the transmission is constant and reliable. Nice features to have for navigation,continuous digital broadcast satellite TV and hopefully the internet soon.

This type of technology is rather expensive as the aiming requirement features fast response to gps positioning instead of wide beamed narrow band transmissions.

It is a high class way of communicating ,that has yet to benefit from the economies of scale that mass utilization bring about : ie cell phone or palm devices.

It is in my opinion, just as great a certainty. However it is a longer term development. I think the RV,taxi cab,limo ,suv will usher in the universal awareness of this great technology.It will require miniaturization and mass production savings to bring it out of the techie world and into the mainstream.

Additionally, this company which I view as far ahead into tomorrow's technology - today seems to be putting all the right steps in place.

They are first in quality with their customers.
They patent their brilliance.
They are brilliant with advanced technology in it's pure sense and seem to be able to execute their technology to the mainstream world.

I am visiting them this April ,and am humbly excited to learn about something I know so little about. I can't wait to see what a Fiber Optic Gyro looks like.How fiber optic sensors can measure the flow of electricity boggles my mind!! This is not your father's technology company.

They are advanced and I'm not sure of much more.Except one thing - THEY ARE A LONG TERM KEEPER !! Whatever they do they do so with great class. That's good enough for me.



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To: robert b furman who wrote (349)3/16/2000 8:50:00 AM
From: Roy F
   of 7024
KVH Receives $1.4 Million TACNAV TLS Order
March 16, 2000 08:28 AM
MIDDLETOWN, R.I.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 16, 2000--KVH Industries, Inc., KVHI today announced that a current customer has placed a repeat order for TACNAV(TM) TLS systems. This most recent order for the KVH tactical navigation system is valued at $1.4 million with shipping scheduled over the next few quarters.

The positional data that TACNAV TLS provides allows commanders to accurately pinpoint and direct fire at targets without endangering their own troops. Unlike military forces that use only Global Positioning System (GPS) data for position information, units with TACNAV systems are not susceptible to data losses if terrestrial interference or hostile activity causes GPS signal interruptions. TACNAV systems achieve this by integrating with a vehicle's GPS and using proprietary calculation capabilities to ensure that the critical data is available 100 percent of the time.

"We believe this repeat order is evidence of a growing momentum towards establishing combat forces that are both strategically mobile and dominant across the full operations spectrum," said Martin Kits van Heyningen, president and CEO. "Countries recognize that they need a different military force, one that can be rapidly moved from one hot spot on the planet to another and yet deliver effective firepower, to contend with today's combat situations. `State-of-the-art' TACNAV-equipped vehicles are an important component of the new military force."

TACNAV TLS is a digital compass-based tactical navigation system designed to bring together all of the data needed by an armored vehicle crew. Information from each of the vehicle's sensors, including the GPS, laser rangefinder, turret angle encoder and odometer, and precise heading data is clearly presented in bold graphics on driver's and commander's displays. In addition, TACNAV integrates data from the vehicle's odometer and heading sensor to generate accurate dead reckoning data should the GPS fail. As a result, crews are ensured complete availability of essential data that can help military forces remain viable on today's highly technical battlefields. In the U.S., TACNAV TLS systems are widely used by the Army and Army National Guard, and they are being tested as a key component in the U.S. Army's Task Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below (FBCB2) program that is developing a digital battlefield system.

KVH also offers TACNAV Light systems for support vehicles such as troop carriers and supply trucks and TACNAV FOG for heavy forces that require dynamic target location and Northpointing capabilities. The U.S. Marine Corps selected the company's TACNAV Light navigation system for a rebuild of its fleet of AAV 7s (amphibious assault vehicles). TACNAV FOG, which features KVH's proprietary fiber optic gyro (FOG), was recently selected by Delfin Systems to meet highly precise heading and position specifications for a vehicle-mounted signal intelligence system that the California-based company is developing for the U.S. Army.

KVH uses its proprietary autocalibration, sensor and fiber optic technologies to develop and market a range of products, from mobile satellite communications systems for land and sea to navigation systems for military and commercial applications. The company has its headquarters in Middletown, RI, and additional facilities in Illinois, Florida and Denmark.

CONTACT: KVH Industries, Inc. Alice Andrews, 401-847-3327

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To: Roy F who wrote (350)3/17/2000 10:27:00 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
For new people checking into KVHI, I have taken the time to
organize and consolidate important KVHI related links from
the past. Other information is of course available from the
website, from I/R and from SEC filings.

Earnings and CC related links

Q2 1997 EPS release Message 1813680
Q2 1997 CC Notes -
Q3 1997 downgrade - Message 2269984
Q3 1997 EPS release Message 2534856
Q4 1997 warning - Message 3187118
Q2 1998 CC analysis Message 5387249
Q2 1998 CC notes1 - Message 5389093
Q2 1998 CC notes2 - Message 5512880
Q4 1998 EPS release Message 8034473
Q4 1998 CC notes - Message 8303464
Q1 1999 EPS rel - Message 9085267
Q2 1999 EPS rel - Message 10705163
Q3 1999 EPS rel - Message 11659825
Q4 1999 EPS rel - Message 12862196
Q4 1999 CC notes --
Q4 1999 CC notes --

Contract or partnering announcements

1997 Swedish military- Message 1818477
1998 US Army --------- Message 5154917
1998 US Marines ---- Message 6641124
1999 River Park teams- Message 11041324
1999 UK Army order --- Message 11652006
1999 Delfin Contract - Message 11791701
1999 Marathon Coach -- Message 12170187
2000 Repeat order --- Message 13215646

Product announcements

1997 Trac Phone 50 ---- Message 2147224
1998 Trac Phone 25 ---- Message 3404697
1998 Trac Vision 45 --- Message 5200344
1999 Trac Vision LM --- Message 7402304
1999 KVH hits the road- Message 7402304
1999 Trac Vision Cruiser Message 10653331
2000 Trac Vision G4 ---- Message 12843047
2000 Trac Vision SA ---- Message 13016180

I/R comments posted

1998 Tacnav related - Message 5191881
1998 general ------ Message 5678484
1999 mobile internet Message 7177546
2000 Power sensing -- Message 11697383


KVH multiyear financials -----
1998 Best in category awards - Message 6624271
1999 Article on Trac vision II - Message 8383221
1999 Briar Patch Invest Opinion Message 8638735
1999 Charles Trimble joins BOD Message 9802059
1999 ISO 9001 standards - ----- Message 10052445
1999 US Army "Outstanding partner" Message 10063051
1999 Camping World award ----- Message 11465314
1999 NMEA "Best" awards --- Message 11717969
2000 Article on RV
2000 Datron Lawsuit --- Message 12864170
2000 Datron response -- Message 12941582
2000 Institutional Interest

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (351)3/17/2000 10:32:00 AM
From: cmg
   of 7024
THANKS....for the lite reading (G)..cmg

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