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To: Roy F who wrote (1605)12/10/2002 1:06:44 PM
From: robert b furman
   of 7013
Hi Roy,

I'm going out and buying some POM POMS.



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To: robert b furman who wrote (1606)12/10/2002 2:29:25 PM
From: Roy F
   of 7013
Bob, the vision I got on that one is.... well, never mind.



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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1596)12/10/2002 4:51:54 PM
From: minorejoy2000
   of 7013
Thank you for your insightful response and I agree with your assesment of human psychology regarding market cycles. I always got it wrong but I'm still here to try again. And though I sold all my JDSU, at least I never considered selling the KVHI. Small favors. Always nice hearing from you. Hope you have an especially nice holiday season this year.

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To: dvdw© who wrote (1597)12/10/2002 4:59:15 PM
From: minorejoy2000
   of 7013
Wow. That was quite an essay. I'm impressed by much of what you said. I have not been on line for a few weeks, and I would never have delayed in responding to you and thanking you for the time and effort you took responding to me otherwise. Thanks.


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To: minorejoy2000 who wrote (1609)12/12/2002 9:47:02 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7013
TALES OF THE TAPE: KVH Industries To Beam TV Into Cars

[ 12th December 2002 ]

By Michelle Rama

(This story was originally published Wednesday.)

NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Generations of parents who have dared to venture forth on the open road with kids and their ever-shortening attention spans may soon be greeted with a new complaint: "We're there already?"

Starting early next year, KVH Industries Inc. (KVHI) intends to bring a new entertainment medium to American highways - live, color television.

Although TV screens are popping up in vehicles everywhere already, they are only good for playing videotapes. KVH plans to connect their mobile TVs to 500 channels of live satellite television and 400 Kilobit-per-second data links for high-speed broadband Internet access, said Martin Kits van Heyningen, chief executive of KVH Industries Inc.

"There's no way to get a live picture into a car right now" he said. Companies have tackled the problem of pointing a moving antenna to a satellite that's 22, 000 miles above the earth within one degree - but those antennas are enormous and are found mostly on boats, recreational vehicles and planes.

KVH's gyrostabilized antennas enable moving vehicles to lock onto satellites, and the company is working hard to manufacture a small enough antenna to fit on cars or sport utility vehicles.

The 23-year-old Middletown, R.I., company has sacrificed about two years of profitability in order to develop its newer satellite antennas. The company also makes navigational devices and fiber optic gyros used by the U.S. military. Van Heyningen predicts KVH's satellite communications, which makes up 60% of KVH's business, will be the fastest-growing of its three business.

While the company has been selling antennas for boats for several years, its recreational vehicle antennas have been growing in popularity since their introduction about a year ago.

Demand Still Unknown

Although no one knows how much demand is out there for the antennas, some have compared it to the satellite radio industry, dominated by XM Satellite Radio Holdings Inc. (XMSR) and Sirius Satellite Radio (SIRI). XM Satellite Radio, the largest broadcaster, has more than 200,000 subscribers and Sirius has about 15, 000 subscribers who pay $12.95 a month for its car satellite-radio service, which launched nationwide in July.

"With 200 million cars on the road, and 40 million commuters that go at least 45 minutes each way on their commute, maybe they can complement the satellite radio - we're seeing strong demand for satellite radio," said Robert Peck, Bear Stearns Cos. analyst who covers the industry. Peck doesn't own stock in KVH Industries, nor does Bear Stearns have an investment banking relationship with the company.

Needham & Co.'s Pierre Maccagno, the sole analyst who covers the stock, said the newer low-profile antennas should "significantly expand" KVH's market.

Maccagno said he is concerned about the release date, set for early 2003, which the company has been pushing back for several months. The company originally planned to begin marketing the antennas in late 2002.

Still, Maccagno is fairly sure KVH will face a competition-free marketplace once the antennas are available for sale. The company's four competitors, including Audiovox Direct and MotoSat, are all privately held, but Maccagno said he's not aware that any of them are developing a similar product.

CEO van Heyningen said the antennas will be sold at first as an after-market product designed to mount "attractively" on any vehicle's roof rack. As they increase in popularity, the antenna can be built into the vehicle at the factory and made barely perceptible even without a roof-rack as camouflage, much like a sunroof, van Heyningen said.

"The issue isn't the antenna technology, it's building the business relationship" with the auto makers, van Heyningen said.

KVH's stock recently traded at about 34 times Maccagno's 2003 earnings estimate of 27 cents a share.

The company estimates a 20% to 30% revenue increase for 2003 - which also includes expected revenue from its next generation product - according to van Heyningen.

Niche Market?

Engineer and former satellite industry analyst John Stone predicted that " Potentially, this market can be much larger than the niche market playtoys of the rich." The same customers who are buying rear-seat entertainment systems could become KVH customers, he said.

"This includes not just affluent enthusiasts, but families with SUVs and mini- vans who want video entertainment during family trips," said Stone, who owns no shares in the company.

So far, KVH's satellite antenna business in recreational vehicles has been growing. In recent months, the company has received orders from several recreational vehicle dealers who will offer TracVision as an option in 2003 motor homes, including orders from Fleetwood Enterprises Inc. (FLE). Featherlite Inc. (FTHR) in June said it would equip all its 2003 Vantare luxury coaches with KVH's satellite high-speed Internet and satellite telephone technology.

If demand for the R.V. antennas KVH currently has on the market is any indication, then the SUV antennas should be well-received, said Maccagno, who doesn't own shares of KVH Industries. Needham & Co. has had an investment banking relationship with the company.

KVH will likely face competition once its car-sized antenna arrives - if the product is successful.

"It wouldn't be that hard for other players to come in and follow them, but I don't think they'll encounter a lot competition unless it takes off," Stone said.

Once the satellite antenna is purchased, the buyer must still subscribe to satellite service, which both Stone and the company expect will cost about the same as service to the home - between $23-$100 - depending on the programming purchased.

If the satellite antennas are as popular as hoped, KVH is prepared to ramp up capacity quickly should it be flooded with orders once the antennas become available.

While KVH hasn't settled on the retail price of its new antennas, they may at first be similar in price to their R.V. counterparts, which run from $2,399 for TV to $5,995 for Internet connections.

"But eventually they will be much less expensive due to the higher volumes and the consumer-oriented nature of the automotive aftermarket," van Heyningen said.

-By Michelle Rama, Dow Jones Newswires; 201-938-4046; michelle.rama@

Dow Jones Newswires
12-12-02 0730ET

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To: david james who started this subject12/13/2002 8:32:01 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7013
Updated Consolidated Links

Date December 13, 2002

KVH Industries, Inc., based in Middletown, Rhode Island, is an international leader in developing and manufacturing innovative, mobile, high-bandwidth satellite communications systems, tactical navigation products, and fiber optic products.

Company Overview ---

Earnings and CC related links

Q2 1997 EPS release - Message 1813680
Q2 1997 CC Notes ----- Message 1816064
Q3 1997 downgrade --- Message 2269984
997 EPS release - Message 2534856
Q4 1997 warning -------- Message 3187118
Q2 1998 CC analysis --
Q2 1998 CC notes1 ---- Message 5389093
Q2 1998 CC notes2 ---- Message 5512880
Q4 1998 EPS release - Message 8034473
Q4 1998 CC notes ----- Message 8303464
Q1 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 9085267
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Q3 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 11659825
Q4 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 12862196
Q1 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 13470540
Q1 2000 CC notes ----- Message 13474450
Q1 2000 Analysts ------ Message 13476701
Q2 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 14077309
Q3 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 14615735
Q4 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 15318557
Q1 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 15686350
Q2 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 16098259
Q3 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 16543116
Q4 2001 EPS pre ------- Message 16876175
Q4 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 17091602
Q1 2002 Update -------- Message 17273314
Q1 2002 EPS rel ------- Message 17380588
Q1 2002 CC notes1 --- Message 17396999
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Q2 2002 EPS rel ------- Message 17755541
Q2 2002 Fin Tables --- Message 17755543
Q2 2002 CC transcript1 - Message 17779637
Q2 2002 CC transcript2 - Message 17779657
Q2 2002 CC transcript3 - Message 17779670
Q2 2002 EPS rel ------- Message 18123917
Q3 2002 EPS fin ------- Message 18123927
Q3 2002 CC transcript1 – Message 18170264
Q3 2002 CC transcript2 - Message 18170268
Q4 2002 Nov Update- Message 18215521

Contract, Service or partnering announcements

1997 Swedish military --------------- Message 1818477
1998 US Army ------------------------- Message 5154917
1998 US Marines --------------------- Message 6641124
1999 River Park teams -------------- Message 11041324
1999 UK Army order ----------------- Message 11652006
1999 Delfin Contract ----------------- Message 11791701
1999 Marathon Coach --------------- Message 12170187
2000 $1.4M Repeat order ---------- Message 13215646
2000 $1.2 million FOG -------------- Message 13460763
2000 Entertain Coaches ------------ Message 13566973
2000 $17M US Army ----------------- Message 13904501
2000 $1M Crossbow partnership - Message 13997834
2000 Sportvision cameras ---------- Message 14021855
2000 First in Europe ------------------ Message 14078705
2000 $1.5 M Javelin Simulator ---- Message 14734776
2000 $4.7M Asian Military ---------- Message 15001558
2001 $3.2M Australian Army ------- Message 15141200
2001 $1.75M golfcart sensor ------- Message 15454327
2001 Russian market entry --------- Message 15471918
2001 UK selects Gyrotrac ---------- Message 15472306
2001 $2.7M French Army ----------- Message 15786386
2001 StagParkway -------------------- Message 15889621
2001 $1.5M New Zealand Military Message 16091879
2001 Swedish Navy ------------------- Message 16506811
2001 Bell ExpressVu ----------------- Message 16537495
2001 $3.9M FOG order -------------- Message 16632688
2002 Thane & Thrane ---------------- Message 17054427
2002 Lockheed-Martin Train system Message 17486946
2002 US Weapons simulators ------ Message 17464265
2002 $700K FOGs -turret stabilization - Message 17538721
2002 Optional equip on Fleetwood RVs - Message 17580267
2002 KVH becomes Inmarsat Global ISP- Message 17596838
……. Inmarsat Information -------------- Message 17597008
……. Comparison of Sat Networks -------
2002 Std equip on Featherlite Coaches -- Message 17661922
……. About Featherlite -------------------
…..... KVH TracVision L3 -------------
……. KVH Tracphone 252 ------------
……. KVH TracNet ----------------------
2002 Rexhall selects KVH antennas ----- Message 17677523
…….. US Class A Motorhome market -- Message 17677556
2002 $1M DSP IMU dev from L-3 Comm - Message 17715075
2002 ABB partners on Current Sensor - Message 17772501
2002 GCS-KVH Inmarsat partnership - Message 17965753
2002 $1M order for Ground Prophet --- Message 17994488
2002 Becker Celebrity Mobile Office PR Message 18009051
……... Becker Celebrity Customer List -
……... Becker luxury Office Interiors --
2002 Std equip on Marathon Coaches Message 18032686
2002 $3.6M for Army Special Forces - Message 18066989
2002 SF funding in FY2003 budget - Message 18285367

Product announcements

1997 Trac Phone 50 ------------ Message 2147224
1998 Trac Phone 25 ------------ Message 3404697
1998 Trac Vision 45 ------------ Message 5200344
1999 Trac Vision LM ----------- Message 7402304
1999 KVH hits the road -------- Message 7402304
1999 Trac Vision Cruiser ------ Message 10653331
2000 Trac Vision G4 ------------ Message 12843047
2000 Trac Vision SA ------------ Message 13016180
2000 TracVison G6 DVB ------ Message 14616651
2000 TracVision L3 -------------- Message 14955234
2000 TracVision C3 ------------- Message 15040053
2001 Multilingual TacNav ------ Message 15471658
2001 Trac Vision L3 Truck ---- Message 15471899
2001 Trac Vision L3 vehicle -- Message 15472075
2001 ActiveFiber Technology - Message 15525677
2001 E-Core PM Fiber ---------- Message 15526177
2001 TracNet Server-Marine -- Message 16549100
2001 DirecPC -R Satellite ------ Message 16549104
2001 Tracphone 252 ------------- Message 16555352
2001 TracVision S3 -------------- Message 16677874
2001 TracNet Server-land ------ Message 16706826
….…. TracNet Brochure ------------
2002 TracPhone F77 ------------ Message 17060078
2002 DSP-5000 FOG ----------- Message 17336044
2002 TracNet 2.0 Caribbean- Message 18177880
2002 TracNet 2.0 Europe --- Message 18250252
2002 TracVision L2, S2 --------- Message 18294265

Management or I/R comments posted

1998 Tacnav related -- ------- Message 5191881
1998 general -------- ----------- Message 5678484
1999 mobile internet --------- Message 7177546
2000 Power sensing --------- Message 11697383
2000 CEO Interview ---------- Message 13647777
2002 CEO at Needham ------ Message 16876175
2002 Needham transcript ----- Message 16892251

Facility Tour posts

2000 Home Office Tour -------- Message 13483638
2000 FOG Sensors Tour ------ Message 13742694

KVH major customer list

From the 2001 Mission brochure -- Message 17489301

A few of the US patents

Under KVH Industries ----
Under Dyott ------------------
Dyott applications ---------

Significant Personnel additions

1999 Charles Trimble joins BOD ------- Message 9802059
2000 Larry Dalton on Advisory Bd ----- Message 14592383
2000 John Seavey on Advisory Bd ----- Message 15085660
2001 new COO Joe Bookataub -------- Message 16238135
2002 Steve Buckingham joins KVH ------ Message 17486936
2002 New VP Eng. Dr. Kalyan Ganesan - Message 17553371
2002 New CFO Patrick J. Spratt -------- Message 17755516

Awards and Certifications

1998 Best in category awards ---------- Message 6624271
1999 ISO 9001 standards ---------------- Message 10052445
1999 US Army "Outstanding partner"---- Message 10063051
1999 Camping World award ------------ Message 11465314
1999 NMEA "Best" awards ------------- Message 11717969
2000 NMEA "Best" 3rd yr in row ------- Message 14659699
2001 NMEA "Best" 4th yr in row --------- Message 16596940
2002 StagParkway Peach Award -------- Message 17026775
2002 DOD Outstanding Quality Award -- Message 17611817
2002 NMEA "Best" 5th yr in row --------- Message 18168569


1999 Article on Trac vision II ------------ Message 8383221
1999 Briar Patch Invest Opinion ------- Message 8638735
2000 Datron Patent Lawsuit ------------ Message 12864170
2000 Datron response on lawsuit ------ Message 12941582
2000 Patent involved in the suit --------
2000 GPS use poised to take off ------ Message 13600523
2000 Datron lawsuit terminated -------- Message 14139395
2001 $5M private placement ------------ Message 15107364
2001 Featherlite TracVision L3 std ----- Message 15581572
2001 $10M Private Placement ---------- Message 15678840
2001 Completion of financing ----------- Message 15875422
2001 KVH featured in Navy SBIR ------ Message 17487085
2001 Gyrotrac helps Playstation set record - Message 17487087
2002 TracNet Hits the Road w Internet -- Message 17450037
2002 Patent-reduced configuration Gyro Message 17480877
2002 First customers praise new F77 --- Message 17494877
2002 KVH Antenna During Tornados -- Message 17563489
2002 KVH praised by Congressional Delegation Message 17808743
2002 KVH Sailcomp helps J/24 Sailboat win - Message 17840526
2002 KVH selects CostGuard ASP for billing Message 18028816
2002 Patent-DSP for Open-loop sensors - Message 18090779

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To: david james who started this subject12/13/2002 6:24:19 PM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7013
Hi Donny,

I haven't seen you around for quite some time - at least on threads I visit. BTW were you aware you posted on the wrong thread?

Message 18335559

Let me know if there are any questions or information I can help you with on KVHI, - I've been here almost 3 years now.

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To: david james who started this subject12/16/2002 6:57:43 PM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7013

I think today's price drop was caused by shorting - probably by professionals.

I have the T&S around this time frame saved. Anyone who wants to examine it can send me a message at

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1613)12/16/2002 7:01:12 PM
From: robert b furman
   of 7013
Hi Sector,

And if it gets cheaper - he has to compete with me regarding buying more.GGG

You did see Robert VH's filing to sell about 7000 shares?


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To: robert b furman who wrote (1614)12/16/2002 11:41:45 PM
From: dvdw©
   of 7013
This from MITA last few days;
The NASD rules for short selling.
The NASD Manual makes a clear distinction between what it calls "bona fide Market Making" activity and net positions held in Market Making accounts. While MMs are exempt from Short Selling Rules while making markets, they are not exempt from the general requirements for accumulated positions. An obvious excess of short positions beyond what is needed for bona fide Market Making should raise a flag with NASD that the exemptions are being abused. There are also exemptions for members holding hedged positions, usually involving offsetting options positions. You can form your own opinion about how well NASD polices their membership.

If you want to see first hand what NASD has to say about all of this you can download the manual in .PDF format or read the online version at
Click on NASD Manual to gain entry to either the online text or the .PDF file. The .PDF is searchable; in particular look for "short sale" and "Affirmative Determination"

Bottom line stalk the Bear.

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