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To: Roy F who wrote (1305)6/27/2002 7:56:52 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
My question in my earlier post, just got answered! <VBG>

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1306)6/27/2002 9:24:29 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
Updated Consolidated links

Date: June 27, 2002 09:24 AM

KVH Industries, Inc., based in Middletown, Rhode Island, is an international leader in developing and manufacturing innovative, mobile, high-bandwidth satellite communications systems, tactical navigation products, and fiber optic products.

Company Overview ---

Earnings and CC related links

Q2 1997 EPS release - Message 1813680
Q2 1997 CC Notes ----- Message 1816064
Q3 1997 downgrade --- Message 2269984
Q3 1997 EPS release -
Q4 1997 warning -------- Message 3187118
Q2 1998 CC analysis --
Q2 1998 CC notes1 ---- Message 5389093
Q2 1998 CC notes2 ---- Message 5512880
Q4 1998 EPS release - Message 8034473
Q4 1998 CC notes ----- Message 8303464
Q1 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 9085267
Q2 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 10705163
Q3 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 11659825
Q4 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 12862196
Q1 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 13470540
Q1 2000 CC notes ----- Message 13474450
Q1 2000 Analysts ------ Message 13476701
Q2 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 14077309
Q3 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 14615735
Q4 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 15318557
Q1 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 15686350
Q2 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 16098259
Q3 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 16543116
Q4 2001 EPS pre ------ Message 16876175
Q4 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 17091602
Q1 2002 Update -------- Message 17273314
Q1 2002 EPS rel ------- Message 17380588
Q1 2002 CC notes1 --- Message 17396999
Q1 2002 CC notes2 --- Message 17397004

Contract, Service or partnering announcements

1997 Swedish military --------------- Message 1818477
1998 US Army ------------------------- Message 5154917
1998 US Marines --------------------- Message 6641124
1999 River Park teams -------------- Message 11041324
1999 UK Army order ----------------- Message 11652006
1999 Delfin Contract ----------------- Message 11791701
1999 Marathon Coach --------------- Message 12170187
2000 $1.4M Repeat order ---------- Message 13215646
2000 $1.2 million FOG -------------- Message 13460763
2000 Entertain Coaches ------------ Message 13566973
2000 $17M US Army ----------------- Message 13904501
2000 $1M Crossbow partnership - Message 13997834
2000 Sportvision cameras ---------- Message 14021855
2000 First in Europe ------------------ Message 14078705
2000 $1.5 M Javelin Simulator ---- Message 14734776
2000 $4.7M Asian Military ---------- Message 15001558
2001 $3.2M Australian Army ------- Message 15141200
2001 $1.75M golfcart sensor ------- Message 15454327
2001 Russian market entry --------- Message 15471918
2001 UK selects Gyrotrac ---------- Message 15472306
2001 $2.7M French Army ----------- Message 15786386
2001 StagParkway -------------------- Message 15889621
2001 $1.5M New Zealand Military Message 16091879
2001 Swedish Navy ------------------- Message 16506811
2001 Bell ExpressVu ----------------- Message 16537495
2001 $3.9M FOG order -------------- Message 16632688
2002 Thane & Thrane ---------------- Message 17054427
2002 Lockheed-Martin Train system Message 17486946
2002 US Weapons simulators ------ Message 17464265
2002 $700K FOGs -turret stabilization - Message 17538721
2002 Optional equip on Fleetwood RVs - Message 17580267
2002 KVH becomes Inmarsat Global ISP- Message 17596838
……. Inmarsat Information -------------- Message 17597008
……. Comparison of Sat Networks -----
2002 Std equip on Featherlite Coaches -- Message 17661922
……. About Featherlite -----------------
…..... KVH TracVision L3 --------------
……. KVH Tracphone 252 -------------
……. KVH TracNet --------------------

Product announcements

1997 Trac Phone 50 ------------ Message 2147224
1998 Trac Phone 25 ------------ Message 3404697
1998 Trac Vision 45 ------------ Message 5200344
1999 Trac Vision LM ----------- Message 7402304
1999 KVH hits the road -------- Message 7402304
1999 Trac Vision Cruiser ------ Message 10653331
2000 Trac Vision G4 ------------ Message 12843047
2000 Trac Vision SA ------------ Message 13016180
2000 TracVison G6 DVB ------ Message 14616651
2000 TracVision L3 -------------- Message 14955234
2000 TracVision C3 ------------- Message 15040053
2001 Multilingual TacNav ------ Message 15471658
2001 Trac Vision L3 Truck ---- Message 15471899
2001 Trac Vision L3 vehicle -- Message 15472075
2001 ActiveFiber Technology - Message 15525677
2001 E-Core PM Fiber ---------- Message 15526177
2001 TracNet Server-Marine -- Message 16549100
2001 DirecPC -R Satellite ------ Message 16549104
2001 Tracphone 252 ------------- Message 16555352
2001 TracVision S3 -------------- Message 16677874
2001 TracNet Server-land ------ Message 16706826
2002 TracPhone F77 ------------ Message 17060078
2002 DSP-5000 FOG ----------- Message 17336044

Management or I/R comments posted

1998 Tacnav related -- ------- Message 5191881
1998 general -------- ----------- Message 5678484
1999 mobile internet --------- Message 7177546
2000 Power sensing --------- Message 11697383
2000 CEO Interview ---------- Message 13647777
2002 CEO at Needham ----- Message 16876175
2002 Needham transcript -- Message 16892251

Facility Tour posts

2000 Home Office Tour -------- Message 13483638
2000 FOG Sensors Tour ------ Message 13742694

KVH major customer list

From the 2001 Mission brochure -- Message 17489301

A few of the US patents

Under KVH Industries ----
Under Dyott ------------------
Dyott applications ---------

Significant Personnel additions

1999 Charles Trimble joins BOD ------ Message 9802059
2000 Larry Dalton on Advisory Bd ----- Message 14592383
2000 John Seavey on Advisory Bd ---- Message 15085660
2001 new COO Joe Bookataub -------- Message 16238135
2002 Steve Buckingham joins KVH ------ Message 17486936
2002 New VP Eng. Dr. Kalyan Ganesan - Message 17553371

Awards and Certifications

1998 Best in category awards ---------- Message 6624271
1999 ISO 9001 standards ---------------- Message 10052445
1999 US Army "Outstanding partner"---- Message 10063051
1999 Camping World award ------------ Message 11465314
1999 NMEA "Best" awards ------------- Message 11717969
2000 NMEA "Best" 3rd yr in row ------- Message 14659699
2001 NMEA "Best" 4th yr in row --------- Message 16596940
2002 StagParkway Peach Award -------- Message 17026775
2002 DOD Outstanding Quality Award -- Message 17611817


1999 Article on Trac vision II ------------ Message 8383221
1999 Briar Patch Invest Opinion ------- Message 8638735
2000 Datron Patent Lawsuit ------------ Message 12864170
2000 Datron response on lawsuit ------ Message 12941582
2000 Patent involved in the suit --------
2000 GPS use poised to take off ------ Message 13600523
2000 Datron lawsuit terminated -------- Message 14139395
2001 $5M private placement ------------ Message 15107364
2001 Featherlite TracVision L3 std ----- Message 15581572
2001 $10M Private Placement ---------- Message 15678840
2001 Completion of financing ----------- Message 15875422
2001 KVH featured in Navy SBIR ------ Message 17487085
2001 Gyrotrac helps Playstation set record - Message 17487087
2002 TracNet Hits the Road w Internet -- Message 17450037
2002 Patent-reduced configuration Gyro Message 17480877
2002 First customers praise new F77 --- Message 17494877
2002 KVH Antenna During Tornados -- Message 17563489

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1268)6/27/2002 10:08:28 AM
From: robert b furman
   of 7024
Hi Sector,

Several years back I acted as a board of Director for "The Texas Chevy Dealers Advertising Association".One of the perks was to meet Wynonna Judd (we used her song in local Tx ads - George Strait also - my wife melted gg).At any rate ,Wynona was in her bus.These busses have marble floors mirrored ceilings leather seats.In a conversation with her I asked how she liked her KVHI trac vision.

She said Honey as a singer actress I'm always watching who's doing what in the industry - I can't do that watch outdated videos.

Many of these busses are leased out of Florida.They get used as Singers do tours,acers compete in a circuit,many golfers use them I say John Daly's here in the Woodlands and it had KVHI - probably watching the golf channel - best family coverage to see if Dad's bringing home the bacon.

Point i'm trying to make is we normal beings view these highend toys as options. WRONG To the affluent these are must haves.These high income people are on the road this -bus is their home and business office.They live and work in them.

Money is not a problem.

Would you rather have a poor cell phone as you agree to a 250,000 use of a song for 6 months or a satellite phone.

Would you want to stop off at a library and have fans interrupt you or have tracnet to fax the contract.

Of course Trac vision to watch yourself,industry,or in our lifestyle watch KVHI go

The point I'm making is - we often underestimate the strength of markets not in out normal lifes realm.

Trac vision @ 2995, Trac net @5995 Trac phone @ (50)5995 0r 252 (4995) all add up to 14,000 -15,000 dollars worth of KVHI product.

One bus equals 5 lowend RV's.Standard equipment means they all have them.This increases sales by a multiple!!

Next question how many plants @ what production rate and what level of stock would each plant hold.If this is announced now - then orders were placed a time lag back (make brochures ETC.).

I'm thinking Monaco, Fleetwood,and now the top end busses all placed orders that will reflect in this last quarter.

If Needham says 12 million and a loss - what would it take to book another additional $500,000 and be in the black??

Only 166 Trac visions or 83 Trac phones or 83 Trac nets.Or any combination.

Note prices are list and of course jobber pricing is substantially less - how much I don't know.Guessing 50 % discount to a big buyer???

Less than one a day of each extra, and we're in surprise to the upside.

With vacation periods topping in July -that kind of sales increase is a very doable growth story.

We'll know we're getting somewhere when we pick up the low end(fleetwood is a good start) but we need Foretravel busses and Winnebago RV's and we'll have /own the market.

All in all great news and I still think we surprise to the upside!!!

I forgot to mention Tac phone F77 which does it all at 23995 for commercial boat utilization.

Additionally whatever monthly revenue they get for reselling DVB satellite from Express view or Wholesale time from InMarSat.!!!



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To: robert b furman who wrote (1308)6/27/2002 10:27:18 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
Wynonna Judd called you Honey? <g>

You make several excellent points. KVH said they had 70% of this market in 2001. With these two new wins, I wonder what the percentage is now?

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1309)6/27/2002 11:14:04 AM
From: robert b furman
   of 7024

After she signed a photo for my wife she said"Times getting short", "mama's got to go to work" _In short - get and quit asking stupid questions about my Darn bus.hehe


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To: robert b furman who wrote (1310)7/1/2002 7:39:30 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
KVH TracVision Selected as Exclusive Satellite TV Solution by Rexhall Motorhomes

MIDDLETOWN, R.I., Jul 1, 2002 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ --

Selection Marks Continued Acceptance of TracVision as the Premier Mobile Satellite TV System by RV Manufacturers

Consumers purchasing a 2003 model year motorhome from Rexhall Industries, Inc., will now have the option to equip their new vehicle with a KVH TracVision in-motion or stationary satellite television system, following Rexhall's selection of TracVision as its exclusive satellite TV solution. In addition, Rexhall will pre-wire all of its new Class A motorhomes for use with TracVision antennas, making it even easier for Rexhall dealers to install TracVision systems for customers making an aftermarket purchase. The decision by Rexhall is the latest step in a growing trend of leading vehicle manufacturers selecting TracVision antennas, manufactured by KVH Industries (Nasdaq: KVHI), as standard or optional equipment for 2003 model year vehicles.

"KVH's award-winning line of TracVision land-mobile satellite television systems is renowned for its outstanding quality, versatility, and value," commented Jim Dodez, vice president of marketing, "and we are extremely pleased that Rexhall Industries has chosen TracVision as the exclusive satellite TV option for its customers. This decision is the latest evidence of the growing recognition among RV manufacturers that TracVision products are the premier in-motion satellite television systems available today."

Rexhall Industries, Inc., (Nasdaq: REXL; designs, manufactures, and sells various models of Class A motorhomes used for leisure travel and outdoor activities. Rexhall's five lines of Class A motorhomes, sold through approximately 100 dealer locations across the U.S., Canada, and Europe, include RoseAir, RexAir, Aerbus, Vision, and American Clipper.

"Rexhall builds a quality product packed with value. The TracVision product line allows for a great deal of flexibility for Rexhall as a manufacturer or a dealer to tailor the satellite television experience to each individual customer, thus offering a higher level of value combined with the most current technology of its kind. We are excited about the TracVision satellite TV systems being a part of our current equipment offering," stated Steve Love, marketing director for Rexhall Industries, Inc.

Rexhall will be offering its customers a choice of two new TracVision systems: the TracVision LF, a fully stabilized in-motion system; and TracVision SF, a stationary, self-acquiring system for use when the vehicle is parked. These systems, designed specifically for OEM customers and factory/dealer installation, provide access to more than 300 channels of digital TV programming and digital-quality music via the DIRECTV(R) and DISH Network(TM) services. Programming includes news, sports, weather, movies, and other entertainment commonly found on cable TV systems, as well as dozens of channels of commercial-free CD-quality music catering to almost every taste.

KVH Industries, Inc., designs and manufactures products that enable mobile communication, defense navigation, and direction sensing through the use of its proprietary mobile satellite antenna and fiber optic technologies. The company is developing next-generation systems with greater precision, durability, and versatility for communications, navigation, and industrial applications. An ISO 9001-registered company, KVH has headquarters in Middletown, Rhode Island, with a fiber optic manufacturing facility in Illinois, and a European sales, marketing, and support office in Hoersholm, Denmark.

KVH Industries Contact:
Chris Watson, Communications Coordinator

Investor Relations Contact:
Phil Davidson or Jolinda Taylor
Morgen-Walke Associates

Financial Media Contact:
Ron Heckmann
Morgen-Walke Associates

SOURCE KVH Industries

CONTACT: Chris Watson, Communications Coordinator of KVH, +1-401-847-
3327, or; or investors, Phil Davidson or Jolinda Taylor, +1-
617-747-3600, or media, Ron Heckmann, +1-415-296-7383, all of Morgen-Walke


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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1311)7/1/2002 8:03:58 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
From Rexhall's 10K Annual report. The market size of class A motorhome in
the US,plus Rexhall's sales the last 3 years. 2001 was a down year,
but the industry is now rebounding.

% Change % Change
Unit From Prior Revenues From Prior
Sales Year (000) Year
----- ---- ----- ----

Total Recreational Vehicles
<S> <C> <C> <C> <C>
2001 321,000 (23.3%) 8,760,483 (20.8%)
2000 418,300 (11.7%) 11,055,173 (11.2%)
1999 473,800 .4% 12,452,384 .5%

Class A Motorhomes
2001 33,400 (18.5%) 3,486,492 (9.5%)
2000 41,000 (17.0%) 3,854,123 (12.3%)
1999 49,400 15.2% 4,394,722 5.2%

Rexhall Industries, Inc.
2001 726 (20.2%) 56,680 (15.3%)
2000 910 (27.1%) 66,957 (21.0%)
1999 1,249 11.3%

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1312)7/1/2002 8:24:13 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7024
The Rexhall P/R mentioned after market purchase of KVH antennas. From their newsletter, here is the number of Rexhall motorhomes on the road.

<<Now, sixteen years later and more than 10,000 coaches on the road with the Rexhall name>>

More facts from the 10-K

<<Approximately 77 million Americans were born between the years of 1946 and 1964. Commonly known as "baby boomers", this demographic fact accounts for what the Company believes to be a rapidly growing population of potential Class A motorhome purchasers. Typically, Class A motorhome buyers are over the age of 60, however, increasing disposable income in the 40 to 60 year old age group is growing the potential Class A market. The Company's continued product development combined with the unified efforts of the RV industry as a whole to capture the attention of this buying demographic, would indicate significant future growth potential for the Company.>>

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1312)7/1/2002 8:50:34 AM
From: robert b furman
   of 7024
Hi Sector,

Tried to find a by manufacturer registration report - but hey want 3500 bucks for their RV industry report - I'd rather buy more

Lets see : 50 % penetration of a down year (321,000)=160500 units.
KVHI has perhaps 75% of all antenaes - 160500 x's .75 = 120375 / 12 = 10,031 per month.

Obviously the sales force still has feritle territory ahead of itself.

Of course satellite antennae are mostly high end so let's look at just Class A:
33400 x's 50% penetration x's 75% market share = 12525 - annually /12 = 1043 monthly x's 1500 (guessing cost)= $1,565,624 x12 = annual revenue of 18,787,500.

As price goes down penetration levels go up and expands into lower price reange of RV's.Plus monthly income of selling satellite subscription - remember they're exclusive with Bell vu Canada.Not sure how big that is??

Nice market anyhow - that's for sure.

You know I never thought of KVHI as a benefactor of 9/11 (other than military of course),but as flying gets replaced by vacationers driving RV's in the good ole safe USA - we win multidirectionally.

Still hoping they are in the black this Q - if so -I bet RV's got them there!!

Great info.

Still trying to find out who's who in total registrations and are they exclusive to KVHI ?- I know Foretravel is not - but it appears the majority are aligning themselves with - KVHI.

Great Momentum -now add the real big market: SUV's.

Should be that that announcement is just around the corner.Production was to start this

Up up and away - looking for a cup and handle around 11.44 then break out on high volume - HELLO 20's.gggg



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To: david james who started this subject7/1/2002 11:43:26 PM
From: dvdw©
   of 7024
Is there any major not yet on the KVHI ? I sent Sector a link to another Bus manufacturer, and was hoping he would get it out to the powers that be. Seems that Public transport like Rail and Buses could get more riders with these value added services. Amtrak has financial problems so that is probably a long shot short term.

I've come to understand that Dirigibles will be deployed in the coming years as support infrastructure for wireless networks, that would make above ground light rail services customers as well. This is definatly a fun investment.

lots of practical applications for a host of products. I've also heard that a modified current Sensors could be used in certain chemical detection applications? Anyone else caught wind of this yet? I'll post a link as soon as I can find it.

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