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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1189)5/18/2002 7:52:25 PM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7026
KVH Industries, Inc., based in Middletown, Rhode Island, is an international leader in developing and manufacturing innovative, mobile, high-bandwidth satellite communications systems, tactical navigation products, and fiber optic products.

Company Overview ---

Earnings and CC related links

Q2 1997 EPS release --- Message 1813680
Q2 1997 CC Notes ----- Message 1816064
Q3 1997 downgrade ---- Message 2269984
Q3 1997 EPS release --- Message 2534856
Q4 1997 warning ------- Message 3187118
Q2 1998 CC analysis --- Message 5387249
Q2 1998 CC notes1 ---- Message 5389093
Q2 1998 CC notes2 ---- Message 5512880
Q4 1998 EPS release --- Message 8034473
Q4 1998 CC notes ----- Message 8303464
Q1 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 9085267
Q2 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 10705163
Q3 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 11659825
Q4 1999 EPS rel ------- Message 12862196
Q1 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 13470540
Q1 2000 CC notes ----- Message 13474450
Q1 2000 Analysts ------ Message 13476701
Q2 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 14077309
Q3 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 14615735
Q4 2000 EPS rel ------- Message 15318557
Q1 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 15686350
Q2 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 16098259
Q3 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 16543116
Q4 2001 EPS rel ------- Message 17091602
Q1 2002 Update ------- Message 17273314
Q1 2002 EPS rel ------- Message 17380588
Q1 2002 CC notes1 ---- Message 17396999
Q1 2002 CC notes2 ---- Message 17397004

Contract or partnering announcements

1997 Swedish military ----------- Message 1818477
1998 US Army ------------------ Message 5154917
1998 US Marines --------------- Message 6641124
1999 River Park teams ---------- Message 11041324
1999 UK Army order ----------- Message 11652006
1999 Delfin Contract ------------ Message 11791701
1999 Marathon Coach ---------- Message 12170187
2000 $1.4M Repeat order ------ Message 13215646
2000 $1.2 million FOG ---------- Message 13460763
2000 Entertain Coaches --------- Message 13566973
2000 $17M US Army ----------- Message 13904501
2000 $1M Crossbow partnership- Message 13997834
2000 Sportvision cameras ------- Message 14021855
2000 First in Europe ------------- Message 14078705
2000 $1.5 M Javelin Simulator --- Message 14734776
2000 $4.7M Asian Military ------ Message 15001558
2001 $3.2M Australian Army ---- Message 15141200
2001 $1.75M golfcart sensor ---- Message 15454327
2001 Russian market entry ------- Message 15471918
2001 UK selects Gyrotrac ------- Message 15472306
2001 $2.7M French Army ------- Message 15786386
2001 StagParkway --------------- Message 15889621
2001 $1.5M New Zealand Military Message 16091879
2001 Swedish Navy -------------- Message 16506811
2001 Bell ExpressVu ------------- Message 16537495
2001 $3.9M FOG order --------- Message 16632688
2002 Thane & Thrane ------------ Message 17054427
2002 Lockheed-Martin Train system Message 17486946
2002 US Weapons simulators ---- Message 17464265

Product announcements

1997 Trac Phone 50 ------------ Message 2147224
1998 Trac Phone 25 ------------ Message 3404697
1998 Trac Vision 45 ------------ Message 5200344
1999 Trac Vision LM ----------- Message 7402304
1999 KVH hits the road -------- Message 7402304
1999 Trac Vision Cruiser ------- Message 10653331
2000 Trac Vision G4 ------------ Message 12843047
2000 Trac Vision SA ------------ Message 13016180
2000 TracVison G6 DVB ------- Message 14616651
2000 TracVision L3 ------------- Message 14955234
2000 TracVision C3 ------------ Message 15040053
2001 Multilingual TacNav ------ Message 15471658
2001 Trac Vision L3 Truck ----- Message 15471899
2001 Trac Vision L3 vehicle ---- Message 15472075
2001 ActiveFiber Technology --- Message 15525677
2001 E-Core PM Fiber --------- Message 15526177
2001 TracNet Server-Marine --- Message 16549100
2001 DirecPC -R Satellite ------- Message 16549104
2001 Tracphone 252 ------------ Message 16555352
2001 TracVision S3 ------------ Message 16677874
2001 TracNet Server-land ------ Message 16706826
2002 TracPhone F77 ----------- Message 17060078
2002 DSP-5000 FOG ---------- Message 17336044

Management or I/R comments posted

1998 Tacnav related --------- Message 5191881
1998 general ----------------- Message 5678484
1999 mobile internet --------- Message 7177546
2000 Power sensing --------- Message 11697383
2000 CEO Interview -------- Message 13647777
2002 CEO at Needham ----- Message 16876175
2002 Needham transcript --- Message 16892251

Facility Tour posts

2000 Home Office Tour ------- Message 13483638
2000 FOG Sensors Tour ------ Message 13742694

A few of the US patents

Under KVH Industries ----
Under Dyott ---------------
Dyott applications ---------


1998 Best in category awards -------- Message 6624271
1999 Article on Trac vision II -------- Message 8383221
1999 Briar Patch Invest Opinion ----- Message 8638735
1999 Charles Trimble joins BOD ---- Message 9802059
1999 ISO 9001 standards ----------- Message 10052445
1999 US Army "Outstanding partner"- Message 10063051
1999 Camping World award -------- Message 11465314
1999 NMEA "Best" awards --------- Message 11717969
2000 Datron Patent Lawsuit --------- Message 12864170
2000 Datron response on lawsuit ---- Message 12941582
2000 Patent involved in the suit ------
2000 GPS use poised to take off ---- Message 13600523
2000 Datron lawsuit terminated ------ Message 14139395
2000 NMEA "Best" 3rd yr in row ---- Message 14659699
2000 Larry Dalton on Advisory Bd --- Message 14592383
2000 John Seavey on Advisory Bd --- Message 15085660
2001 $5M private placement --------- Message 15107364
2001 Featherlite TracVision L3 std --- Message 15581572
2001 $10M Private Placement -------- Message 15678840
2001 Completion of financing --------- Message 15875422
2001 KVH featured in Navy SBIR ---- Message 17487085
2001 new COO Joe Bookataub ------ Message 16238135
2001 Gyrotrac helps Playstation set rcd Message 17487087
2001 NMEA "Best" 4th yr in row ----- Message 16596940
2002 StagParkway Peach Award ----- Message 17026775
2002 Steve Buckingham joins KVH --- Message 17486936
2002 TracNet Hits the Road w Internet Message 17450037

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1190)5/19/2002 12:13:59 AM
From: akmike
   of 7026
Great work Sector,

That will certainly make it easier for folks to do their DD (if it doesn't scare them away from the sheer volume of info!)

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To: akmike who wrote (1191)5/19/2002 9:05:03 AM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7026
Thanks, Mike

Well, it was 2 years out of date, and I had been meaning to do it for a long time. Now it's done. Hopefully soon David James (the thread creator) will get my request to update the header and do it soon.

What really stands out is the number of products and the number of contracts or partnering announcements. Some people equate "small" with "startup", but that is not true here. Also almost all of the contracts are the start of ongoing relationships, with reorders which we may or may not see depending on size.

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To: david james who started this subject5/19/2002 10:46:02 AM
From: dvdw©
   of 7026
For Buy and Hold Investors;

Sector has done all the work right here before your eyes. Now it's important to break the business segments down on a forward looking basis, fundamentals have become for many a waste of time, but not to us.

We think that in the next year KVHI's defense business will continue to grow, this growth will turn the company profitable and expand into the next five years from FOGS in multi applications to deployment of Video distributed to land and sea based military platforms.

While these deployments are taking place, scale able civillian projects will be gaining traction, from increasing market share in the Motor coach market we'll begin to see integrated video systems into the proverbial SUV and Minivan. Few here probably realize that KVHI has this capability, fewer still know that KVHI is already shipping Mobile internet along with satellite programing.

As we already have begun to see DVD players in vehicles to keep the kids occupied, the next 5 years should prove to be the most exciting for the entire automotive industry as new platforms emerge that deliver whole new capability to recreation and business markets like OTR trucking and supply management.

KVHI also has systems in development that will have a material effect on the Power industry, these systems and their current providers are in transition, but like all technological evolutions, change is assured, and as the current state of the art is pressured by high value components and costs savings, KVHI will emerge as a major provider of systems components to these industries as well.

KVHI's trade float is already Scarce; buy and hold investors who understand scarcity know what this means. While many rush headlong into Gold and other instruments of flight, we are finding equally scarce common stocks with huge forward fundamental value, where real earnings and possibly dividends, and liquidity creation, can be become important features of a portfolio.

Stand by, for these are indeed evolutionary times; Stalk the bear.

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To: dvdw© who wrote (1193)5/19/2002 1:07:08 PM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7026
Thanks again dvdw,

The Yahoo! thread is actually where most of the discussion activity for KVHI takes place. It's another excellent thread. Right now we are discussing the benefits of upgrading the Army Paladin artillery system with smart munitions, rather than spend $9 billion on the new Crusader system that Rumsfeld recently cancelled (or wants to cancel anyway).

Here are today's posts on that topic.

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1194)5/19/2002 1:56:39 PM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7026
I put a couple more smart munitions related posts over on Yahoo!, but now for a playoff hockey game.

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To: Sector Investor who wrote (1192)5/19/2002 8:25:07 PM
From: robert b furman
   of 7026
Hi Sector,

Nice going on the header update.

Just a point of interest. For those who've never been to KVH's Newport location - Lockheed Martin is just accross the street on the next block.This train thing can and should be huge.

Trains do 70 % of auto transportation.It doesn't happen often but when a rail car gets lost -it literally disappears. I had a trock get lost for 30 days - when found they shut the train car down - unloaded all the vehicles and hotshotted them to the appropriate dealer - My truck was direct hauled from Washington state at a huge cost.

Can you imagine the cost if the product being shipped was perishable - ugly huh???

Visualize each train car and locomotive with a $2000 gyro - even if it was standard equipment on new train cars it would be very good stable plus business.If it went retro - it would be huge AGAIN !!!

Beginning to wonder why this little potential monster is below 12???


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To: dvdw© who wrote (1193)5/19/2002 8:33:53 PM
From: robert b furman
   of 7026
Hi dvdw,

Just to add a little fuel on your fire.

I'm a Chevrolet and GMC dealer in Cleveland Tx.

For the 2003 model year which will start production in June /July depending on vehicle lines. BOTH Chevrolet and GMC have announced thr flip down LCD display panels as optional equipment accross their entire full size truck and SUV vehicle lines.This represents close to 50 % of their e3ntire production.

In recent months GM has finally sold more trucks than cars.So over 50% of their production is trucks.The onl;y sector within trucks that will not have display screens available will be their small S-10 trucks guessing no more than 5%.

So in almost one year GM will make available Satellite compatible vehicles for 45 % of their entire production.


By the way my biggest fear is GM wanting to buy this great company - keep in mind they've been installing their(KVH's )NAV TRAC for years in the personnel carrier GM makes.


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To: robert b furman who wrote (1197)5/19/2002 9:13:52 PM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7026
You're a dealer? Wow, I didn't know that.

You make a good point about the relationship with General Motors Defense. Now that I've got the handy header post updated, it's easy to find and highlight your point.

In January 2001, KVH won a $3.2 million contract to supply TACNAV to GM Defense to equip the Australian Army's Light Armored Vehicle (ASLAV) fleet. Here is what was said about GM Defense at that time:

<<"KVH has enjoyed a long and positive relationship with General Motors Defense. Working together, we've equipped the GM armored vehicles used by the U.S. Marine Corps, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and now Australia with TACNAV systems.">>

Message 15141200

Regarding your fear, if they should show interest two or three years from now, I don't think I would be too unhappy. In the next 2 years KVH is projected to grow at a 35% compound growth rate (Needham $60M 2003 estimate). As we all know that estimate omits several blockbuster items (as least 5 I can think of off hand) that are quietly perking along, any one of which could take us to a new level.

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To: robert b furman who wrote (1196)5/19/2002 9:19:18 PM
From: Sector Investor
   of 7026
Robert, regarding your train post, I have to agree with you.

Just one look at the train graphic they included with their P/R (which I documented in post #1185), and you can see how individual cars could get lost. Geesh, just get on the wrong track, get hooked into a train going in a different direction by mistake, and the car could end up anywhere.

Here is the graphic. The header post sure makes it easy to find things.

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