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   Technology StocksGTS DURATEK INC (DRTK )

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To: jeffrey rainey who wrote (32)1/21/1998 10:15:00 PM
From: JAL
   of 49
I've just doubled my positon. My belief is that this company is going to do extremely well. volume is beginning to grow. base is building. earning are good....we just need a bit of time to get the shut down in the past

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To: JAL who wrote (33)1/31/1998 12:54:00 AM
From: Norm Franklin
   of 49
Do you have any recent info on how the furnace is doing? How does the performance compare with early 1997? BTW, I read a couple of weeks ago that Molten Metal, the former Martin Marietta subsidiary and once arch competitor for DRTK, is on its last gasp -- down to only a few cents per share.

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To: Norm Franklin who wrote (34)1/31/1998 2:49:00 PM
From: JAL
   of 49
I can't tell you much about the furnace. I also read about Molten Metal. Glad to see a competitor bite the dust. i also read that Molten Metal was very tied into VP Gore et al.

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To: JAL who wrote (35)3/10/1998 4:57:00 PM
From: JAL
   of 49
With a 500% increase in trading volume and a 1 1/8 point increase I guess people are guessing that earnings will be good. I was getting worried that the delayed release was bad news. Somebody must know something I hope.

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To: JAL who wrote (36)3/11/1998 5:29:00 PM
From: milt
   of 49
I see Duratek reported earnings today--$0.10 (diluted)which was in line with the Zacks estimate. Last year was $0.02 for the quarter. They reported $0.14 for the year (diluted) vs. $0.04 last year.

I think this company has explosive growth ahead. One reason is that there are 14 nuclear power plants shut down in the U.S. and moving toward decommissioning. Decommissioning will run upwards of $100 million each, and Duratek is very well positioned to get a large part of this business. They already have the contract to do the characterization study (planning for decommissioning) on the Maine-Yankee plant, and having done that they will be well positioned to bid on the job. They say they hope to get about half of the decommissioning work in the country. If they even come close to that goal, their revenues will jump dramatically from present levels. Today they reported revenues of $136 million for 12 months, and that doesn't include any decommissioning work.

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To: milt who wrote (37)3/11/1998 7:40:00 PM
From: WWS
   of 49
Interesting too that this quarter's income was also hit to the tune of $1.3 mm for the six months or so that the Savannah River melter was down. Bring that back and we would have been at about .16/share earnings for the quarter. I'm pretty happy with the prospects of this one, if from nothing other than potential decommissionings.

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To: WWS who wrote (38)3/14/1998 8:21:00 PM
From: Wayne G. Burnside
   of 49
I agree that the decommissioning market will be significant. Furthermore, decommissioning of nuclear subs will also be significant.

However, I think the Hanford contract is the reason anyone should own this stock. This should propell this stock for many years to come because it is the mother lode potentially worth billions. As a matter of fact, DOE is expected to award the next phase of this contract by July 30, 1998. As we know, the BNFL team that includes DRTK, and the Lockheed-Martin team are competing for this contract. It is interesting to note that while DOE could award contracts to both teams, it has the authority to award just one contract. If that happens, I beleive that the BNFL would get the contract because Lockheed's reputation in the eyes of DOE has been diminished because of on-going problems Lockheed has at Idaho National Lab. Their performance has been so bad that DOE is seriously considering terminating the contract for non-performance.

As I see it, perhaps the major risk for DRTK is in dealing with the federal government. DOE could change its mind at any time, especially since there is significant dissension among the feds not to mention the politicians about DOE privatization contracts. Some believe that privatization is not working as orignally conceived. Based on what I have read, however, at the moment things are on track for contract award this summer.

Good investing,

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To: Wayne G. Burnside who wrote (39)7/17/1998 12:57:00 PM
From: vedia
   of 49
I spoke with investor relations today:

- earning due 8/6 before the open
- several large contracts will reach decision in August or sooner
- an award for one $20 mill deal should come within weeks

Good luck to all!


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To: vedia who wrote (40)7/22/1998 10:28:00 AM
From: JAL
   of 49
Reason for today's move!

BNFL Gets Radioactive Clean-Up Deal Worth Up To

LONDON (Dow Jones)--BNFL Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of British
Nuclear Fuels PLC (U.BNF) has reached an agreement with the U.S.
Department of Energy to remove radioactive waste from the U.S., the
parent company said Wednesday.

The 20-year deal is worth up to $6.9 billion, and involves removing
radioactivity from 54 million gallons of wastes stored at an underground
U.S. government site, near Richland, Washington.

The two part contract will result in the safe treatment of about 10% of the
waste, equal to 20% to 25% of the radioactivity, by 2018.

BNFL Inc. submitted its proposal more than five months ago, and received
the go-ahead from the DOE on Tuesday, a spokesman said.

The final contract and authorization to proceed with the project is expected
after a 30-day review by Congress.

Under the deal, BNFL Inc. will work in partnership with Bechtel National
Inc., BNFL Engineering Ltd., GTS Duratek Inc. (DRTK) and Science
Applications International Corp. (X.SAP).

British Nuclear Fuels PLC is wholly-owned by the U.K. government.

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To: JAL who wrote (41)8/3/1998 1:53:00 PM
From: jeffrey rainey
   of 49
Radioactive waste management company GTS Duratek (Nasdaq: DRTK)
plummeted $2 13/16 to $6 15/16 after warning that it expects a Q2 loss
of around $0.06 a share, short of analysts' mean estimate of a profit of
$0.12. The shortfall is due to the company's decision to postpone a
radioactive metal melt campaign until Q3; one-time costs associated with
a new nuclear plant and restructuring its Oak Ridge, Tenn., operations;
and higher-than-expected costs for proposals to decommission two nuclear

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