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   Technology StocksSeeking investment advice on CHPS or DAWK

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To: Rosemary who wrote (9)11/6/1996 12:20:00 PM
From: BobMonski
   of 55
I saw the following posting over on AOL:

Subj: Re:Salomon Hi Tech meeting
Date: 96-11-05 21:37:40 EST
From: TheDowTen

CHPS will be presenting on Thursday at 9 AM in NYC at the Salomon Bros. High Tech conference with a break out session at 11 AM.

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To: Rosemary who wrote (9)11/7/1996 12:17:00 PM
From: Gregory Cole Brock
   of 55

I saw CHPS busting out this a.m. picked up another 500 and then
sold all 1500 at 23.125. It certainly could go, and should go higher.
However, if I can make a quick 20% in 1 week its time for me to bail.
I have not yet learned how to let profits run.

The pattern worked to perfection, breaking out in heavy volume. Too
bad for the guys who can't watch it but once a day, because when you
see a stock breaking like that on high voulume chances are for
a quick kill. This is not always the case. I could not believe
JBIL broke out so soon. JBIL broke out but sold off a 20 pe level so
you can still pick it up just above the break out point (25-25.5)
This is a good one technically and fundamentally in the 25 range.
They have dramatically improving margins (best in the contract mfg
industry) and have already annouced a lot of new business that
will affect the bottom line this qtr.

Good luck!

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To: Gregory Cole Brock who wrote (12)11/7/1996 4:15:00 PM
From: Rosemary
   of 55
Hi Greg,

Good work. I was talking to my OLDE broker yesterday. I was selling
a semi stock so I could bye into CHPS. When OLDE talks nobody listens. The some dummy didn't even know Intel was reporting. I didn't know, I was just trying to sell something to get into CHPS. I figured I'd wait till today to buy. What a huge mistake! By the time I realized what was happening, it was up 3 pts already. I could have had it yesterday.

Meanwhile, my other stock that I sold yesterday went up too. Stock brokers should know more. He was telling me about some loser company, instead. My own fault, I should have looked up when Intel was going to report. I've been watching CHPS now since they reported, waiting to get in. You did some good trading today. I was telling my husband
that if I did buy it at 19+, I would have sold it at 23. Good work, we think alike. JBIL is one of the co's that I watch. I watched it go up too. Happy investing, Rosemary I gotta find a broker.

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To: Rosemary who wrote (13)11/7/1996 9:56:00 PM
From: Gregory Cole Brock
   of 55

It happened really quik today. I di not expect this kind of action. It may
have a lot farther to go but I will look for the patterns. Some are saying
that its in a teecup right now so I am going to study up on it.

By the way the Intel data was totally unepected. No one would have
known it was coming.

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To: Gregory Cole Brock who wrote (14)11/8/1996 8:33:00 AM
From: Gregory Cole Brock
   of 55

I am not so sure that I believe this tee cup pattern. I think we will
be able to get back in soon at a lower price.

The JBIL stock is having a little diificulty getting through the 20 pe
level. This surprises me a little bit because I think it deserves a lot
higher pe. Obviously there are people out there that thought 20
pe was good place to sell. The pattern suggests short term higher
but you might get it supporting back at 24.5 to 25. I will buy more at
that point.

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To: Gregory Cole Brock who wrote (14)11/8/1996 9:24:00 AM
From: Rosemary
   of 55
Thanks Greg,

Your being kind to me and OLDE. Let me tell you about a great stock to short, if you like that sort of investing. VLSI goes up to 20 and back down again. CHPS has much better fundamentals, less stock floating, etc. Anyone who has VLSI, knows the pattern. Up, then down. Watch it before doing anything. As soon as the volume cools down, it goes down. The shorts come marching in.

If you have a new stock pick that you are watching, let me know. USRX will be slowly, but surely moving up. It has started its march northward. A good investment. Rosemary

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To: Rosemary who wrote (16)11/11/1996 1:08:00 PM
From: Caroline
   of 55
Gregg was discussing my stock-of-the-day pick, DAWK.
Did you all see this? Great performance considering the
industry and chip troubles of the last year.

Three Months Ended Nine Months Ended
Sept. 30, Sept. 30,
1996 1995 1996 1995

Contract revenue $30,009,000 $17,398,000 $80,441,000 $48,149,000
Cost of contracts 25,531,000 14,909,000 69,380,000 43,377,000
Gross profit 4,478,000 2,489,000 11,061,000 4,772,000

Sales, general &
expenses 2,765,000 2,121,000 7,787,000 5,490,000

Earnings (loss)
from operations 1,713,000 368,000 3,274,000 (718,000)

Other income
(expense), net (118,000) 22,000 388,000 220,000

Earnings (loss)
before income
taxes 1,595,000 390,000 3,662,000 (498,000)

Income (taxes)
benefit (580,000) (148,000) (1,376,000) 190,000

NET EARNINGS (LOSS) $1,015,000 $ 242,000 $2,286,000 $ (308,000)

Net earnings (loss)
per share $0.08 $0.02 $0.18 $(0.03)

Weighted average
shares outstanding 12,350,550 12,299,830 12,339,598 12,192,223

Daw Technologies Inc.
Selected Condensed Balance Sheet Data

Sept. 30, Dec. 31,
1996 1995

Current assets $43,862,000 $33,552,000
Property and equipment,
net at cost 7,728,000 6,438,000
Other long-term assets 105,000 82,000
Total assets $51,695,000 $40,072,000

Current liabilities $27,753,000 $18,121,000
Long-term liabilities 2,166,000 2,542,000
Shareholders' equity 21,776,000 19,409,000
Total liabilities and
shareholders' equity $51,695,000 $40,072,000

CONTACT: Daw Technologies Inc., Salt Lake City
Sharon Madden, 801/977-3236

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To: Caroline who wrote (17)11/11/1996 1:21:00 PM
From: Rosemary
   of 55
Wonderful News,

This is not as yet a well followed company. It may take awhile to see the increase in stock price that you hope for. Who knows, maybe everyone who reads your thread will immediately buy some.

Good luck,


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To: Rosemary who wrote (18)11/11/1996 7:04:00 PM
From: Caroline
   of 55
Interesting thing about the internet, isn't it Rosemary?

I wonder sometimes if we haven't already seen a shift in the balance of power. How would we have communicated so much to so many in the past? We wouldn't.

Back to DAWK: I like the balance sheet, especially in this chip market.

What are your thoughts?



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To: Rosemary who wrote (16)11/11/1996 10:59:00 PM
From: Gregory Cole Brock
   of 55

Checked out VLSI from a chart perspective only (no fundamentals).
I see the repetitive pattern, but it could break out. The volume is
a lot higher than before and if it stays up here any length of time
I think it will go higher. It certainly could cycle back but if it
consolidates here without dropping too much, the shorts could get
in trouble.

I'll check out USRX for you later. I am way out of town and don't
have alot of time right now.

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