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   Microcap & Penny StocksMLSC Blood decontaminant recieves patent!!!

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To: Dr. Bob who wrote (153)6/11/1998 1:57:00 PM
From: Cindy Powell
   of 196
Greetings Dr. Bob, Kerry and all,

Dr. Bob, yes, I do know a little bit about Lee Kulas' background.

(From SEC filing May 15, 1997)

MDI announced the appointment of Lee F. Kulas as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director.

Mr. Kulas has over 20 years' of broad-based experience in management, marketing, sales and international business development, and has served as chief executive of two medical device start-up companies. He was most recently associated with K. K. Adachi (Osaka, Japan) as president and chief executive officer of Adachi's U.S. operations. Founder and former CEO of Applied Vascular Engineering, Inc. (Nasdaq: AVEI), Kulas has also held marketing and sales positions with the Cordis Corporation (now a division of Johnson & Johnson), Mallinckrodt Interventional Cardiology, the Puritan Bennett Corp. and C.R. Bard.

As an international business development consultant with special
emphasis on Europe and Japan, Kulas spearheaded the establishment of United States operations for two foreign medical products companies. The driving force behind 23 major product introductions, Kulas piloted the "user design team" concept and has supervised clinical research, regulatory submissions and product development activities domestically and in Canada, Europe and Japan. He is named on one patent and two patents pending.

Medical Discoveries is holding it's own! Profit taking has not resulted in as much volatility as I would have expected.
Congratulations to Medical Discoveries and MLSC shareholders! News of these leaps and bounds in progress for Medical Discoveries has been more than exciting! Todays news was particularly tell-tale of good faith in the potential for MDI-P. I look forward to many more happy returns.

Best wishes to all,

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To: Cindy Powell who wrote (156)6/11/1998 4:15:00 PM
From: (no name provided)
   of 196
Hey Cindy

Thougth you'd appreciate this update: spoke with a real talker at Advanced Biotechnologies about MDI and the new JV Regenere:
1. ABT has some really hot scar reduction product called Kelo-Cote
they even have a super web site: (check it out)
which is a silicon gel which when applied to an older scar will actually reduce the scar's thickness, height and overall appearance.(also they have a whole new line of "cosmecuticals" which they've been developing with {you guessed it} MLSC! one of these new products actually reduces the appearance of stretch marks and wrinkles). ABT even has patents on all of this!
2. MDI has developed some revolutionary products based on all of those patents they've been collecting over the years which are useful in skin and wound care (something to do with MDI's Japanese R&D group)
3. The new JV is called Regenere (means to revitalize-French-Kulas' wife is from Paris and worked in the cosmetics industry-) this new line of "cosmeceuticals" is based on ABT/MDI technologies and MDI/ABT clinical science...they even have a new marketing person joining them from Paris to launch Regenere's marketing/advertising campaign!
4. Regenere already has distribution contracts in place, and is signing more...targets are: plastic surgeons/hospitals/dermatologists
and Cosmetics industry: skin care/scar reduction etc.
5. The reason for all the activity is to create companies (Regenere), divisions (MDI Health care systems), strategic alliances (ABT/MDI) and other Joint Ventures which will allow MDI and ABT to maximize their technologies for the "consumer" markets, so both MDI and ABT can individually (but with some mutual collaboration) pursue FDA approvals for their "core technologies" (MLSC: HIV/AIDS drug, Blood Decontamination/Sterilization, medical/dental sterilizer, anti-bacterial agents etc; ABT: "implants")
6. Both MDI CEO (Kulas) and ABT CEO (Berlat) are friends and share same philosophies...innovation, scientific validation, strategic alliance approach to business
7. MDI brings technology, patents, world-class institutional relationships, strong R&D (USA/Japan), products...
8. ABT brings technology, patents, products, clean room manufacturing, R&D

When you add it all up seems likes Regenere should be a winner, with the biggest winners of all MLSC and ABT

Bye for now...

"Private Eyes"

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To: (no name provided) who wrote (157)6/18/1998 3:41:00 PM
From: Cindy Powell
   of 196
Hello there Private Eyes,

Appreciate your update and information on Kelo-cote. :o)

What is exciting to me with respect to Medical Discoveries entering the cosmeceuticals arena, is the fact that so many costly, expensive cosmetics and skin care products have to be discarded after just a short time of their being opened due to infiltration of germs that contaminate the product. MDI-P added as a solution to safequard the germ filtration problem in cosmetics and skin care products such as Kelo-cote, will give consumers a better value for their dollar and consumers will suffer less anxiety using cosmetics and skin care items that have been treated with an anti-bacterial, microbicidal, anti-fungal product such as MDI-P.

I have spoken with Lee Kulas on occasion and he has expressed a willingness to keep the flow of information coming to this thread, and he also welcomes any questions that one might like to post via this thread. I will be in touch with him regularly for updates and answers to any questions that one might like to ask. This thread can serve as a time effect tool that will enable the dissemination of information to a larger audience than one-on-one telephone time, and Lee Kulas can better focus his energies and time in carrying out his plans for the aggressive expansion of Medical Discoveries. This can also save some of you some $$$ on phone expenses :o)

We are going to see some wonderful things happen with MDI-P folks. Lee Kulas and the wonderful team of scientists and management at Medical Discoveries have a sense of vision and purpose for MDI-P, and the humanitarian and monetary rewards are just beginning.

We are on our way!
Medical discoveries is going for the gusto :o)

See ya all .... have a happy,


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To: Cindy Powell who wrote (158)6/22/1998 11:16:00 AM
From: Dr. Bob
   of 196
Dear Cindy;

I have always found that the vision and dedication of the management team in a corporation is as much a key to success as the quality of the product or service. One of the reasons I am excited about Medical Discoveries is that I believe that the ship has a strong captain and a good crew. Their ability to raise capital, combined with what I understand to be exceptional marketing savvy suggests that their significant product development efforts will be successful not only in a medical sense but also in a business sense. The company certainly appears to be a smart, long term investment.

Dr. Bob

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To: Cindy Powell who wrote (158)8/5/1998 10:45:00 PM
From: Mike S
   of 196
Hi Cindy!!!!!!!!
We're moving again! Cool!
Have you heard anything lately?
When are dollars projected to start rolling in?


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To: Dr. Bob who wrote (159)8/6/1998 12:44:00 PM
From: Cindy Powell
   of 196
Dear Doc Bob and (Hello Mike !!!!!!!!),

I whole heartedly agree with you in that I have been loyal to this company and to this investment because of my belief in the integrity of the management and both the business and humanitarian vision of this company. I know that there have been many monetary sacrifices made on behalf of management and the many unpaid scientific advisors, and this has signaled to me their genuine and steadfast belief in the viability of the MDI-P. The potential market for this product is one-hundred fold, and beings how ground water contamination from sterilization via chlorine is becoming more and more of a concern to water protection agencies, I forsee sterilization via the MDI-P method as a near future solution. Governmental and Beaurocratic wheels grind slowly, and consumers are becoming more and more educated as to what they need to do at the individual level to protect their interests in terms of health and wellness, and I am extremely excited with the approach that Medical Discoveries is taking in launching their product in the health, wellness, cosmeceutical and nutraceutical arenas.

We ain't seen nuthin' yet guys and gals....

Still goin' for the gusto with Medical Discoveries :o)

Pleasant day all,

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To: Cindy Powell who wrote (161)8/20/1998 10:23:00 AM
From: Dynamicist
   of 196
Can anyone point me to a post or source that has essential information on this stock including float, outstanding shares, revenue sources, etc.



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To: Dynamicist who wrote (162)8/20/1998 4:19:00 PM
From: Kevin Clarke
   of 196
Heres a little INFO that may help you ....

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To: Kevin Clarke who wrote (163)8/21/1998 11:20:00 AM
From: Dynamicist
   of 196

August 19, 1998 10:32 PM

LAYTON, Utah, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical Discoveries, Inc. MLSC announced today that its pharmaceutical drug, MDI-P, has demonstrated potent anti-HIV activity. MDI-P has been shown to be effective in killing HIV in cell culture. HIV is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS).

These tests were conducted at a major National Institute of Health approved HIV research laboratory. It is the Company's intention to publish these data upon the completion of ongoing studies. These data confirm and validate nearly seven years of ongoing research and development on the ability of MDI-P to target the HIV virus.

"The importance of MDI-P is highlighted by the fact that it works on mechanisms which are different than those targeted by the currently approved anti-retroviral agents," stated MDI VP and Chief Technical Officer, William J. Novick, Ph.D.

Experiments are ongoing to maximize the drug's efficacy. Medical Discoveries, Inc., intends to submit an Investigational New Drug application with the Food and Drug Administration upon the completion of certain additional testing currently in progress.

Medical Discoveries, Inc. is a bio-pharmaceutical corporation focused on the research, development and commercialization of electrolysis based technologies targeted at anti-viral (HIV/AIDS), anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and other applications.

SOURCE Medical Discoveries, Inc.

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To: Dynamicist who wrote (164)8/21/1998 2:17:00 PM
From: Cindy Powell
   of 196
Hello Kevin, Dynamicist, Mike and all,

HIV/Aids was killed in cell culture which doesn't directly imply "cure" but is obviously a very exciting devlopment for Medical Discoveries. The MDI-P has also demonstrated 100% eradication of Legionaires in less than a minute! It is important to note that the integrity and credibility of Medical Discovery's research is upheld by the fact that these HIV/Aids tests were conducted by one of the very top HIV/Aids research labs, and by the fact that there has been no in-house testing and validation. By insisting that research and validation be contracted through independant and University labs, Medical Discoveries can ensure integrity and crediblity. There will be no in-house validation of Medical Discovery's intellectual properties and we as investors and prospective investors can be assured that press releases are not just company propaganda.

I am personally very impressed with Lee Kulas' personal dedication and belief in the MDI-P compounds. As former founder of AVEI which has enjoyed enormous success, Lee Kulas has the proven skill,
expertise and knowledge, and also associations within the biotech industry that I believe will substantially facilitate the success
of Medical Discoveries novel compounds and product introductions.
The fact that the $3.5 million in capitol recently invested was invested by a group of physicians who are knowledgable and apprised of developments within the medical community is tell-tale.

I have another shareholder's letter that I will type up for the thread in the next couple of days than can further apprise those who are interested in the developments of Medical Discoveries.

Til then,
Have a happy everyone!


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