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To: Tyler Lawton who wrote (68)12/9/1996 11:57:00 AM
From: Urlman
   of 1195
Whatever happened w/this lawsuit?...

Is Open Text still using product positioning?


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To: Urlman who wrote (70)12/9/1996 12:00:00 PM
From: Michael L. Bland
   of 1195
Brian, Looks like you and I are on the same brain waves. I also think Open Text bottomed at 4 7/8 a few weeks back and felt it was time to take a position @ 6 1/4....Hope we are right.....Best regards, Mike

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To: paul tuok who wrote (69)12/9/1996 9:26:00 PM
From: Michael L. Bland
   of 1195
Paul, I've been trying to get quotecom to e-mail me so I can activate my account but as of yet I'm not having any luck. I registered yesterday for the free 30 day trial. I can't access any of the news stories until my account is activated. I would like to read the latest two Open Text stories from The Financial Post dated 12 06 and 12 09. Would you please copy and paste to this board. I would certainly appreciate it....Best regards, Mike.... PS....Thanks for the URL.

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To: Michael L. Bland who wrote (73)12/9/1996 9:57:00 PM
From: paul tuok
   of 1195
Mike, there is only one article on 12 06. The one
on 12 09 is just a few recap words. Now the article
is posted on otexf press page.


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To: paul tuok who wrote (74)12/10/1996 10:14:00 AM
From: paul tuok
   of 1195

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To: paul tuok who wrote (75)12/10/1996 10:19:00 AM
From: Urlman
   of 1195
Open Text Analyst Meeting w/Pres Thomas Jenkins on 12/9

*Audio* just hit BLOOMBERG...If i get time today i will
summarize it on this forum (i haven't even finished listening to it)
approximately 12 minutes long...

Paul T...was that article using "frames" i can't access "frames"
@ the office.. pehaps you could cut&paste it or just
type the title?


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To: Urlman who wrote (76)12/10/1996 12:06:00 PM
From: paul tuok
   of 1195
The best I can do.

(12/09/96; 4:30 p.m. EST)<br>
By <a href="">Larry Dignan</a>, <a href="/investor/investor.html">TechInvestor</a><p>
Despite doomsayers and sometimes flagging stock prices, executives from
the leading search engine companies were bullish about their futures.<P>
Officials from Infoseek, Yahoo!, Excite, Lycos and OpenText made their pitches Monday
at a conference sponsored by Bloomberg L.P. and Mecklermedia in New York.<p>
The executives highlighted their growing ad-revenue bases and business plans while emphasizing that
they will be more than just a search engine company. Although the four
publicly-traded search engine companies are barely six months old, they already seem to be finding
their niches.<p>

Yahoo! and Excite are pursuing the consumer-oriented media company approach; Infoseek is positioning itself
as search engine for corporate users; Lycos is inking licensing deals in combination with
ad revenue; and Open Text is chasing the intranet market.<p>
Here's a brief look at the players:<p>

<li>Infoseek: Robin Johnson, president and CEO of Infoseek, said his company
will target business users. Johnson said many of Infoseek's users
search from corporate networks instead of home. Johnson also said
Infoseek had a click-through rate of 4.5 percent for its ads. "We will be
targeted, rather than mass market," said Johnson.<p>
<li>Yahoo!: Jeff Mallett, a senior vice president for Yahoo!,was predictably bullish on the
search engine arena. He should be--Yahoo! is the clear leader. He detailed Yahoo!'s local
and global efforts. "I'm bullish on this space," he said. "And there's space for everyone for a little while."<p>

<li>Excite: Co-founder Joseph Kraus said its recent alliance with
America Online and acquistion of WebCrawler propelled the Yahoo! competitor from fifth to first place. "This reduces it to a two-horse race," said Kraus. He compared
Excite's business model to a cable-TV model such as CNN that slices and dices content for different advertisers. When asked whether
Excite would continue to have three brands--Magellan, WebCrawler and Excite--Kraus said the company would
most likely have two brands. Excite expects to post earnings in fiscal 1997.<p>

<li>Open Text: Thomas Jenkins, president of the company, said Open Text is focused on the
intranet market because the company has doubts about the ad-revenue business model. Open Text technology
is integrated with groupware and searches among the
various corporate legacy systems. Revenue
comes from licensing fees. "We don't really have any competition," said Johnson. "We see classic document management companies entering the market."

<li>Lycos: Robert Davis, president and CEO of the company, said the company is coming America Online-like with
its Web interface. Lycos has also made a splash with its multimedia search engine that
finds photos, video as well as text. Lycos is also diversifying its revenue model with licensing fees with
companies such as AT&T and Dun & Bradstreet.<p>
Industry watchers generally agreed with the search engine officials.
"The search engine market will continue to grow," said Vinod Khosla of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.
"There will be two or three big players, but others segregate into niches. The market is large enough that
all can be successful."

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To: paul tuok who wrote (77)12/10/1996 3:49:00 PM
From: Bill Sherman
   of 1195

I was at that conference Open Text was the most impressive one there followed by Forefront. He pointed out that analyst expect for them to do 20 mill in rev next year. I belive he said they had 50 mill in cash. 1 million seats. He listed a slew of companies using the product including Siemens. And I believe he suggested profitablity some time next year. He realy spoke to the financial group in the audience.

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To: Urlman who wrote (71)12/11/1996 9:55:00 AM
From: Tyler Lawton
   of 1195
I think they had a mutual agreement out of court. I can't remember, but I do remember it was more of a marketing angle than anything else to generate publicity in the investment community. The add, OpenText vs Lotus Notes, ran in the Wall Street Journal

That was early OpenText when they were more hype than substance. Now that they have some great products, they are concentrating on selling software and services. We never understood that add because we viewed their competitors as Documentum and Verity. Lotus Notes couldn't touch Livelink. Their marketing group is so much better now than back in April. Dealing with the company almost everyday, you can really see the maturity and focus that new management has brought.

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To: Tyler Lawton who wrote (79)12/11/1996 10:34:00 AM
From: Urlman
   of 1195
Another Press Release Just hit the Wire...

Very investor friendly when they post on their webbpage
as fast as they disseminate it to the investment community
on Businesswire...

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