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   Gold/Mining/EnergyChesbar Resources- CBI Montreal

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To: Mongo Slade who wrote ()2/28/2000 12:24:00 PM
From: Mephistopheles
   of 980
Tuesday, February 22, 2000, 5:03 PM EST

Toronto, Ontario
The Company has undertaken a program of preliminary test pitting
across a favourable horizon of lateritic nickel mineralization at
its Buena Vista Project located in Guatemala. A 3090 hectare
property called "Sechol" is the first property licensed to the
Company's joint venture Guatemalan subsidiary. Chesbar is funding
the current US$300,000 exploration program whereby it is earning
an additional interest in the project. At completion, Chesbar
will vest 70% and its partner, Intrepid Minerals Corp. (CDNX-IAU)
("Intrepid") will own 30%. The Company has applied for four
additional licenses in the same area, which after being granted
will increase the Company's total land holding to approximately
22,000 hectares. The Company's geologists have identified
extensive areas of lateritic nickel mineralization, which will be
tested for economic potential in the ongoing exploration

Lateritic nickel mineralization was identified in the area by
Inco subsidiary Exmibal in the early 1970's and steps were
undertaken to exploit this nickel at that time but this project
was shut down when the large escalation in fuel costs resulting
from the OPEC oil crisis made the process then being used
uneconomic. In the mid 70's and then again in the mid 90's work
by Transmetales and by Cominco Ltd. respectively at the Buena
Vista Project completed programs of test pits to assess an area
of lateritic nickel mineralization measuring 1900 meters by 800
meters. These pits have been backfilled but some of the resulting
data have been made available to the Company's geologists. This
property reverted to the Guatemalan government and was acquired
from the government by the Chesbar - Intrepid joint venture in
1999 as part of the "Sechol" exploration licence.

The Company's interest in the Buena Vista project is based on the
rapidly developing new technology for the treatment of lateritic
nickel ores using Pressure Acid Leaching (PAL) followed by
Solvent Extraction and Electrowinning (SX/EW). This technology is
now recognized as a revolutionary development in the nickel
industry and is already being employed in several new operations,
notably in Western Australia.

Work by Chesbar to date has included the digging and sampling of
tests pits within the previously identified zone, to confirm the
results of earlier work and to provide samples for metallurgical
test work to determine the applicability of the new PAL-SX/EW
process to this material. Numerous test pits are also being dug
on other parts of the Sechol property where nickel bearing
lateritic material has been identified by Company geologists.
Test pitting is an effective method of assessing deposits of this
type because, by the very nature and means of formation of
laterites, they lie near surface and are relatively easy to dig.

Results of the Company's current tests pits dug at intervals
along a 1500-metre length within the previously identified zone
of nickel mineralization are presented in Table 1. Pits are hand
dug from surface, encountering variable depths until finishing at
bedrock. Sampling is conducted in one meter vertical channel
samples of the pit walls during excavation. Samples are
geologically described, weigh typically 2.5 kg, are tagged and
then sent for sample preparation at Guatemala City with final
assaying completed at XRAL Laboratories in Toronto, Ontario. It
can be concluded that the broad spaced verification pits over the
known nickel zone reveal significant nickel values. The average
nickel content from the 4 pits just completed is 1.72% Ni. (See
Table 1)

Table 1

Pit No. SC-51 SC-52 SC-53 SC-54
Average % nickel 1.83 1.62 2.22 1.37
Depth of pit (meters) 10 12 7 10

The Company has begun a metallurgical study of the mineralogy and
geochemistry of the nickel mineralization through a series of
tests being conducted by Dynatec Corporation's Metallurgical
Technologies Division. In conjunction with gaining a necessary
understanding of the applicability of new technology at the
property, Chesbar is accelerating its "Buena Vista" program of
test pitting over the known nickel zones. At the earliest
opportunity, the Company hopes to establish a nickel resource
base calculated at the Main Zone. The additional test pitting
programs conducted over other lateritic targets at the Company's
properties are expected to provide significant increments to this
resource. Metallurgical test work is expected to be an ongoing
activity, as Chesbar will be seeking the most efficient
technology for the economic extraction of the nickel contained at
the Company's properties in Guatemala

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To: Mephistopheles who wrote (974)2/28/2000 12:26:00 PM
From: Mephistopheles
   of 980
High of 0.32 today...

For all... CBI is now traded on the TSE, not Montreal Exchange.

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To: stubbs who wrote (970)3/9/2000 1:22:00 PM
From: Mephistopheles
   of 980
stubbs... went mute. Do you know too much now?

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To: Enigma who wrote (938)3/11/2000 3:55:00 PM
From: Mephistopheles
   of 980
"It's been a long time since I have posted here,but now seems the right time to start again.Chesbars gold property may be on hold, but their nickel property is not.I have never lost touch with this co. and have always had confidence that they will reward those who who have great patience.My sources tell me that chesbar infact dose have a very large nickel resource confirmed already, and it is increasing in size every day. In about three to four weeks, we should have a significant press release that will take the stock to levels never reached before. This deposit may even be on scale of voisy bay? So I don't think anyone should sell this co. short yet. Good times are just around the corner.
Hey NICE GUY, WHRER HAVE YOU GONE TO?? Hope to here from some of you guy's and revive this thread.

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To: stubbs who wrote (970)10/27/2000 9:30:14 AM
From: Enigma
   of 980
Stubbs - have attempted to call Terry Flannigan a few times - he's always 'out of the office' but 'in town' Do you think he's not taking calls? Would post on SH but have lost my password for the time being. In any even this thread could do with one message at least.

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To: Mongo Slade who started this subject10/27/2000 2:05:13 PM
From: stubbs
   of 980
Hi All has been awhile as I was waiting for the news.Its very frustrating but I hope most believe I'm not promoting or leading astray.I was told news would be out by Halloween which is still possible but many new factors have come into the play.I have repeatedly called the company to make sure their on time with some news and was assured many weeks ago they would.I explained I offered a few years ago to update what I can to the thread and many times I was let down . However as I said before they have been talking to a few interested parties which has grown since my last post.They wouldn't give me any direct details as you all know they cant but knowing them as long as have I believe its very positive.I talked yesterday to them and again said my credibility is being damaged with delay after delay I was again told things are about to happen but they are absolutely mum on this one.I wanted to at least get the reserves out but was told it will be a package deal and they would love to get news out but cant at this time.In my 8 years with the company this is the quietest they have been on any company matter.I will offer my opinion and is NOT from the company that we are very close to a deal and more than 1 party is on the table.You will have to trust me Ive tried everything to get more info but its not going to happen.With the tight lip approach it appears to be something more then my original thought.There are quite a few friends and relative's that read this thread that would back me up on I'm not or have not given any misleading info knowingly.I'm not promoting anyone to buy or sell but we have all waited along time for this company to come through and I believe we are days to weeks away for some sort of positive deal.Hope you all can hang in long enough for the turnaround.I'm sure some of you will reply back attacking me but I wont respond back as I have a very large position in this company and have no reason to screw anyone here.I will respond back to any real questions either positive or negative views.Remember we are all in this for the same reasons.

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To: Mongo Slade who started this subject10/27/2000 2:07:34 PM
From: stubbs
   of 980
After reading my post it sure sounds like I was crapping on magagement but I'm not.I'm 100% behind them and understand the position they are in.I/We can't make it happen any quicker then its natural course.However I share everyones frustrations but I have followed CBI's nickel developement since we changed direction and I'm completely satisfied with progress to date.

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