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   Non-TechMergers anyone hear of rumors

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To: Keith Anderson who wrote ()8/8/1996 12:15:00 AM
From: Keith Anderson
   of 16
Rumor ATE will merge with a bigger Energy Company.

I don't really follow Energy Companies but it is local
to me. Any comments on how energy company stocks are
effected when one merges into a big company.

I hear it could effect Pico power & Delmarva power!

Thats all I know don't know the true sorce but he said
she said he said i said they ATE had a board meeting about
a merger in the works.

The cats out of the bag now! The stock holders have the
right to know what is going on!

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To: Keith Anderson who wrote (1)8/12/1996 10:59:00 AM
From: Keith Anderson
   of 16
ATE ATLANTIC ENERGY stock is up .50 today

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To: Keith Anderson who wrote ()8/14/1996 3:28:00 PM
From: hoyasaxa
   of 16
CYE will be taken over (finally) soon

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To: Keith Anderson who wrote ()10/11/1996 8:41:00 AM
From: John Collins
   of 16
Media Advisory
September 30, 1996
Contact: Rudy De La Garza
(904) 893-9439


JENKINSTOWN, PA -- Concord International Group, Inc. (NASD BB -- CIGI) announces the delivery of a strategic letter of intent by CIGI to acquire controlling interest of Our Town USA, Inc. a privately held Florida corporation (See attached company overview).

The proposed acquisition will strengthen the operations of both companies. Our Town USA maintains multiple Internet servers with Internet directories in approximately 500 cities throughout the U.S. ( Additionally, Our Town USA recently released the "Internet on a Disk" (IOD) software program. The IOD educates the user about the Internet and allows the user to build and preview their own Web Site without ever being connected to the Internet. Our Town USA then publishes and markets the customers Web Site through proprietary production and marketing software developed in-house.

Our Town USA also has a complete video production facility. In current release, the.simplicity.of INTERNET POWER takes the user on a tour of the tools and capabilities of the Internet. Three additional titles are slated for release before the end of the year. The software and training videos will be distributed through major retail distribution channels across the US and national original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships.

Concord International Group, Inc. (NASD BB -- CIGI) a publicly traded company, focuses on marketing emerging public companies. Providing financial, communication and unique Multi-Media Marketing strategies using an extensive network of "brokers and dealers" to enhance the client's share value and company growth.

Concord Connections

Concord recently acquired interest in Patriot Marketing International (PMI), a unique Multi-Media Marketing company. PMI utilizes the Internet, infomercials, fax broadcasting, shop-at-home TV, radio, print syndication and shopping mall kiosks to promote maximum visibility and recognition for clients. Each client's campaign is carefully crafted and combines various media mediums insuring maximum market saturation for the target audience.

Concord blends these multi-media marketing techniques together with its network of financial resources, including the "Off Off Wall Street" newsletter members and the CIGI Club. Concord markets its clients' financial awareness, their products and services. We have combined our unique financial skills and marketing techniques into a powerful tool for our clients!

Kid Rom -- (NASD BB: KIDR) Kid Rom, Inc. a New York City based company, produces videos for the educational and entertainment markets. The first production release features "Toby the Tug", a children's featurette. The videos and characters created for this and subsequent productions will be merchandised and marketed using the Patriot Multi-Media Marketing system.

Infocall -- (NASD BB: INFE) a leading personnel services company, is currently expanding into the leased staffing service market. Infocall recruits both temporary, personnel. management or key executives and contracts to operate entire departments.


Our Town USA
1471 Timberlane Road
Suite 101
Tallahassee, FL 32312
(904) 893-9439

Concord International Group, Inc.
Our Town USA, Inc.

Media Advisory Update
October 10, 1996


JENKINSTOWN, PA -- Concord International Group, Inc. (NASD BB -- CIGI) announces the delivery of a strategic letter of intent by CIGI to acquire controlling interest of Our Town USA, Inc. (OTUSA) a privately held Florida corporation. Headquarters in Tallahassee, OTUSA (an Internet software development and multimedia marketing company), recently released the "Internet on a Disk" (IOD) for US distribution. OTUSA and the IOD were recently nominated for several national awards presented by CommerceNet. OTUSA was nominated in the following categories: Best Implementation of a Particular Technology; Most Impactful Application in an Industry; Marketing; On-Line Community and Best New Business Model Enabled by the Internet. Soon to follow this year will be 9 NEW Internet and Multimedia products.

This agreement will provide for the assumption of management responsibilities of CIGI and majority interest of CIGI stock by OTUSA. "Both Companies expect the completion of their respective due diligence this week," stated OTUSA President and CEO Sam Musslewhite.

For More information please contact: Rudy De La Garza VP Business Development (904) 893-9439 or email; The mailing address is: Our Town USA, Inc., 1471 Timberlane Road, Suite 101, Tallahassee, FL 32312. URL address:

Our Town USA, Inc.

Company Overview

Our Town USA, Inc. in early 1994 was the vision of a small group of close friends who had been working together for several years as publishing and digital photography consultants. Founded in 1995, Our Town USA, Inc. was the manifestation of a dream, shared by a few good friends, to provide an economic and easy to use method for individuals and small businesses to communicate. This led to the development of goals and objectives aimed at re-purposing printed information into digital electronic form to enable individuals and businesses a truly cost effective and easy to understand method of advertising to and communicating with the largest possible audience in the world, The Internet.

Together, Our Town USA management, programmers, system engineers, and graphic artists shared this common vision and goal of providing an affordable vehicle for global communications on the Internet for everyone. Early during the Internet's development, everyone rushed to provide access, content, search engines and browsers. Our Town USA determined that the Internet or World Wide Web was clearly moving in two directions: 1) providing user connection (these providers are know as Internet Service Providers or ISPs); and 2) providing user design, presence and marketing (commonly referred to as Internet Content Providers). After careful evaluation of our talents and areas of expertise, we determined that providing affordable Internet Web Site content design and maintenance services would best serve the general public and small businesses.

Our Town USA believes that individuals, families, small businesses and organizations will become the backbone of the Internet and deserve the same Internet exposure and benefits currently enjoyed by big business and government. With more than 35,000 new users accessing the Internet for the first time in North America each week, providing a dynamic and effective content publishing strategy is paramount to directing user traffic to a Web Page.


Successfully published Web Pages must be visible, accessible, comprehensive, innovative, affordable and strategically publicized by the Content Provider/Publisher and Host. Most Internet companies advertise Web Site design, publishing and maintenance but do nothing to insure a Web Site's exposure and success. They simply rent space on an Internet server, making you one of the hundreds of millions of Web Pages out there on the Internet or they offer freebies to attract attention and charge exorbitant fees for design and maintenance. Our Town USA was founded on the principle that the Internet should be available and affordable to all. Everyone should have the opportunity to use, enjoy and benefit from all it has to offer.

Out of this founding principal was born Our Town USA's premier product "Internet on a Disk". A product developed and tested in 1995, the "Internet on a Disk" (IOD) provides a stand-alone software application allowing anyone with a PC to experience the Internet first hand and preview all the Internet has to offer. Released in September of 1996, the IOD provides a simple to follow, step-by-step, fill in the blank format for Web Page Building. This one-of-a-kind disk allows individuals and small business to easily design and publish Web Pages at a fraction of the cost.


A thriving Web Site requires the Content Provider/Publisher and Host to: 1.) Maintain a superior technically trained staff; 2.) Maintain state-of-the-art hardware and software; 3.) Create imaginative and entertaining content; and 4.) Provide timely, courteous and competent customer service and support. Our Town USA possesses all of these. Our Town USA understands the importance of each of these elements and rigorously reviews all departments to insure their adherence to the Our Town philosophy and policies . Our Town USA performs a comprehensive assessment on each and every client, large or small, to determine how best to design their Internet page and strategy.

After the Our Town USA graphics and design staff completes the web page design to a clients complete satisfaction, Our Town immediately begins promoting the Web Site by seeding over 60 Internet search engines. Additionally, Our Town USA publishes the client's Web Site on a local directory, regional geographic (state based) directory and on a national (state based) directory. In addition, Our Town USA aggressively promotes a global presence with connecting links from these directories directly to the Client's site.

Our Town USA has a program for every level of Internet user. From the novice to the experienced user, the Our Town USA staff is providing simple and affordable solutions to the once complex and expensive Internet dilemmas. The 21st Century Frontier is cyber space. Our Town USA is committed to assisting in the use, enjoyment and the countless benefits it offers our society.

For more information about Our Town USA, Inc. contact John Collins at (904) 893-9439 or e-mail at

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To: Keith Anderson who wrote ()1/27/1997 10:37:00 AM
From: Timothy Sadler
   of 16
Info World indicated US Robotics and Bay Networks will merge in 1997.

Anyone hear anything??

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To: Keith Anderson who wrote ()2/7/1997 3:29:00 PM
From: Robert W. Boyce
   of 16
I have just been reading about the rumor that they might be buying Unisys Corp. Any info on this. (Search on Unisys and read the comments)

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To: Keith Anderson who wrote ()5/6/1997 12:52:00 PM
From: David M. Siperek
   of 16
Rumor that PWJ will be aquired at $40 per share!

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To: Keith Anderson who wrote ()6/24/1997 11:49:00 AM
From: Lee W. Rath
   of 16
I've heard a rumor that KM's Builder's Square will be offering $5.00 per share for Hechingers (HECHA). HECHA is now at $2.25 per share, and may correct downward before an announcement this week. Heard that the $3.00 per share news article was a teaser to get things heated up before the real thing occurred. Can anyone confirm this???

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To: Lee W. Rath who wrote (8)6/24/1997 1:47:00 PM
From: Bram12345
   of 16
Lee, I know HECHA is in talks with various companies for a buyout of
$3.00/share. Where did you get the rumor about KM's Builder's Square
offering $5.00/share. It would be nice if the Builder's Square offer
did pan out.

Also, where did you get info about an annoucement for this week? Any
feedback would be greatly appreciated!



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To: Bram12345 who wrote (9)6/24/1997 3:52:00 PM
From: Lee W. Rath
   of 16
I got the rumor from a Hechingers dept. supervisor who attended a in-store management meeting and from what he could gather it seemed like a done deal with KM, because the Manager of the store asked not to quoted... I trust the supervisor, but I don't know about the Manager ... he wouldn't have any reason to lie, would he?

Here's the latest news on HECHA through Yahoo:

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