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To: rimshot who wrote (274)4/27/2022 2:04:20 AM
From: rimshot
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General Motors - GM -- here is one engine design detail briefly described for the
dual volute twin turbo engine Cadillac now has available at least in the 2022
model year, and I personally know it applies as an available
order option for the 2.7 liter CT4 and CT5 sedan --
this is an excerpt from the Road&Track article
I am reading now explaining the dual volute:

" What are the advantages? As Road & Track contributor Jason Fenske explains in his
latest video above, a dual volute setup means the turbo can keep exhaust pulses
separated before they reach the compressor wheel, minimizing any positive pressure
going back into the engine.

And since the volutes are designed to dump exhaust gases on opposite sides of the turbine,
those pulses don't ever overlap. This design also means the turbine housing can be closer
to the turbine itself, improving efficiency and response."

I drove a new 2022 today with only 4 miles on it, and drove 18 miles mostly on some moderately smooth
rural paved roads allowing me to travel 50 or 55 ....

braking, acceleration, quiet engine unless I very briefly punched it with a system
that has not yet self-tuned by being driven a # of miles....

punch the accelerator with full force and muscle car roar is both felt and heard.

Not sure that applies to the normal Cadillac buyer mindset .... the sound was better than
a fully maxed out Dodge Challenger or Charger, which a lot of my muscle car buds like
directly from the factory and they turn up their nose about the Camaro lack of noise on the big
V-8, not the racing engine upgrade

I tell you the relatively short wheelbase on the 4-door CT4, the window layout on two sides & rear,
and viewing using the side mirrors blew me away
for safety awareness in perhaps milliseconds of timing improvement for the driver's dynamic assessment
of ongoing vehicle & highway surroundings...

the sonar placed in the rear of the vehicle accomplishes some driver awareness
and automatic operation decisions by the car itself which impressed me as providing potential value-added

I averaged 25.2 mpg driving the car from its 4 mileage odometer reading to 22 reading at the end of the drive

2 pounds greater psi is called for on door panel for rear tires vs. front tires... tires are "run flats" and there

is no spare

high levels of agility is my best summary of the experience in this car, which may or may not add to avoidance of close calls from nearby inattentive drivers.... the steering communication with the road is incredible and provides driver with what I consider 10 level scoring for confidence that the integration of
the suspension with all the steering responsiveness is a highly reliable & accurate experience for any driver who has become attuned to finer responsive engineering & manufacture of these vehicle systems...the driver positioning vs. the road surface is about 95% comparable to driver vs. road surface experience when
driving the higher end Corvette choice that has been available is some form or another for a # of years...

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To: rimshot who wrote (286)4/27/2022 2:34:19 AM
From: rimshot
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RRG daily S&P 500 sectors - update for Tuesday April 26, 2022 -

* 7 of 11 S&P 500 sectors are pointing downward

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To: rimshot who wrote (288)4/27/2022 10:19:02 PM
From: rimshot
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XLK vs. SPY ratio's cumulative total percentage change since a
fixed start date many months ago
plotted on a daily basis -

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To: rimshot who wrote (287)4/28/2022 2:04:32 AM
From: rimshot
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General Motors - GM - 2020 model year technical review of the largest most powerful
4-cylinder ICE engine available in the market says the presenter --- the L3B 2.7 liter 4-cylinder
twin turbo engine ( dual volute twin turbo )

" a very cool turbo charger, with two volutes, one on top of the other "

I did in fact pull the trigger on Tuesday with an actual delivery to me that day
of the new 2022 Cadillac CT-4 sedan with the model
year 2022 version of this engine, and about 12k of adds in addition to the add for

the 2.7 liter option available in the CT-4 ...

net reductions on the bill of sale to me for purchase
was $500 factory rebate which incentive expires May 2,
$1500 Costco auto buying program price decrease,
3-year 0% financing with GM

* I am told most Cadillac dealers are requiring buyers to pay more than MSRP, though I have
checked 4 dealers in various locations in ID, UT and MT ... found now current inventory on their
lots of this specific 2.7 liter AWD 2022 CT-4

metallic garnet exterior color with an additional " infrared tint" for which Cadillac MSRP was approx +1,100

interior perforated color of the leather is a medium light orange / tan shade ...seats have both heat and cooling functions within both front seats

AWD option was included as a $add in this purchased vehicle ... now have driven it approx. 40 miles ...

without exception, the electronic display touch screen and all the button controls
on the dash and steering wheel are user friendly and requires only a few minutes

to self teach their location and use
seats are max adjustable and comfort is a score of 10, for my limited experience to date

this is both a smooth quiet agile ride with high yet firm sensitivity for the driver AND it is a muscle car

performance in terms of both power, turning and sound

all the display functions are visible with no steering wheel impact blocking visibility of anything ...
the Heads up Display showing speed, etc can be adjusted & placed to the lowest boundary of the windshield so speed can be in the lower side of line of sight when driver is facing front while
at the same time remaining below the precise plane in which driver monitors traffic ahead

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To: rimshot who wrote (274)4/28/2022 2:42:28 AM
From: rimshot
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General Motors - Wednesday April 27, 2022 close - daily chart -

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To: rimshot who wrote (291)4/28/2022 11:10:49 PM
From: rimshot
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General Motors - Thursday April 28, 2022 close - daily chart -

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To: rimshot who wrote (288)4/28/2022 11:14:37 PM
From: rimshot
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RRG daily S&P 500 sectors - update for Thursday April 28, 2022 -

* 10 of 11 S&P 500 sectors are pointing downward

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From: rimshot4/29/2022 12:20:31 AM
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this early morning's institutional Sentiment email which arrived from
was an especially instructive tool for today's action ... more than usual

write Mark Young at and tell him "hiker" in Idaho sent you &
ask Mark if he would please consider granting you a trial period for this ongoing email service

Mark has been thorough with this service for many, many years ... and is getting better at it, imo

we had a telecon today while I was having tires rotated on a Subaru, and discussed the Thursday
update for the weekly NAAIM net long minus short exposure which saw a large percentage
net drop today

Mark knows his data sets


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To: rimshot who wrote (294)4/29/2022 12:26:55 AM
From: rimshot
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The Barron's Big Money Poll (112 money managers)
found that only 12% of their clients were bullish on U.S. stocks.

One of the worst starts ever for a 60/40 portfolio will do it for a potential Sentiment extreme event,
but you just have to wonder how much bad news is priced in right here.

- April 24

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From: rimshot4/29/2022 1:27:35 AM
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Tim Knight, CMT humor tonight - Tim is a kick most months

Geometry as taught by Professor Cathie Wood

portfolio gone

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