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   PoliticsFor Trump & Freedom - Against Socialists, Fascists, Marxists

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From: bruwin2/20/2022 2:58:18 PM
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So one of Epstein's main "suppliers" of Under-Aged girls, Jean-Luc Brunel, commits "Suicide(?)" in his jail cell, just like Epstein did .......

REALLY ???!!!

STYX has his own take on this OBVIOUS REPEAT ASSASSINATION to protect the RICH, the FAMOUS, the INFLUENTIAL, the Well-Heeled CELEBRITIES, etc, .......

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From: bruwin2/21/2022 7:24:06 PM
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As Alexander Mercouris mentioned in The Duran video BELOW (at around 7:05) the Biden administration will now go for Sanctions against Russia and it seems that Nord Stream 2 is "finished" ....... Well, so be it.

I don't think Vladimir Putin cares much about that seeing as it was Germany that WANTED it, and NEEDED it, and PLEADED with Russia for it, a la Angela Merkel !!!

There's also no doubt that Putin knew EXACTLY that the "Biden Team" would impose those sanctions that they've been trumpeting about when he declared that Russia will recognize the two breakaway states in the Donbas in Ukraine, but he couldn't care less. I'd say he has finally had enough of the West's BULLSHIT.

Russia has developed itself over the last decade or so into a self-sufficient country, plus doing very lucrative trades with Eastern countries and others as in India, etc....., so Russia doesn't actually need the West.

In fact, maybe Putin should do some of his Own Sanctioning against his adversaries in Western Europe which may WAKE THEM UP and get them to start behaving as Sovereign countries no longer under the "whip" of NEOCONS and Marxist-Inclined administrations in the USA and to stop "taking orders" from them.

Maybe Putin should SANCTION Gas supplies to Europe by, say, 50%, PLUS Confirm that Nord Stream 2 is cancelled so NO GAS to Germany and her neighbors. I look forward to the reactions of the MAJOR GERMAN INDUSTRIALISTS when all of this SINKS IN !!!

I suspect the Coffers of certain German Political Parties are going to suffer SEVERE FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION CUT-BACKS from their Industrialist Donors if the relevant Politicians don't rapidly remove their Heads from their Arses !!!

And when the Europeans are NEXT FREEZING THEIR ARSES OFF IN WINTER AND PAYING THROUGH THEIR NECKS FOR FUEL, they may then decide to STOP THEIR CRAP with Russia and start behaving like good, constructive neighbours, INSTEAD OF LACKEYS TO THE LIKES OF BIDEN & Co., who actually DON'T GIVE A F*CK FOR THE EU's WELFARE ........ and that MOST CERTAINLY INCLUDES UKRAINE AS WELL !!!

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From: bruwin2/22/2022 3:31:58 PM
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As soon as the hundreds of thousands of people in the Donbas region of Ukraine heard that Russia had recognized their Independent Status and would be there to assist them in a time of ANY conflict, THERE WAS CHEERING AND JOY BEING EXPRESSED IN THE STREETS, because they would now, no longer, have to duck into their basements when they heard the sounds of PROJECTILES HEADING IN THEIR DIRECTION FROM THE MILITARY OF THAT EX-COMEDIAN ZELENSKY AND INNOCENT PEOPLE GETTING KILLED !!!

And what do the VILE, WAR-MONGERING "HUMAN(?)" TRASH in the Biden administration and within that EU CABAL and that NATO "Relic" do ??? ...... They immediately start dishing out SANCTIONS against Russia, as well as against the independent breakaway states of the Donetsk and Luhansk, ... and that weak-kneed buffoon of a German chancellor puts a hold on the certification of the Nord Stream 2 gas supply pipeline from Russia to Germany !!! .......

Well, should the German population end up freezing their arses off in the next winter and paying through the neck for the little energy that they may have, one hopes that they will remember who caused them that problem and kick him and the rest of his "cohorts" out into the cold at the next German general election !!!

Just goes to show, NONE OF THEM GIVES A F*CK for the peoples of Ukraine, or anywhere else for that matter, where they cannot EXERT EXTERNAL CONTROL OF THE AFFAIRS OF ANY COUNTRY OF THEIR CHOOSING !!!

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From: bruwin2/26/2022 5:00:07 AM
   of 386

That may, or may not, have been the case.

People need to UNDERSTAND that Vladimir Putin is not interested in "ANNEXING" or "TAKING OVER UKRAINE BY SOME ALL-ENGULFING INVASION". Russia does not NEED Ukraine. Russia is a virtually self-sufficient country. There is NOTHING that Russia "wants" from Ukraine.


Unfortunately NO Western country, INCLUDING FRANCE AND GERMANY, who, together with Russia in 2015 got Ukraine to sign the MINSK AGREEMENT, have been prepared to put sufficient pressure on the Government of Ukraine to abide by their Obligations.

I suspect that if Donald Trump, as president, had also not been prepared to see Russia's side of this situation regarding Ukraine's Obligations and had not been prepared to put pressure on Ukraine in that regard, resulting in the Genocide against Russian-Speaking and Russian-Aligned Ukrainians in the Donetsk and Luhansk breakaway Republics by Neo-Nazis, Vladimir Putin would have done much the same as he has done in recent weeks.

But I also suspect that Donald Trump would have been prepared to sit down with Vladimir Putin and to OBJECTIVELY listen to Russia's side of the story and would not have gone the way of "Obama-Puppet" Biden, "Bad-Hair-Day" Boris Johnson and the rest of those "War Mongering Arseholes" !!

And now, the situation in Ukraine has deteriorated into the following ........................


"Azov Special Operations Detachment, often known as Azov Detachment, Azov Regiment, or Azov Battalion, is a right-wing extremist and neo-Nazi Ukrainian National Guard unit, based in Mariupol, in the Azov Sea coastal region. It saw its first combat experience recapturing Mariupol from pro-Russian separatists forces in June 2014".

It is PRIMARILY this outfit who have been doing the indiscriminate shelling and bombarding of the two breakaway Republics of the Russian-Speaking, Russian-Aligned Donetsk and Luhansk regions in the Donbas, thereby killing MANY innocent civilians resulting in thousands of women and their children to flee to the safety of Russia.

Vladimir Putin, after getting nowhere for OVER 7 YEARS with the West in insisting that Ukraine abide BY ITS OBLIGATIONS under the MINSK AGREEMENT, which is UN RESOLUTION 2202 (2015), and thereby INTERNATIONAL LAW, approved by the USA, finally decided, with the approval of the Russian Security Council, to recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk Republics and let them know that if they requested Russian Assistance then Russia would come to their aid ...... AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT IS UNDERWAY AT THE PRESENT TIME !!!!!!!!!!! ....

And with regard to the Nazi-like AZOV elements, that is EXACTLY WHY Vladimir Putin said in a recent interview that the Russian military is out to "DE-NAZIFY" Ukraine. In other words Vladimir Putin knows the INFLUENCE that AZOV has over Zelensky, especially within Ukraine's military.

So Putin has sent the Russian military into the Donbas region in order to surround and defeat and remove the AZOV military element and thereby stop their Genocidal actions against the peoples of the Donetsk and Luhansk.

The Russian military has also encircled Kiev to prevent AZOV units from heading South to the Donbas region as well as to stop any further military equipment being flown in from the "West" to boost their AGGRESSIVE MILITARY ACTIONS.

I'm afraid the collective knowledge and understanding by most Western citizenry is SADLY LACKING with regard to the Demographics in Ukraine and what has transpired since the duly elected former President of Ukraine WAS OVERTHROWN in an ILLEGAL COUP, backed by the USA and other EU countries, and replaced by the ex-comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is weak, inexperienced and inept and who is extremely antagonist towards Russia and any Russian speaking people within Ukraine and who has been powerless to react effectively against the Nazi-like AZOV "National Guard" who are, by their nature, fiercely ANTI-RUSSIAN !!!!

In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the CIA have been "collaborating" and "colluding" with the AZOV Neo-Nazis in order to INCITE a reaction from Russia and thereby fulfill the "Biden, UK, EU and NATO Prophecy" about a "Russian Invasion" of Ukraine. This is what the CIA has been so good at over the decades when it came to orchestrating a "REGIME CHANGE" within foreign countries.

Russia has NO INTENTION of "Invading" the whole of Ukraine and "Annexing it". Russia is out to rid that country of the NEO-NAZIS as represented by the AZOV "Brigade" who have been supplied with military equipment by the "West" and who are hell-bent in attacking and eliminating ALL UKRAINIANS WHO ARE RUSSIAN SPEAKING AND RUSSIA ALIGNED IN UKRAINE !!!!

Once Russia has achieved that it's my contention that the Russian military will leave Ukraine in much the same way that THEY LEFT GEORGIA after they had sorted out the "UNNECESSARY SHIT" that was going on there and left Georgia to run its own country and its own affairs, AS IN ------>

"The Russo-Georgian War was a war between Georgia, Russia and the Russian-backed self-proclaimed republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia. The war took place in August 2008 following a period of worsening relations between Russia and Georgia, both formerly constituent republics of the Soviet Union."

So there we had a similar situation where Russian-Speaking and Russian-Aligned Georgians were being persecuted by Anti-Russian elements within Georgia. So Russia went in, SORTED THE SHIT OUT, AND LEFT, ...... THEY NEVER INVADED OR ANNEXED OR TOOK OVER THE WHOLE COUNTRY OR GOVERNMENT OF GEORGIA !!!

I have suggested and encouraged folk ,who are interested to know what is ACTUALLY GOING ON IN UKRAINE, to tune into THE DURAN, as well as to tune into the separate channels of the two contributors, ALEXANDER MERCOURIS and ALEX CHRISTOFOROU. Alexander is particularly well informed of events, etc, in Western and Eastern Europe and especially in Russia, including its past history. They can all be found on Youtube, RUMBLE, LOCALS, etc.......

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To: bruwin who wrote (293)2/26/2022 9:16:36 AM
From: bruwin
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It must also be noted that the PRIME FOCUS of the Biden Cabal was NOT on any concern that they said that they had for the Ukrainians, BUT WAS BASED SOLELY ON THEIR DETERMINATION TO END THE NORD STREAM 2 PIPELINE transporting Natural Gas to Germany, especially, and to Europe from Russian gas fields.

Biden & Co. knew full well that there was nothing that the USA could do to stop Nord Stream 2 ...... ONLY GERMANY COULD STOP NORD STREAM 2 !!! ..... and to "Force" Germany to do that the USA would have had to enforce SANCTIONS on Germany which they would most certainly not want to do at this stage of the Proceedings.

That was why Biden & Co. tried to get Germany to commit stopping Nord Stream 2 if Ukraine was "Invaded".

Initially the German Chancellor Scholz was not prepared to tie the end of Nord Stream 2 to an invasion of Ukraine probably because, at that stage, he and many others, INCLUDING THE PRESIDENT OF UKRAINE, saw No Evidence of Russian Troops "MASSING" on the Ukraine border.

So things needed to "GET HOT" ....... THAT MEANT major aggression being shown against the breakaway Republics in the Donbas which included Mortar and Artillery shells flying indiscriminately into the Russian-Aligned states of Donetsk and Luhansk killing innocent civilians.

When Russia decided that Enough was Enough and moved to protect these Russia-Aligned states, that was the signal FOR THE TOTAL CONDEMNATION BY THE WEST AND THE TOTAL SCREECHING BY THE WEST THAT "RUSSIA WAS INVADING ALL OF UKRAINE", despite the fact that Russia was targeting the NEO-NAZI Elements that were involved with all the Military Aggression !!!

A rather Inept and Inexperienced Chancellor Scholz, after some "prodding" by Biden & Co., then came out and stated that Certification of the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline was SUSPENDED ......... AND as a result Biden & Co., the NEOCONS, the suppliers/producers of LNG gas in the USA GOT WHAT THEY WANTED.
So as far as they were concerned Ukraine was out the window and would be left to fend for itself ....... They No longer GAVE A F**K for Ukraine and its peoples.

At the end of the day those who will suffer from the SUSPENSION Nord Stream 2 will be the Germans and Western Europe because they will be PAYING THROUGH THE NECK FOR THEIR ENERGY because the supply of a much cheaper Natural Gas from Russia will be replaced with FAR MORE EXPENSIVE LNG FROM THE USA and MAYBE, TO A CERTAIN EXTENT, FROM QATAR.

But NOT ONLY is LNG more expensive to purchase than long term piped Natural Gas, it also has to be processed once delivered by supply ships, AND THE PROCESSING FACILITIES IN GERMANY ARE AT CAPACITY AND CANNOT PROCESS THE GAS ANY FASTER OR IN GREATER QUANTITIES.

So as the demand for Energy goes up in Germany and in Europe, the supply will be severely REDUCED if the supply of Natural Gas from Russia is reduced, ESPECIALLY AFTER 2015/2016 when the supply of Natural Gas to Europe from Russia, via pipelines crossing Ukraine, comes to an end !!!

It should also be noted that at the present time Europe has ONLY ABOUT 4.7% OF ITS GAS RESERVES LEFT IN ITS UNDERGROUND STORAGE FACILITIES and winter hasn't yet come to an end ------>

Message 33722911

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From: bruwin3/1/2022 3:22:00 AM
   of 386
Update on current Ukraine conflict as per feedback from those actually "On The Ground" ....

1) The Russian and Donetsk/Luhansk Military forces have now surrounded the Ukraine Military, which includes a large number of the Neo-Nazi AZOV 'Brigade', in the South-East of Ukraine within the Donbas region. The option will be for the Ukraine Military to surrender and leave the area. If the AZOV "element" remain to fight it out they will be "Eliminated".

2) The Russian Military have now surrounded the capital city of Kiev. They have provided a single safe passageway out of Kiev and have encouraged Ukrainian civilians to leave the city. This indicates that if the Neo-Nazi AZOV elements intend to resist and not lay down their arms, then "action" will be taken against them.

3) The Russian primary tactic has not been to move into Ukraine in the typical "Invasion Style" and Destroy Anything and Everything in its path as one saw in Iraq. Russia does not need to do that as its Primary Aim is to rid Ukraine of the NEO-NAZI element, the AZOV, who have exerted extensive pressure over the current Ukraine administration to the DETRIMENT of the Russian-Speaking and Russian-Aligned citizens of Ukraine, most ESPECIALLY in the DONBAS Region which contains the two breakaway People's Republics of the Donetsk and Luhansk..
Destroying Ukraine Infrastructure will very likely turn a vast majority of Ukraine sentiment against Russia for all the wrong reasons.

4) So far the Russian military have not moved into the West of Ukraine. It should be noted that any "military equipment" that is still coming from the "West" is primarily entering Ukraine via Poland, a member of NATO, which has a border with North-West Ukraine .........

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From: bruwin3/16/2022 3:03:26 AM
   of 386
I'm looking forward to the eventual outcome in Ukraine when the Russian objective has been met and the Ongoing Past Propaganda, Misinformation, False Flags and Ignorance of Western leaders and their Sycophantic MSM are EXPOSED.

Either the likes of Biden, Johnson, Borrell (EU Arsehole), etc, are completely Ignorant and Misinformed or they have manipulated events to suit their "Global Reset" tendencies ...


1) The Russian Military DO NOT initially DEVASTATE and DESTROY a country and indiscriminately kill civilians by aerial bombardment and missile attacks as was seen in Iraq. There has been no widespread destruction or disconnection of vital services in Ukraine. Water, Electricity, Communications, etc, have largely been available since Russian forces entered Ukraine. There have been no widespread indiscriminate killing of civilians because the Russian objective is to have an "UN-Destroyed" country such that a future, stable, independent, non-aligned, non-hostile government can be elected and govern and not be a threat to Russia or to those who wish to align themselves with Russia via language or familial ties.

2) The Russian military first identify the location(s) of the opposition's Military contingents and then work towards Surrounding them, i.e. forming "CAULDRONS", where the term "Cauldron" is synonymous with "turning up the heat within those encircled forces". Once encircled the military within cannot get supplies and they cannot get out. Slowly but surely they are "Strangled". The Russians will offer any military personnel the opportunity to lay down their weapon and leave the "Cauldron". Those that wish to "fight on" will eventually be eliminated.
As an example, this is what is currently the situation in the South-East of Ukraine in the DONBAS region where the Ukraine military + NEO-NAZI AZOV are completely surrounded.
In addition, the Russian Military have created "Humanitarian Corridors" via which any Ukrainian civilian or surrendered soldier can leave Ukraine if they so wish.

3) As the Russian Military gain greater control of the country they will SIMULTANEOUSLY work on the DIPLOMATIC FRONT and attempt to enter into discussions and negotiations with the current Ukraine "Government" in order to achieve what is stated in (1) above.
Needless to say, as it becomes more and more obvious of the Russian widespread control of Ukraine, so will they be NEGOTIATING MORE AND MORE FROM A POSITION OF STRENGTH.
We have seen the ongoing Negotiations and Talks between Russian and Ukrainian representatives now taking place in Belarus.

So, ......... Let's now see what is the eventual outcome in Ukraine.

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To: frmrVZguy who wrote (83)3/16/2022 5:17:15 PM
From: frmrVZguy
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WPV 30: Mom’s lives matter. #moms_lives_matter

If we are going to save our country, it’s legacy of Rights and self-determination with a fair playing field, then we also need to save the same for our Allies and our Mother Church and Faith from which Grace emanate. This is the Holy Grail from which we received the True Wine we distilled into ink to draft our Declaration, Constitution and our enumerated rights.

Executive Summary:

We are over two hundred years past the decision among Reformed Christianity that Grace is color-blind. Our secular government is created to enshrine those living ambitions.

We anglo-saxons and caucasians are not a superior race. We made a choice and fought for a thousand years to be rid of drugs and harvest our own produce with whole and healthy minds and bodies.

We are facing a re-emergence of the thousand-year-old God-wars. We must not fail and we must not be gentle in our response. Secular governance must be protected and to do that we must protect the congregations of Faith we hold dear and foundational to all we hold dear. We include our secular neighbors who live in agreement with our Truths and Constitution and Enumerated Rights including a separation of Church and State. We must not allow one estate to assault the other.

We must become fierce in reinforcing the boundaries between us and the nations of disgrace.

To begin…..

What a difference a year makes. Last year the draft of this essay would have been dismissed as exotic and imaginative. Events have now caught up with foresight and even exceeded expectations. Now you know what Havana Syndrome is and that it is real. Now you can see Ukraine as I have seen it and have more reason to give Baddeley and Politkovskaya a second reading. Now you see assaults on names like Hilton and Spears and have more reason to wonder if other names also suffered: Jackson, Whitney, Natalie, on and on the list goes. These events all have a common theme: Unreasonable and unchosen harvesting of wealth and talent by assailants. My own events have become common with extraordinary characters you know or have heard of.

One word: Extraterritoriality. Or, Kabala. The Right to Diplomatic Immunity is abused and used as a seditious harvesting and culling tool. Golden Rule Golden Hoard terrorism.

Knowledge is a vaccination

Fascists believe they are empowered by God

Adolph Hitler wrote a manifesto of hate and those who ignored it regretted their own carelessness. His hatred was real and he led an army of men. In our lifetimes, Islamic radicals have written manifestos of hate that our current day intelligence services ignored. Then the battles and terrorist attacks became real and deadly. A British fraternity man named Worth Smith also wrote a manifesto of hate. I have been describing it for over 20 years. If he were just some drunk alone in a farmhouse we wouldn’t care. But his fraternity are also organized, financed, skilled and weaponized. GWBush ignored them and the attack happened.

I hope you never read the entire words of Hitler nor of Worth Smith but I DO want you to be aware they exist. Our professional security people need to know also. England has now violated the post-1812 Paris Treaty twice. Never again.

Here is a snip of extremist, radical hysterical angry words that matters. You must not imagine I share the belief. I possess the words, not their beliefs. This is their God-war.

Quote: The final woe” will begin August 20, 1953. That will be a period during which the whole earth is to be “cleansed of its pollutions”, and which will prepare the people of earth for the actual beginning of Christ’s Millennial Rule, “the Thousand Years of Peace”, by not later than September 17, 2001.

In the years which remain to mankind before the actual establishment on earth of the Millennial Rule of Christ, life will in no sense be a “bed of rose-petals” for humanity as a whole. On the contrary the period will be one of very great tribulation for those who prefer the “Way of Rebellion” which leads down to the Pit, for those who positively refuse to conform in their ways to the Golden Rule of the Christ. End Quote

I repeat, these are not my beliefs. These fascists designing a system of despotism to enforce their own Golden Rule, and nothing to do with a supernatural God nor of Christianity. It is the expression of an ISIS-like Christian-mimicking God-war resulting in a loss of Rights. The government that ignores it suffers by surprise attacks just as GWBush did on 9.11.01. They are British fraternity men with allies world-wide at war with us and they make their own plans whether you accept it or not, just as radical Islam did and does. Do you know the allies? I bet you do. And that is why I write.



Ten-ish (eleven now) years ago I was assigned to Network Support duties in my last weeks with that Big Red company you know and mostly respect. It was late winter or very early Spring and all was well on the network so the software that routes support calls found me available at my desk.

The call was desperation from a customer traveling in Columbia; the Medellin triangle. South America. You know the sort of place from the words used in the movie Avatar: “Mean Bush”. His auto-payment hit some SNA/FU/BAR and his service was cut. The bill was already paid as the call reached me but he had triggered the auto-decline feature for restoration due to the credit and payment decline. It’s built into the software and cannot be superseded except by a specific executive override authority in a unique office within Credit Operations on the East Coast HQ.

The regional call center manager declined any support to override because ‘it was his fault’. Do I need to restate: Medellin Triangle? Mean Bush.

You may recall from WPV## my encounter with one of our G.I.Joe’s returning home waaay back in 1989. This was my call. I couldn’t possibly know if the guy was a hero or zero but he was my customer and it was my call. No way I was going to leave a hero offline in Mean Bush.

It was my call. I had years of trust and security with the company and dotgov and I made a decision: I unplugged and went rogue. I contravened management. I told the guy what I needed to do and what I needed him to do. I also made clear there was no higher level he could reach by calling and it was some freak accident he reached me. And I wasn’t giving up on him. He had to stay powered on, ready and patient. It was already near high noon in the Southwest.

Credit Management can’t be reached directly. I needed to make inbound support calls to specific numbers and identify myself and appeal the case. I don’t recall now how many attempts but there was a lot of waiting for escalation. It seemed like hours before I reached an escalation Credit Manager with authority to review and override. And there were long shadows when the switch was made.

We have a utility to push announcements and messages to phones via text: the same tool that gives you your Bill Ready text each month. But ours works anywhere on earth to any customer wherever they are on anyone’s network. ‘Ding ding. Wakey wakey. Fixed. Come home safe.’ Dude was online again. That was a good day.


Forty years ago I was a fresh University grad with a couple grad school courses and a choice: do I stay and finish or take the offer in hand from GDFW and put a ring on my girlfriend’s hand and go into industry? I had won an offer to join the F-16 design team which was the best program with the best company in the biz. I had busted my ass to earn it and it was a dream job. Grad school could be rejoined.

The jet had juuust started early production of A/B models and was essentially finished. I was hired to design the C/D model with a handful of other section Leads and acting-Leads. We were mostly so young and filling empty desks after the Carter cutbacks that others like myself were ‘acting’ Leads without the title and pay.

Then something extraordinary occurred. There was a problem and one of the last, lingering and oldest engineers was assigned to the investigation and fix. He was a Civil Engineer grad from before WW2 as so many of the remaining engineers were. Some were MechE’s. None had modern aerospace science educations. All were bright and the sort of men you want in your community: patriotic, hardworking, honest. But they were out-of-date.

I happened to sit so near the fixer I caught a steady stream of news. And as the problem was uncovered it became suddenly absolutely crystal clear to me what the problem was AND that the fixer was not prepared to diagnose and correct it. Then he retired. A rushed fix was produced and deployed. I could see it was inadequate.

I had already been assigned and diagnosed another problem that had grounded the entire fleet. Full ground halt. My work had been fast and the evidence gathered convincing but it took another year to make a case stand for DCIS to nail a supplier fraud in court. The perp was nailed and my rep began.

I did what I knew was necessary and produced a technical analysis on my own time and initiative and asked my Chiefs for their time and attention. They immediately ushered me into their Chief’s office. He would retire as Director of R&D for the company and also would shortly assign me to our Division President and General Manager for special TDY followed by Advanced Design Chief Engineer’s Staff.

The presentation was short and succinct; both diagnosis and cure. We parried for a few minutes and I countered every objection except one: if I were right then there should have been indication of a problem in wind tunnel tests. What I didn’t know at that moment was the wind tunnel F-16 was different in a very specific and disguised way. I was right but the job was reassigned. The result was my placement at arm’s length and the other engineer designed a band-aid that had no correction to the design flaw but a little relief for the problem. Then I moved on to new assignments.

Today we are looking at an International Conflagration. It is time for an “All Hands On Deck” stance.

An Open Letter to Secretary of The United States Air Force General Brown

Dear Sir,

I write to you after long years of silent defeat preceded by earlier letters to your Branch Officers, Congressional Service Committee Chairs, and your OGC Hotline. I am not careless and the long years of letters give evidence of that concern. I am not lazy. I am defeated repeatedly. And, I am not presenting myself and the matter as I ought and would wish, but as I am able. I am Nullified. This is painful to admit.

My reason for writing is the following: your early F-16 pilots were faced with a flight system with a deadly design flaw. I am the discoverer and designer of the solution dating back to 1984. But the solution was not applied and many, too many of your jets were destroyed in flight. Fortunately, about half of the pilots survived due to competence of the ejection seat. But up to 1995 when I ceased monitoring LATimes and SLC military news reports there were some 200 jets lost in circumstances like what I know to be symptomatic. Dozens of your best pilots died and the others were blamed with pilot error and stripped of their Commissions. Dishonored.

I write to you to request a review of the details with my input leading to a full exoneration and restoration of their Honor. You need the maximum in MTBF and mission-readiness and the trust and goodwill of your Corps at its highest. I offer steps toward both. In return I hope you will give me a review of twenty years of “See Something, Say Something” and the extraordinary events outside of USAF I have been fated to observe. In every case I had a moral obligation to decide if there were others more qualified to speak, and determined I was burdened with the duty. Others were skilled with Nullification and found a gullible judge to grant that authority. I am Nullified. I cry ‘mercy’.

I am outmaneuvered and defeated but I am not a liar as some of your Staff would like you to believe. I am formerly GDFW employee #104822 and filer of Hotline case #77135 dated 7/27/2000. You will notice the transliteration to capital letters spells LLIES. I was interviewed a year later by your AFOSI agent with the nom de guerre Dan Jacksh. You will notice the OSI was so out of give-a-shits they could only send a guy with less than a full shit for a name. I expect and have believed it is a ‘burner’ ID. My university classmate Jim R served in your officer corps and you might ask for some background for context.

You could send a qualified Aerospace Engineer out of Kirtland in a car in just a few minutes to my address. You could declare the interior secure, the officer holds Need-to-Know, and I can brief him/her in a few minutes just as I did my Director years ago, this time with the defeat to his final argument. You can then compare the system configuration today to what is needed. I hope you will hold the Prime Contractor indemnified and take responsibility upon yourself as Operator. My fix as designed was a retrofittable design suitable for TCRO field repair and modest in cost.

You will recall the name Ralph Nader and the overreach he made in his campaign to impune a good vehicle and elevate his own name and reputation. This is not such an event. Your pilots are trained and skilled and still they faced a deadly event they could not foresee. Too many are dead. Too many are wrongly dishonored. I am presenting myself and my history despite reputation injuries for the reason: dishonor has been wrongly assigned.

I hope you will give this matter serious and urgent review. You know that officers of the past have covered up misbehavior at Contractor facilities in the past and injuries have taken decades to be corrected e.g. the Cochran v Lockheed case. Leonora West will have the verbal briefs if she is well and permitted to break seal on the case. I hope you can see that Esprit du Corp and Mission Readiness is superior to old retired loyalties.

Please repair your wrongly impuned pilots.

(end letter)


Flashback Waaayback

Today we are witnessing a military conflict of the same sort as we have known in Europe over 1000 years. This is a war over Gods, the syndicates of God, and the borders that secure our safety from berserking God-Warriors. And in this I invoke the names of historians Baddeley and Politkovskaya who are shouting from their graves: “I told you so”. And the great irony is that all of the world, especially including the non-white-race world are witnessing white-on-white war over their Gods, borders, and security just as all through these long centuries. Blacks are confronted with the truth that their race centered complaints are relatively new in comparison. Here’s what I mean.

Our Lord Jesus Christ sent his Apostles into the world to preach his Gospel. Among those were brothers Andrew and Peter whom you know as Patriarchs Saint Peter of the Roman Church and Saint Andrew of the Russian and Eastern Orthodox Church. Their paths were northward for Andrew across modern Turkey and the Black Sea upward to modern Kiev. There was a broad wide sweep of East-West communication including eastern trade routes but the Alps put a fierce divide between himself and his brother. Peter went westward through the Mediterranean Sea region and his mission eventually traveled northward following coastal communication. Details are myriad but what matters is the difference in Christology that formed.

Peter held to the Gospel of Grace through the death and resurrection of Jesus who was declared born of God. Grace meant eternal life without the trials and tribulations of the ancient Greeks and the various Shamanistic transfiguration and reincarnation beliefs of northern and eastern dark religions. There was still a heavy duty to a priesthood as with the old ways but the new Gospel was light in its yoke of obligation comparatively. Thus our sea-faring ancestors who knew well of all the world’s great religions could see a great and true Grace in the gospel according to Peter.

Andrew was strongly influenced by the very entheology shaman to whom he preached and at some point we can see his gospel fully formed including the very entheology practices of warring shamanic chieftains. In the Christology of Andrew, Jesus was born a man and transfigured into God. It is these drug rituals that are modeled after the Transfiguration of Jesus that authorize their Faith. We know by anthropology research that a variety of psyllicibin containing mushrooms were among the shamanic concoctions and also various henbane potions plus ephedra, hashish, opium and a variety of flowers. Dr. Andrew Weill has made his career in studies of these practices and published “From Chocolate to Morphine” several decades ago with copious references for a reader to be informed.

For this summary, it should be noted that the two brothers contrast with each other in the burden and freedom granted to the mind and body of their faithful. These are proven over the long arc of time and history with examples of monstrous behavior like Ivan the Terrible believing his transformation re-created him as a god-man on earth in the flesh. For the other part Peter’s Gospel freed his congregation into lives of full health of mind and body with the evidence of productivity of both mind and body self evident in historical records.

White races are not superior by virtue of their physical coloration. They are productive because Grace gave them allowance and freedom to go to war with Shamanic Priests who burdened tribes with drugs which weakened the tribes and caused carelessness and sloth. These were tribes who felt the desperate demand of bitter winter and they either prepared adequately or died before Spring. For 1000 years and now again today we have gone to war for this freedom and borders to shield our security. Caring and care-filled urgency is a gift of the gospel of Grace.

Saint Paul genuinely and truly brought a gospel of Grace and Life and Good whether the tribesman believed or not. When Kings and Princes accepted Christianity via the Gospel of Peter of Rome they were receiving a gift of immense value in simple socio-political measures. Abuses came later and sometimes sooner and then we warred again for the same basic reasons.

And it is precisely these measures we intend to keep for all time and eternity.

Grace is Life.

Drugs and the entheology of transfiguration is a path to weakness and defeat.

What is so surprising today is the forgetful clerics who fail to teach the meaning of the word: Aryan. It is the word for Saint Andrew’s congregation of believers who believed the adopted entheology of his gospel raised them to transfiguration and to a lighter and whiter physical appearance with spiritual gifts included. This is also the gospel according to Saint Francis which confronted me in the lecture room of Elizabeth Burrows of Seattle, appointed by Bishop Szekely. It was as harsh a sudden realization as you can possibly imagine that a diocese of Rome was teaching this gospel in my country and home town. Roy avenue by Evergreen Watchelli Cemetary. It was proof that Saint Francis was an entheology Reincarnation Racist Aryan Supremacist in his Christology. Basta!

I am a secular speaker and writer. I am also a student of the sacred which informs my views in strictly secular socio-political ways. I do not evangelize for a religion so am outwardly somewhat a deist with a chosen text elevated above others.

Our Gospel contrasts sharply with ancient religions precisely because it ends the franchise of despotic slavery of body and mind servitude. Hindus have created an elaborate pageantry and theater of their Reincarnation Racist Entheology and all the tribal preferences. Old shamanic priesthoods enforce socio-political control with stories of superstition and astrology and transfiguration via Entheology until their tribal relations are entirely gripped with an obedience demand that is a social control scheme starting with gullible minds. Their own people cry out for justice.

And, if you suspect I overstate, consider the example they brought to USA via the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and his Transcendental Meditation ‘scientific technique’. This is the cult of my sister. And you saw its culminating character live on 60Minutes when one presidential candidate(sic) claimed TM elevation transfigured the devotee to become able to levitate ! When the technique was demonstrated on TV we could see just as children the king had no clothes. The demonstration showed a cross-legged devotee flapping his legs in what the adults watching recognized was merely an aerobic kegel exercise. These fools were aerobically m_bating and calling self-pleasured orgasm “levitating”.

Our ancestors rejected the ancient reincarnation racism of Buddhism , Hinduism, Judaism and Rastafarianism precisely because of these abuses and the gift of Grace.

Reincarnation racism is disgraceful. It is entirely incompatible with our laws and should never be allowed in our country. Our Founders cannot have given to our religious freedoms the very authority to permit a seditious scheme to live here. We have exercised the arguments related to Communism well enough we have placed rules on activism contrary to our Constitution and Rights. It is time to exercise the same arguments now directed at entheology Reincarnation Racism which is the Mother of all racist conduct. All of the Reincarnation Racism religions should be utterly banned from our country in every visible and social manner from art to temple gathering and everything in between. Buddhism, Hinduism, Rastafarianism, meso-American Mayan and Aztec and central-American entheology all should be blocked from every expression here because they are entirely disgraceful and destructive.

Reverend Robertson has said he has seen a 900 foot Jesus over our land and believes something amazing is about to occur. I hope it is an awakening of citizens to the weakening of drugs and entheology religious beliefs which are always racist reincarnation transfiguration schemes. I hope secular people can see the march of history as: successful with the Gospel of Grace and, as a failure due to weakness and sloth in every entheology scheme. It is acceptable to be unchurched and graceful in choices of the mind.

I have no ambition to preach in any pulpit. I made my life vow at age 13 plus a few weeks and simultaneously disavowed church ministry. I am unbowed and unrepentant for love of Grace and will not be silent on its socio-political benefits. We cannot be weak in the military challenge we face today.

We should not be surprised when a Nationalist strongman defends his borders. Russia has been under siege for over 150 years all along its southern reaches. These became protectorates at the time of the grand Crusade defenses of Jerusalem and Christendom from Islam. Georgia’s widowed queen married a Russian prince and good will became a legacy. Then Britain schemed with Arabs and Persians and Turks to harass the southern flanks and provided training, weapons, field Marshalls and other supplies.

For 150 years this silent proxy battle has waged and expanded all the way to the Adriatic. Then on 9.11.01 it jumped the Atlantic. I own the Manifesto written and published by Worth Smith, an Englishman in London. This isn’t just a footnote to dead historians. It is a living English war of anti-Reformation Empire. Just as Shamil led warriors for Islam against Russia, England’s allies lead their warriors against us, USA.

Ukraine is a second war front opening onto Russia.

With the diplomacy of Obama and Clinton supporting sale of Monsanto GMO seed for Ukrainian farmland to enhance harvest yields, China was invited and agreed to buy 5% of the entire ag output of everything and made a $3billion down-payment in 2013 for seed. However, on the Russian side of the Dniepre river farmers objected to the usurious contract from Monsanto. That payment became a hot potato and was loudly described in news accounts. The Orange Revolution was their refusal and I still say it was a righteous complaint that every good American should understand and respect. It took a strong ally in Putin for farmers to enforce their Will. The resolution was the buyout of Monsanto by a Swiss holding consortium. WW3 was almost initiated by POTUS44 & STATUS and only averted by EU statesmen.

However, because I was lured to Berlin Spring of ‘01 and drugged and poisoned by agents of someone sight-unseen, under the escorted supervision of a Tucson-based USA-British joint venture company PSDC, I am unsupportive of USA self-righteous claims of innocence.

Soyuz was under attack by unseen agents for a decade of launch explosions and at the time we were much less sophisticated in our knowledge of malware and network Trojans. I am a witness to claims of site-supervision and Mac usage and a complete lack of honesty and outright falsehoods by PSDC.

The hiring company for CargoLifter admitted only once I was in-country the program was out of money within six months. Since there was absolutely nothing done in basic R&D to prove any aspect of the design, beginning with materials and fab, and there was no design begun, the program was a sham and German pensioners lost some $400M invested. It appears to me to be an example of a sectarian payback to ‘harvest’ Nazi descendant wealth and cause deprivation. It appears I was intended to be the target upon which to pin the tail of guilt for fraud. And then I refused to participate and came homeward, sick as a… And I have never recovered.

It seems to me Putin had already discovered the western traitors and their mercenary employees. When Columbia exploded upon reentry 2003 I had unique knowledge of the likeliest reason. Months later there was confirmation contrary to reports of steel bolts dislodged and impacting the wing. A quiet investigation reported a damning fact. The launch inspector for Columbia was reported as a “white nationalist” and he did not perform his preflight inspection.

What this means is that the secure closures and actuators that are required to function in flight were still secured immovable. I happened to be briefed on public non-secret use of the ITT Sundstrand Auxiliary Power Unit. Its exhaust pipe is sealed with a mechanism that is like a high-tech gas-flap door on your car that operates by remote control. But it is secure locked until launch operations begin.

This means the door likely did not open upon re-entry and remained sealed closed during explosive start and operation of the hydrazine engine. The shuttle was likely destroyed by a “banana-in-the-tailpipe” causing the pipe to burst near the wing attachment and burn the structure at hydrazine burn temps that are above aluminum and composite melting. My assessment is Putin got his Soyuz payback with help from a visa-holding friendly engineer. Since you didn’t know what I know until now, you have wondered why Putin has animosity toward us. Knock knock. Who’s there?

Today something new has caused Putin to see border wars expanding beyond the south to the west also. I admit I missed the inspiration event. However, I have not missed noticing this assault highlights Christian Christology differences east and west of the Dniepre river. Nor have I missed the very obvious rejection of the attempts by Rome to unify east and west diocese into an empire lead by Rome and fitting into the English Empire scheme. Putin is rejecting the encroachment by London. Where POTUS45 may have been ambivalent, POTUS46 is apparently enthusiastic in supporting a Roman and Western and English harassment just as was POTUS44. After more than 150 years of British proxy battles I understand that thinking.

Frankly, I hope we stay out of there and do no more than support our NATO allies on their Western borders: air, land, sea.

What I see as necessary is renewed respect for borders and the rights of local culture within their borders enforced by a new and rigorous discrimination. It is peaceful in its execution and tame by the standards of modern technical business culture. It would only have seemed drastic twenty years ago. That is:

1) a complete cancellation of an entire category of Visas for all nations, no exceptions: Honorary Consular Visas. These are the bilingual educated guests supporting illiterate guests from their own country. Such support in an electronic culture is unnecessary and an abuse of our diplomacy rules especially Extraterritoriality laws giving immunity to such diplomats. Send them all homeward without exception.

2) temporarily suspend Ambassador-level delegations within our country for all except the 14-eyes group of Allies of NATO & Asia. Send them all homeward temporarily including all consular, military attache’ and emissaries, students and workers and guests and family without exception with immediate effect closing all of their embassies and consular missions. This very obviously includes Russia and PRC. But it also includes Vatican City and every Traditional State and Society and the abuses of impunity we have seen for 200 years. And then, request all nations target Russia and PRC with their own State isolation. The immediate effect is to push the burden of feeding and policing these people back to their homelands, to reduce inflation at home and increase inflation for PRC and Russia. Our world needs to repudiate the border violations of military and illegal migration. Our country needs to reduce the policing burden brought by misbehaving foreign states-people with Extraterritoriality rights. This is an urgent need. PRC is most to feel this effect since the entire Visa pool will include 5c3 Visa holders as well as H1B holders in the hotel industry. What was once considered a way to retain corporate salaries inside our economic tent is now clearly a burden. Relieving the burden is instantly a relief for inflation here and an increase in their homeland.

3) Establish a 200 Years body of law that bars for 200 years the entirety of the Commonwealth for the 9.11.01 attack. This very obviously targets England. Once in place and in effect the nations of Canada and Australia may have some offsetting truth telling aka confessions that reduce their penalty. None should be granted to Britain nor India. I further propose that England be prohibited forever from sailing its navy north of the Hebrides, west of the Azores, south of the Mediterranean Sea and into the Black Sea. Its mission should be only self and coastal defense of Europe and Israel, its only protectorate. It should be barred from nuclear powered vessels and stripped of nuclear weapons. I further propose the entirety of its overseas territories be entirely severed and the Commonwealth re-imagined..

Countries with infrastructure projects led by PRC companies should recognize their spending is supporting an enemy of Rights. Their own Principles are under attack too. 5G can wait and 4G-Advanced is lower in cost and equal in performance to low-5G which is all that is available today. A mere sunset of 2 & 3G gives the remaining 4G network greater capacity and capability by ending the burden of old slow power wasting equipment.

I want to believe, really I do

What I hope comes next is the support of our dear cousins and Prince-Electors of the Church in Europe and Russia. Because I have first-hand experience of the assaults by battery, aerosol drugs and tampering I am aware of the professionalism and lack of evidence. These guys are so good they have a high-level of training and that implies State-level training and possibly State-level support. Sure they could be rogue mercenaries moonlighting.

Back in WPV#1 Message 32759647 I wrote of assaults on children of non-Anglican and non-Catholic families and named my lost classmates. As time has gone by I am considering adults too, just as I was assaulted in Berlin and at home. My own father displayed the anger I have experienced under aerosol attack. Since he would usually have a drink on ice I can’t help wondering if his liquor cabinet was tampered. He was far too smart, immensely talented, disciplined and successful in banking for irresponsible excess.

I had a schoolmate JDP whose mom Mickey was also victim to a surprise weakening with drink. She was really bright and married to an exceptionally successful corporate chief in media. She also looked very much like MaryAnne from Gilligan’s Island and I promise you would have liked her. I refuse to believe she fell by character flaw just as I refuse to believe the same of my own father. I believe it is likely there was a pusher and tampering.

King Juan Carlos was in the news in the past and Prince Albert of Monaco today. Each have experienced family assaults that are given in reports as mysteries undiagnosed. In that story, these men of faith and culture are not falling from character flaws, they are pushed by agents provocateurs. I know with certainty of agents provocateurs and I am of the opinion these are a global phenomenon. My hypothesis is Rome is harassing its former Papal states into submission.

Remember I have already reported GHWBush opening dotGov accounts to investment schemes as of 1984ish and my own classmate taking his TSAR DOD clearance to go work for Prince Alois Liechtenstein’s bank. Shawn did not have a single day of banking experience but he was enormously bright and schooled in the same math as I which is the foundation for high speed trade algorithms. He married a beautiful Baroness and is living happily ever after. But the accounts and spending are out of sight. I suspect the Vatican sees and feels a financial force under its control or influence.

It is my hope and prayer that somehow these words leak across to EU faithful and to our cousins of the Electors to be on guard and to look for our goodwill. It is also my hope that the newly wed Romanov prince remembers the treachery of Rasputin and the methods of treachery. I hope he can be a good counsel to his cousins and brothers in Faith. I hope he can use his education and perspective of entheology to see the weakening of character it brings to have dialog with Metropolitan to make some adjustments that reduce his congregation exposure to Rasputniks. Perhaps something closer to the 23 Eastern rite, Roman communing diocese can form, something that does not offend the Tradition of Saint Andrew yet distances certain rites for extraordinary use and supervision.

Here in USA we have seen Rasputniks at work historically and recently. Historically our German Protestant Pentecostal faithful in Ohio were moved by an extraordinary event that defies reason. It moved them from certain Union sympathy in the early 1800’s to a migration westward in three big moves; removing them entirely from close battlefield support in the run-up to our Civil War. I put this in secular terms to avoid insulting their faithful character. I have had dear friends in their church who would be good friends today without our migrations. We would welcome them back to our Lutheran churches in an instant if they were to decide that certain additions were not canonical nor helpful to faith. In my view of history their movement was a parallel Rasputnik divide-and-conquer gambit by England that failed to design a battlefield victory and left our faithful divided unreasonably. Reports of cultural use of opium and ephedra causes me to wonder who filled the lamp oil in their churches?

More recently the ELCA voted to re-join Rome as an extended satellite diocese. While lamp oil in convention centers is passe’, aerosol disbursement in HVAC systems is dejour. I have experienced this. I have also experienced a canister ‘blast’ of it outside at the entrance to my apartment garage. I felt my knees buckle and the sudden rise of anger. I don’t know what drug it is but the uncontrollable yelling of profanity would be an embarrassment of the magnitude of a Don Sterling Trap if it were caught on video. You can’t see the gas jet. But the one thing you can see and thus know with 100% certainty is an old skinny-fat guy yelling crazy-mad angry words and you know skinny-fat old guys with a spinal don’t start fights. This stuff is real, and really professional.

So, if Brittany and Paris, King Carlos and I are all set upon by agents provocateurs, whom is not? I suggest the answer is in the opening quote. And, I suggest you give special attention to whom is using that language in daily use.

End of last year Mark Levin the radio attorney made a special statement that I happened to hear. He stated he was an enthusiastic adherent of the Golden Rule, Eye-for-an-Eye. This year Dan Bongino said something very much like that but began with discussing his friendship with Levin and shared his adherence to the Golden Rule. He has since diluted his comments with some home-made Bongino Golden Rules as if to distance his adherence.

I don’t know what to think in toto of the guy. I agree with so much of his output but I also recall how Rush showed us who he was in the 90’s supporting Bush without reservation and that was truly diagnostic. I find it unnecessary that our Constitution say ‘the born are superior to the unborn’ because I find it self-evident. I agree the born should love their own unborn. Just stay out of other family choices. And I find it worrisome that Rome declared couples irresponsible if they have no children, natural or adopted.

When he also ranted that he is indefatigable and cannot be defeated he was using an attribution taken from an old riddle: what has a thousand legs, marches all day and never grows tired? An army. Jim Villanucci in my home market made a similar comment about never being defeated in the first week he returned to the market. I just happened to be tuned in. That was followed by a description of playing a comedy venue recently for a private audience of guys wearing fuzzy hats. Who could that be?

Both of these guys of Italian descent, using militaristic strong man allusions to impunity and invincibility is worrisome. Combine that expression with expressions referencing an ‘Era of the Golden Rule’ which was the purpose stated in the 9.11 manifesto and this looks worrisome.

There is an extremism of a Roman despotic character trickling into their faithful language. It appeared when Francis was in Central America, Guatemala and Honduras, and stated the church should look to incorporate native ritual into church rite. But that means he is suggesting entheology rituals.

We also see extremist militancy reaches out to include STATUS contractors like Blackwater/AEON with their extreme Roman statements, and to the Chinese aka NKorea AR gun seizure I wrote about at Marymore Park back in WPV##.

Can truth-telling cause level heads in their camp to step back from the worst of their angels and demons? I want to believe, really I do. But those in dotGov have been both turn-coats and turn-backs and evil is winning. See-Hear-Speak-no-evil. The Ancienne Regime Confederacy has its Yale Society Law grad as POTUS and I don’t know that his Irish is enough to prevent the worst of Anglo-Roman demons.

My heart finds strength in the words of Our Lord’s Prayer. I can’t help wondering: how does the church hear Francis when we pray the words, “lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from evil”. Are these words still a priority for the church, and for the Bishop? Does he meet the church’s call with his own thoughts, words and actions?

I began by stating: to save our country we must save our Mother church. I am clearly an outsider, but just as Father Martin five centuries ago was both in and apart from the church I feel I am too. An injury to the church is an injury to us all. It is my highest hope and prayer there are faithful who are alert, and simply wondering if they are alone in their Lord’s Prayer to avoiding temptation and prevention and protection from evil.

The story of the Good Samaritan is sort of Christianity’s superhero story. We should not live needing a daily superhero, but a Good Shepherd who leads us to safe green pastures, free of wolves and rats that each cause injury. This is our daily prayer. May it also be the daily prayer for Rome and its Bishop.

Joseph P. Biden may be exactly the POTUS we need at this time. I am surprised at myself for considering this. Yet, he is an Anglo-sceptic as are all good Irish Catholics and he has been firm in his foreign policy which to date has kept us “delivered from evil” which POTUS45 certainly did NOT do. I doubt his will to “lead us not into temptation” but early border events have diminished.

I am more concerned about the future rotation of officers at every level state through federal. I see a culture of militaristic machismo that adheres to Golden Rule as fascism of the church with friendly-sounding spokespersons. It arises in my location with Jewish Army candidates and all across the country with other military vets and I can’t help wondering if Ahnuld, y’know, that guy from Terminator, is posturing to reprise his ‘pump you up’ stature in a bid for GOP POTUS47. I don’t think a drug promoting Eastern European whose arrival and gain was made by the Weider brothers of Bulgaria is a good Federal leadership choice.

I am also worried about zealots of the church in both FBI & Secret Service taking extrajudicial measures to achieve an extra-legislative goal they see as justified. We need more borders and safety rails, not less. And we need more team agreement and fewer Cowboys. The problem is that the doors have been swung wide open to influence peddlers who have allowed the immigration and formation of people who have a full embrace of debauchery and entheology. These are the ingredients of an inward savagery.

We are the hero cowboys of the story of modern civilization. Ancient entheology faiths hate our rough character discrimination but it is necessary to prevent the ancient abuses of carelessness, terrorism and sloth. We are centuries past the racial definitions or racists, and our need today is a more care-full discrimination of the Content of Character.

We need new terminology. The N-word is justly hated. But is it too insensitive to suggest the term ‘Innie-N’ for the ancient reincarnation racist entheologist? Aren’t we in an era of Cowboy v Innie-N? Grace v disgrace.

We are all born savage Innie-Ns. We are transfigured by Grace, not by drugs. And, it is this Grace which is the True Wine we promise to protect forever that others may also discover and be discovered.

We need care-full urgency targeting the words, “lead us not into temptation, and deliver us from evil”. I hope our leadership is familiar with these words. I’m pretty sure Joe knows. I just don’t know about the 45guy. Until 1/15/2020 I thought he did. Then he held the door open just as GWBush did for an attack. Now I just don’t know.

Everything I believe that is good and right about policy and life choices can be reflected in these three words: Moms’ lives matter. On this we should be united. Our policy of State should be in full solidarity nation-to-nation on this. If a Catholic Irishman can bring this policy to force at the street level, then today I am Irish. Then today, Mr. Biden, on this, I am with you.

If we wake up tomorrow and the only people with jobs and money are the Golden Rule terrorists with Rothschild bank syndicate accounts connected to Prince Alois Lichtenstein then the Hilton sisters will look pretty smart.

Ask the women in your family what the Afgani man meant when he said: “When we run out of money we have sisters.” What do we do then? I have written for years that all wars start at the banks.

I’m pretty sure we have people that care in dotGov but I’m not sure if we have enough, nor enough in Leadership. Kabala is real. The 9.11 Manifesto is real. Baddeley and Politkovskaya were right. My fact-stating is true, though my dot-connecting assessments can be challenged. Protecting and defending ever-lasting peace and the enumerated Rights of our Constitution and Ammendments is our goal. International Law takes away those rights and “LOANS” them back.

As of today our government is defensible. However we are under attack. I own the 9.11 Manifesto. I have read Baddeley and Politkovskaya.

Tora tora tora !

Stop calling honest expert truth tellers liars.

We are Graceland. Our words are superior.

We need adherents to our Constitution, not to the Kabala Golden Rule.

Shields up !

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From: bruwin3/23/2022 3:14:45 AM
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"Hooker" Stormy Daniels ..............

RAOTFFLMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From: bruwin3/27/2022 6:20:48 AM
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Further to Steve Bannon's video in his WAR ROOM ...............

It's a Great video, as is often the case, coming from Steve Bannon, BUT .........

...... the supporters of Donald Trump, who are asked the question, "Would this happen in Ukraine if Donald Trump were President ?" would invariably say "No".

BUT they say "No" because they are of the belief and opinion that Donald Trump would have "sent the troops into Ukraine" if Vladimir Putin had ordered the Russian military to cross the Ukrainian border.

BUT that would NOT have been the outcome in terms of ANY AMERICAN TROOPS heading for Ukraine.

What would have happened would have been that President Donald Trump would have, FIRST OF ALL, been prepared TO SIT DOWN with President Vladimir Putin and listened to what Vladimir Putin had to say about why Russia "had a problem" with the current "government" in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin would have made Donald Trump aware of the MINSK AGREEMENT that Ukraine signed in 2015 and which was ratified in the UN SECURITY COUNCIL to become UN RESOLUTION 2202(2015), where the USA sits with VETO Power, and which OBLIGATES Ukraine to hold discussions with the two breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk with the ultimate aim of creating a new CONSTITUTION for Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin would have made Donald Trump aware of the fact that FOR 7 YEARS he had been asking the 'West" why they had never pressured Ukraine to abide by their OBLIGATIONS.
He would also have made Donald Trump aware that for many years since 2015 the Ukraine Military, INFUSED with a NEO-NAZI AZOV element, had been indiscriminately shelling and killing innocent Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the South-East DONBAS simply because they were determined to speak Russian, which the current Ukrainian "government" had DECREED THEY COULD NOT DO.

Vladimir Putin would also have told Donald Trump that Russia was no longer prepared to accept "Verbal, Un-kept Promises" from the "West" that NATO would not expand further East towards Russia, and would eventually accept Ukraine as a member of NATO, because that was a RUSSIAN RED LINE, in much the same way that USSR Missiles in Cuba back in 1962 was also a USA RED LINE.

IMO, Donald Trump would have then :-

(1) Gone to Kiev and told Zelenskyy to F**KING WELL get off his F**KING arse and abide by his country's OBLIGATIONS under the MINSK AGREEMENT and F**KING WELL hold talks with the peoples of the two Breakaway Republics of the Donets and Luhansk ...... OR ELSE,

(2) Gone to NATO Headquarters in Brussels and told them, and that EU Cabal in Brussels, to stop THEIR F**KING EXPANSIONIST SHIT, seeing as they were supposed to be a Defense Alliance not a F**KING Aggression and Expansionist Alliance. He would also have informed those NATO Arseholes (that Donald Trump has absolutely never had time for) that they were going to put it IN WRITING that NATO would NOT EVER accept Ukraine, or ANY OTHER COUNTRY BORDERING ON RUSSIA, INTO NATO. And if they did not do as he told them to do then the USA would no longer fund/finance NATO.

President Donald Trump would have then boarded AIR FORCE 1 and headed back to the USA and today Russia would not be in Ukraine.


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