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   PoliticsFor Trump & Freedom - Against Socialists, Fascists, Marxists

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From: bruwin3/27/2022 6:20:48 AM
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Further to Steve Bannon's video in his WAR ROOM ...............

It's a Great video, as is often the case, coming from Steve Bannon, BUT .........

...... the supporters of Donald Trump, who are asked the question, "Would this happen in Ukraine if Donald Trump were President ?" would invariably say "No".

BUT they say "No" because they are of the belief and opinion that Donald Trump would have "sent the troops into Ukraine" if Vladimir Putin had ordered the Russian military to cross the Ukrainian border.

BUT that would NOT have been the outcome in terms of ANY AMERICAN TROOPS heading for Ukraine.

What would have happened would have been that President Donald Trump would have, FIRST OF ALL, been prepared TO SIT DOWN with President Vladimir Putin and listened to what Vladimir Putin had to say about why Russia "had a problem" with the current "government" in Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin would have made Donald Trump aware of the MINSK AGREEMENT that Ukraine signed in 2015 and which was ratified in the UN SECURITY COUNCIL to become UN RESOLUTION 2202(2015), where the USA sits with VETO Power, and which OBLIGATES Ukraine to hold discussions with the two breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk with the ultimate aim of creating a new CONSTITUTION for Ukraine.

Vladimir Putin would have made Donald Trump aware of the fact that FOR 7 YEARS he had been asking the 'West" why they had never pressured Ukraine to abide by their OBLIGATIONS.
He would also have made Donald Trump aware that for many years since 2015 the Ukraine Military, INFUSED with a NEO-NAZI AZOV element, had been indiscriminately shelling and killing innocent Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the South-East DONBAS simply because they were determined to speak Russian, which the current Ukrainian "government" had DECREED THEY COULD NOT DO.

Vladimir Putin would also have told Donald Trump that Russia was no longer prepared to accept "Verbal, Un-kept Promises" from the "West" that NATO would not expand further East towards Russia, and would eventually accept Ukraine as a member of NATO, because that was a RUSSIAN RED LINE, in much the same way that USSR Missiles in Cuba back in 1962 was also a USA RED LINE.

IMO, Donald Trump would have then :-

(1) Gone to Kiev and told Zelenskyy to F**KING WELL get off his F**KING arse and abide by his country's OBLIGATIONS under the MINSK AGREEMENT and F**KING WELL hold talks with the peoples of the two Breakaway Republics of the Donets and Luhansk ...... OR ELSE,

(2) Gone to NATO Headquarters in Brussels and told them, and that EU Cabal in Brussels, to stop THEIR F**KING EXPANSIONIST SHIT, seeing as they were supposed to be a Defense Alliance not a F**KING Aggression and Expansionist Alliance. He would also have informed those NATO Arseholes (that Donald Trump has absolutely never had time for) that they were going to put it IN WRITING that NATO would NOT EVER accept Ukraine, or ANY OTHER COUNTRY BORDERING ON RUSSIA, INTO NATO. And if they did not do as he told them to do then the USA would no longer fund/finance NATO.

President Donald Trump would have then boarded AIR FORCE 1 and headed back to the USA and today Russia would not be in Ukraine.


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From: bruwin4/3/2022 5:58:15 PM
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Made 3 days ago ...... You won't get this on Sycophantic MSM.

The "West", the EU Cabal, and most especially Germany's Chancellor, Olaf Scholz, didn't think that Vladimir Putin and his Cabinet were serious when they said that "Unfriendly Countries" towards Russia (See list below) would have to pay for their NATURAL GAS IN RUSSIAN RUBLES.

But Vladimir Putin is generally NOT inclined to Bluff. So here we have it ------->

....... To put it in a Nutshell, an "Unfriendly Country", wanting to buy Russian Natural Gas, will have to :-

1) Open 2 accounts in the Russian GAZPROMBANK,
2) One account will be in the currency of their choice, e.g. Euros,
3) A second account will be in Russian Rubles,
4) The "Unfriendly Country" will deposit Euros into their Euro account to pay for the amount of Natural Gas that they want,
5) GAZPROMBANK will convert those Euros into Rubles and place those Rubles into the "Unfriendly Country's" Russian Rubles account,
6) The "Unfriendly Country" will then have to pay for its Russian Natural Gas from its Rubles account at GAZPROMBANK ..... and nothing passes through SWIFT.

Oh, and by the way, Russia is also prepared to buy Gold at a fixed price of RUB5000/gm = ~RUB141760/ounce = ~$1660/ounce.

And then we have Joe "Obama-Puppet" Biden's "Brilliant(?)" plan to "Stabilize(?)" the Oil Price :-


RAOTFFLMFAO !!!!! ....... It just goes to show the lengths that the Demented MARXIST-Inclined Democrats will go to achieve REGIME CHANGE IN RUSSIA !!!!

The list of "Unfriendly Countries" according to Russia :-

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From: bruwin5/5/2022 12:43:01 PM
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Dinesh D'Souza explains how the Vital Component of GEOTRACKING was used to Determine and Prove the Fraudulent Modus Operandi of stuffing Ballot Boxes with ILLEGAL VOTES that all went to Joe "Obama-Puppet" Biden in 2020 ----->

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From: bruwin5/19/2022 10:59:20 AM
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Peter Doocy is probably one of the more COMPETENT White House correspondents who frequent the Brady Room when a Biden "Press Secretary" takes to the Podium.

BUT ..... I would like to suggest that once he has asked that Imbecilic Nincompoop behind the Podium a TELLING Question, he must already have a fairly good idea what her response is likely to be, which is usually some SCRIPTED GARBAGE that she has in front of her ......

THEREFORE ...... he must ALWAYS have a DEVASTATING UPPERCUT Second question on hand with the necessary FACTS TO BACK HIM UP !!!!

For example ..... that Biden Arsehole has come up with some MINDLESS CRAP about "Inflation" and how the "Rich" contribute to this problem and they should "Pay More Taxes" because they pay "Virtually NO TAXES", Blah, Blah, Blah .......

So this is when Peter Doocy should whip out the following chart and wave it in front of the CAMERAS -------->


And then we have that other DEMENTED DEMOCRAT AND FAR LEFTIST BULLSHIT about "Trickle Down Economics" ....... That was one of HUSSEIN "Flappy-Ears" Obama's favourite "References(?)" !!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, here is Thomas Sowell, who knows INFINITELY MORE THAN OBAMA EVER KNEW about FACTUAL ECONOMICS, seeing as there is NO SUCH THING as "Trickle Down Economics" --------->

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From: bruwin5/25/2022 1:59:06 AM
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So here we have further CONFIRMATION as to how that VILE, LYING, MALICIOUS, VINDICTIVE Hillary Bitch operated with regard to that "Russian Collusion" BULLSHIT ----->

And here, IMO, is a VERY RELEVANT Extract from the WSJ article ------>

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From: bruwin5/30/2022 1:50:13 AM
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Twitter has been "Strip Searched" and found to be a "Steaming Hulk" of BOTS and FAKE ACCOUNTS !!!

Typical of the way that Far Leftists and Marxists operate as PROPAGANDISTS ----->

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From: bruwin5/30/2022 7:51:17 AM
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Keep EXPOSING these Demented-Democrat-Appointed Arseholes and Demented-Democrat-Supported-Anti-American Politicians !!!!!!

The TOTAL American Public need to be made MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE AND MORE Aware as to how these Demented, Far-Leftist, Marxist- Inspired HIERARCHY of the Democratic Party and their Sycophantic MSM GO ABOUT THEIR VILE BUSINESS !!!!!!!!!

For FAR TOO LONG Americans, especially far too many Conservative Americans, have been completely UNAWARE as to how this VILE CABAL of MARXISTS have been operating WITH IMPUNITY within America itself, finally resulting in the current CHAOTIC STATE OF AFFAIRS !!!!!!!!!!

It's way past the time that PATRIOTIC, FREEDOM-LOVING Americans "Wake Up and Smell the Coffee" !!!!

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From: bruwin6/3/2022 4:20:07 PM
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Lauren Boebert LAYS INTO that Lying, Plagiarising, Hypocritical Joe "Obama-Puppet" Biden and his Drug Addict, Law-Breaking son Hunter ......

Makes GREAT Listening ......

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From: bruwin6/15/2022 4:11:23 PM
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The current overall 1.75% FED Rate is nowhere near enough to be effective against the 8.6% US INFLATION RATE !!!

Needless to say, the FED is TOO SHIT-SCARED to do a "Paul Volcker" because that would GREATLY COMPOUND the current CRISIS that has UNDOUBTEDLY been caused by the "Policies" of that INSANE MANIAC in the White House, AND it would Absolutely ANNIHILATE the Demented Democratic Party in the 2022 and 2024 Upcoming Elections !!!!

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From: bruwin6/17/2022 10:15:22 AM
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Remember when the likes of that Fauci Ars*hole, and others of his ILK, said that ONE SHOULD FOLLOW THE SCIENCE ?????!!!!!! ..... Well, -------------->

And then one could also ask, "How EFFECTIVE are Masks" and "How EFFECTIVE are 'Lockdowns' and 'Social Distancing' " ???!!!

And then one could also ask, "Why was a PERFECTLY SAFE and INEXPENSIVE medication, such as IVERMECTIN, a PROTEASE INHIBITOR as is PFIZER's Very Expensive PAXLOVID, not allowed to be prescribed by a Doctor for the treatment of COVID-19 ????!!!!"

I personally know of DOZENS AND DOZENS of individuals, in my part of the world, who tested "Positive" for COVID-19, who took the 5 day course of IVERMECTIN, AND WERE "UP AND ABOUT AND WELL AGAIN", EVEN BEFORE THE 5 DAYS WERE UP !!!!

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