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   PoliticsFor Trump & Freedom - Against Socialists, Fascists, Marxists

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From: bruwin1/20/2022 4:40:15 AM
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Not surprising considering that it originated from the BIGGEST CONFIRMED ARSEHOLE AMERICA HAS HAD THE MISFORTUNE TO HAVE AS ITS 46TH PRESIDENT !!!!!

This ongoing BULLSHIT about "Suppressing the Right To Vote" !!!!


"HEYY !!! ... Biden, .... you Arsehole !!! The GOP, and other more SANE Americans, are not "Suppressing" anyone's right to Vote you Prick !!

All that should be done, THROUGHOUT THE 50 STATES IN THE USA, is that A VOTER MUST BE ABLE TO PROVE that they are a Bone Fide AMERICAN CITIZEN, you Arsehole !!! ..... That is how it works in virtually EVERY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD !!!

The ONLY reason why you keep GOING ON AND ON AND ON AND ON AND ON with this CRAP about Voter Suppression is that you want anyone of those tens of thousands of illegal "migrants", who've crossed America's OPEN Southern Border, as well as those "Refugees" that you created in Afghanistan, to be able to walk up to a ballot box and cast their vote WITHOUT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE PROVING THAT THEY ARE A BONE FIDE AMERICAN CITIZEN ......


So you and that Pathetic Vice-President of yours should stick your brand of "democracy" and your Pathetic Statements up your COLLECTIVE ARSES !!!"


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From: bruwin1/22/2022 12:56:29 AM
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The British people have been led to believe, by Government "officials", that about 150,000 have died FROM COVID.

BUT ............ According to actual DATA from the UK OFFICE OF NATIONAL STATISTICS ONLY ABOUT 17,500 HAVE DIED FROM COVID ITSELF !!!!!!!!!!!! ........

The vast majority who have had "Cause of Death" as "COVID" on their death Certificates did NOT die "FROM COVID", but died "WITH COVID" !!!!!!! ............ I suspect that much the same has been happening in many other parts of the world.

Nigel Farage reveals all -------->

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From: bruwin1/25/2022 3:35:27 AM
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It is really UNBELIEVABLE to watch all this CREATED Hysteria, Propaganda, Mis-Information and Unadulterated BULLSHIT about the "imminent invasion of Ukraine by those terrible Russians", emanating out of the Biden administration, and MOST ESPECIALLY from that Incompetent Arsehole, Blinken, who just says and does what that NEOCON Bitch, Victoria Nuland, tells him to say and do, because he, himself, wouldn't know WHAT the FUCK to say or do.

And then we have Biden's lap-dog, Boris "Bad-Hair-Day" Johnson, who also just says and does what he's told with regard to those "terrible Russians" DESPITE THE FACT THAT THERE'S NOT ONE SHRED OF EVIDENCE POINTING TO THIS FABRICATED "INVASION(?)" STORY !!!
Even the ex-comedian president of Ukraine is urging Ukrainians to not panic and to stop clearing the supermarket shelves because they believe that a "war(?)" is just around the corner !!!

Fortunately there are now several MAJOR Western European countries, especially the largest one Germany, who are not falling for this Demented Democrat Bullshit because they see no reason to get into a "CREATED CONFLICT" situation with Russia, bearing in mind that they are, and most certainly WILL BE, highly dependent on Russia's further long term supply of Natural Gas to Europe.

As I've said numerous times on this board, ALL that the Ukrainians need to do is to ABIDE BY THEIR OBLIGATIONS as AS THEY AGREED TO DO in accordance with UN RESOLUTION 2202 (2105), the MINSK AGREEMENT, which is INTERNATIONAL LAW, and there won't need to be any involvement from Russia which is what the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has told them and THE WHOLE OF THE WEST on NUMEROUS, PUBLIC OCCASIONS.

Alexander Mercouris, well informed on the subject of Ukraine and Russia, elaborates for those who may be interested ........

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From: bruwin1/26/2022 5:51:51 AM
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Tucker Carlson reveals much about this DISGUSTING, TREASONOUS SITUATION being Implemented, Enforced, Financed and Encouraged by the DEMENTED, FASCIST, MARXIST-INCLINED DEMOCRATS in Washington .......

Already OVER 2 MILLION ILLEGALS have crossed into the USA and NO ONE KNOWS Who they ARE or Where they ARE ......... AND, on top of it all, THEY'VE BEEN ALLOWED TO USE THEIR ARREST WARRANTS AS THEIR ID's (See at 14:26) !!!!!!!!!!!! ............. F**KING UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From: bruwin1/28/2022 10:49:37 AM
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The fact of the matter is that the WESTERN population is not really at all well informed about the REALITIES within Ukraine.

Ukraine is divided between West and East with the natural dividing "line" of the Dnieper River down the middle. To the West the Ukrainians tend towards Western Europe. To the East the Ukrainians are far more aligned with Russia and the majority of them speak Russian.

One of the reasons that there was the breakaway of the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions was because the current Ukraine administration wanted the language of Ukraine to be the Ukrainian language and there was NOT TO BE Russian spoken. That was COMPLETELY UNACCEPTABLE TO THE ABOVE TWO REGIONS ..... so they broke away.

That caused Upheavals and Demonstrations and Violence in 2014. As a result of that France, Germany and Russia entered into discussions with the Ukrainians in order to stop the violence.

Eventually the Ukrainians agreed to enter into discussions with the leaders of the Donetsk and Luhansk. That culminated into the drawing up of the MINSK AGREEMENT which passed through the UN SECURITY COUNCIL where everyone agreed to it ..... INCLUDING THE USA, and that became UN RESOLUTION 2202 (2015), which is INTERNATIONAL LAW.

Unfortunately the current ex-comedian president of Ukraine, Zelensky, is hell-bent on NOT ABIDING by his OBLIGATIONS OF THE MINSK AGREEMENT and last year sent the Ukraine military to the border of the DONBAS with the intention to invade.

As soon as Russia saw that she amassed 2 Army Divisions close to the border and made it VERY CLEAR with Zelensky that Russia would not abide an attack against the two breakaway states who's populations were very much aligned with Russia.

Zelensky SHAT IN HIS PANTS because he knew, that without outside Military assistance, Russia would wipe his forces off the face of the map. His military forces are still there today on the border, twiddling their thumbs and doing FUCKALL.

This is one of the MAIN REASONS why Zelensky wants to join NATO because according to "Clause 5" of the NATO AGREEMENT, if one NATO member is attacked the other NATO members are obligated to come to his assistance. However, the USA and Western Europe are not stupid. The last thing that they want is to enter into a Military conflict with Russia, ON RUSSIA's DOOR STEP, so they have not been prepared to have Ukraine join NATO ....................

All that Vladimir Putin wants is to have good relations with countries on the European continent and to do business with them and for everybody to just mind their own business and TO KEEP THEIR NOSES out of the affairs of other SOVEREIGN NATIONS, something, unfortunately, that several US Administrations have not been inclined to do as has been seen in Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, etc,.

AT THE END OF THE DAY, as long as Ukraine doesn't "invade" the DONBAS, there is very little that Vladimir Putin has to do.

He can just sit there and watch Arseholes like Biden, Blinken, Johnson and Co. talk SHIT about his "planned invasion(?)" of Ukraine, while he sells his gas and agricultural products to Eastern countries and also to India.

If Europe doesn't want his gas via Nord Stream 2, then fine. He's already recovered the cost of the pipeline from his oil and gas revenues due to their sharp rise in prices as Russia's oil "cut off" price is around $45/barrel ......

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From: bruwin2/1/2022 8:43:34 AM
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Dinesh D'Souza exposes 2020 US ELECTION FRAUD !!!

Here's the trailer to his upcoming Movie "2000 MULES" ........ The description "MULES" no doubt refers to those +/- 2000 individuals who were PAID to Stuff BALLOT DROP BOXES in the 5 Key Swing States which gave Joe "Obama-Puppet" Biden and election "victory(?)" while he sat in his basement doing FUCKALL, knowing full well that there was actually nothing that he had to do because it was "ALL SOWN UP" !!! ....

Needless to say, one can just see many hundreds of the current Illegal Immigrant population scattered around America doing much the same thing in future US Elections if the Demented Democrats get their way with "Voting Bills" !!!

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From: bruwin2/2/2022 1:12:07 PM
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Another CNN "Potato Head", Jeff Zucker, gets BOOTED OFF CNN ...... there's NO WAY he would "voluntarily(?)" resign !!! ....... RAOTFFLMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!!

Couldn't happen to a more CONFIRMED and DESERVING ARSEHOLE !!!!!!

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From: bruwin2/5/2022 3:17:55 AM
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It's actually quite DISTURBINGLY Mind Blowing when one sees how successful the Media has been over the years in convincing SO MANY MILLIONS OF INDIVIDUALS that what they "Report" is Factual and those MILLIONS OF INDIVIDUALS have just generally been prepared to accept it without question.

A recent classic example is how it has been reported that Russia has "100,000+ Troops directly on the border of Ukraine and an invasion by Russia of Ukraine is IMMINENT" .......... DESPITE the fact that no such thing EXISTS.

Russia does not have 100,000+ Troops within spitting distance of Ukraine's border. Russia DOES HAVE its troops stationed in their forward barracks, approximately 100+ kilometers from Ukraine's border, and they are at the ready IF Ukraine decides to send its Military forces into the DONBAS Region to attempt to take over the two breakaway states of the DONETSK and LUHANSK who are aligned with Russia.

Whenever some "Expert(?)" commentator comes on TV and is questioned about the "situation" in Ukraine, the FIRST THING that they refer to are those 100,000+ Russian troops on Ukraine's border !!!

Even the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, HAS PUBLICLY TOLD THE WORLD, AND THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA, THAT THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF 100,000+ RUSSIAN TROOPS ON HIS COUNTRY'S BORDER !!!! ..............And if ANYONE should know then HE F*CKING-WELL SHOULD KNOW !!!! ........

And DESPITE Zelensky saying what he has said, YOU STILL HAVE COMMENTATORS TALKING SHIT and you still have MILLIONS of people who are swallowing the Media's CRAP !!!! ....... JEEZ !!!!

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From: bruwin2/11/2022 2:54:32 AM
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Joe "Obama-Puppet" Biden's orchestrated INFLATION RATE of 7.5% !!!!!!

UP from the 1.7% when Donald Trump left the White House !!!!!!

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From: bruwin2/16/2022 4:22:20 PM
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The Russian "INVASION(?)".

As I write this it's 00:11 in Moscow and 23:11 in Kiev, Ukraine ........... So what happened to the "INVASION": of Ukraine that Biden and his Inept, "Out-Of-Their-Depth" Lackeys, such as Jake Sullivan, have been TRUMPETING about FOR WEEKS ........ and not to mention that other "TRUMPETING" that also came from Biden's lap dog, "Bad-Hair-Day" Boris Johnson ???!!!

JEEZ ...... What a bunch of Highly Overpaid, Globalist Arseholes .....

Anyway, here is Alexander Mercouris who puts that whole sorry saga into perspective .........

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