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From: koan4/7/2020 9:21:05 PM
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The human species is divided into two groups:

Those who can see that Donald Trump is a lunatic and monster destroying the country, and those who cannot!

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To: koan who wrote (91)4/8/2020 9:48:46 PM
From: RetiredNow
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Hi Koan,
long time no talk! How are you doing in these strange and isolated times? I'm walking a lot nowadays. It's weird but the social isolation orders have resulted in me getting away from my computer more and going out for longer walks. It's almost as if I am compelled to get out more now that they've told me not to. I stay away from people and mind my own business, but I have to be outside! I have to get the sun on my face to make sure I didn't wake up to some strange land that I don't recognize. I hope this COVID thing ends soon. It's making me stir crazy!

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To: RetiredNow who wrote (93)4/9/2020 12:25:28 PM
From: koan
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Hi MM, i ride my bike more and luckily have a good place to ride. With all my sitting around I know I need more exercise. I also cook more with recipes off the internet.

I also have two girls who like to dote on me, so i let them-lol.

They order my food and take care of all my needs, so I can just spend the days smoking pot and watching cat videos and Asian soap operas-lol.

And they support that life style and keep me supplied in pot and scotch-lol.

Did i do a good job raising my girls or what-lol?

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To: koan who wrote (94)4/10/2020 1:04:54 PM
From: RetiredNow
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LOL. Well, sounds like a peaceful life. I'm doing ok too. I take lots of long walks with my wife and we're doing great. We miss all of our friends, though.

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From: koan5/1/2020 1:14:22 PM
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I don't think we are prepared for the long haul and I worry we will see terrible conditions like we saw in the Great Depression, in the 1920's.

CNN reports today that Dr Lipstick and Dr Osterholm, two of the top epidemiologists in the world, are leading a team of researchers and they say this pandemic will last 18 to 24 months and the federal government needs to prepare for the long haul.
They also said the constant talk of this being over the worst of it is not only wrong, but dangerous.

Trump and the Republicans, who rave against so much the Democrats and liberals believe, are now trying to do the same thing with a disease; and so are now drinking the cool aid they pour out all the time for everyone else, like global warming and the virtues of small government and supply side economics.

The right wing is walking head long right into this pandemic with magical thinking, and it looks like they will pay a very high price for their foolishness in a very real way.

The thing I keep thinking about, is that we are only at the very beginning of this crises and already we are having significant civil unrest. And now imagine what is going to happen over two years as people get increasingly desperate e.g. how will they pay their rent, buy food, and pay other bills?

As well, the Republicans have been doing everything in their power over the last 50 years to destroy our social safety nets and they have prevented Democrats who knew what needed to be done from addressing those things.

And making things worse with their privatization of needed public services like prisons. And as bad, is another nutso idea the Republicans have that business leaders know how to run a government better than professionals with degrees in social science and social administration.

So now we find ourselves in the position of not only having Republicans working to destroy more of our social safety nets, but as bad, having them in control when they have NO idea how to do social planning, nor do they care.

The Republicans worked against Obama for his entire eight years and prevented him from doing so much that was needed e.g. while they put forth a huge stimulus bill now, they kept Obama's to a minimum. And the moment Trump got in he started getting rid of social programs even the pandemic prevention office Obama set up and cutting 700 positions from the CDC.

And again, just this last month or so, we just saw the Republicans outsmart the Democrats on these rescue appropriations by intimidating them.

If the docs are right about this pandemic lasting 18 months to two years, the average person, and states, are going to need much more federal help, but the Republicans, having gotten what they wanted for the super rich, are now putting the breaks on for people and states funding.

The country is going to need to spend much more money and involve much more help from social scientists to keep the civil unrest from turning this country into a version of Mad Max.

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To: Woody_Nickels who wrote (17)6/4/2020 3:16:35 AM
From: Heywood40
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I just noticed there are over 2000 messages from you I haven't read. That must be 3 or 4 days worth.

I see over 8500 unread messages from Lindy Bill, but that's probably just today.

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To: koan who wrote (92)4/20/2021 9:30:27 AM
From: Joachim K
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Conway Twitty - Okie from Muskogee

We don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee and we don't take our trips on LSD
We don't burn our draft cards down on Main Street
Cause we like living right and being free
We don't make a party out of loving but we like holding hands and pitching woo
And we don't let our hair grow long and shaggy
Like the hippies out in San Francisco do
And I'm proud to be an Okie from Muskogee
A place where even squares can have a ball
And we still wave Ol' Glory down at the courthouse
And white lightning's still the biggest thrill of all
Cowboy boots are still in style for manly footwear
Beads and Roman sandals won't be seen
And football's still the roughest thing on campus
And the kids here still respect the college dean
And I'm proud to be an Okie
In Muskogee Oklahoma US

Songwriters: Merle Haggard / Roy Burris
Okie From Muskogee lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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To: Joachim K who wrote (98)5/20/2021 9:24:08 AM
From: Mongo2116
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To: bruwin who wrote (89)6/16/2021 11:02:03 AM
From: Mongo2116
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To: Woody_Nickels who wrote (17)3/4/2022 10:25:14 PM
From: Doren
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Even extreme rightists can't stomach you Putin supporters anymore

GOP torn as Greene speaks to far right amid ‘Putin!’ chants

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