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From: emitter1/3/2019 10:15:04 AM
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Oh Shucks, look, back to low 82's, but what do I know, being 'utterly useless' and all?

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From: emitter1/3/2019 12:23:18 PM
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IF the global economy is really slowing as 'they' say, who is going to be paying up to buy the most expensive TV's & phones on the market (those w/OLED screens)? Ramping up price to try to compensate for less sales shot Apple in the foot, will work the same for TV's. Even on such a horrible day such as this, AAPL going toward it's high of the day, OLED is at it's low, ouch!

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From: MorganBucks1/3/2019 5:09:46 PM
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Samsung — MicroLED, More 8K Options and New Looks for QLEDLast year's CES saw Samsung grabbing attention with new resolutions, new designs and even a new display technology, and we can expect each of those trends to carry forward in 2019.

One of the biggest announcements at last year's CES was the giant 12-foot home-theater display that Samsung calls The Wall. The floor-to-ceiling display uses Samsung's new microLED display tiles, with dozens of small modular segments joining together to make the enormous screen. Though it was mostly a showpiece last January, The Wall has been available since mid-2018, and early reports suggest that Samsung will have a scaled-down version of its microLED display at CES this year.

Samsung is leading the market in 8K TVs, thanks to the launch of the 85-inch Q900R QLED 8K TV, the first commercially available 8K set, which sells for $14,999(US)/£14,999(UK). But while the U.S. has only been able to get 8K in the 85-inch size, the U.K. market also saw the 65-inch Q900R QLED, which puts the 33-million-pixel display into a more mainstream size. Chances are very good that we'll be seeing a similar 65-inch model launched in the U.S. for 2019, as well as a potential 75-inch model that fits between the two in both size and price.

Samsung's design-first lifestyle TV, "The Frame" has also been a big hit for the company, putting a slim 4K TV into a tasteful design that mimics a framed photo or painting hung on the wall. Samsung has recently announced partnerships with several galleries – New Zealand's Te Papa gallery, Italy's Uffizi galleries and The Van Gogh Museum in the Netherlands – to bring 62 classic artworks to the art store that accompanies The Frame. Launched in 2017 and refreshed in 2018, this announcement suggests another refresh is coming in 2019.

Finally, we can expect Samsung's QLED line to keep going strong in 2019. The premium TV line uses quantum-dot technology to offer the best LCD panels around, but early reports suggest new refinements to the technology, such as advanced filtering for better black levels, enhanced backlight and (hopefully) a smarter version of the Bixby voice assistant. Samsung has continued to incorporate Bixby into its smart phones and smart TVs, but we hope to see the voice assistant get improvements in voice recognition.

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From: emitter1/3/2019 6:23:48 PM
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Damn, Appl down 9.6% today, and OLED down 12.7%. Feels like burnt toast, that was fast! From high 90's to below 80 close in just a very few days.

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From: emitter1/3/2019 11:35:06 PM
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Good grief, I see one of the perm along OLED posters going all in, 100% now on his hope. Yet I've been banned from posting there because I have a divergent point of view regarding this company. They claim to welcome short/long views, but this in clearly not the case. It's a site for pie eyed dreamers. I do wish you well over there, I do hope you are right, and wish no harm to anyone, yet if I may be so bold would like to point out that time has proven my case to also have validity.
Nuff said, we'll see how it goes.

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From: MorganBucks1/7/2019 9:49:47 AM
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Samsung’s 75-inch MicroLED 4K TV is a huge step into the future


Picture quality that rivals or beats OLED without any of the downsides
By Chris Welch @chriswelch Jan 6, 2019, 10:00pm EST

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From: MorganBucks1/7/2019 9:52:10 AM
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Samsung Unveils Future of Displays with Groundbreaking Modular Micro LED Technology at CES
Samsung Newsroom (with U.S. Specific News Release) 01.06.19


Samsung Reveals New Micro LED Sizes, Shapes and Configurations that Push the Limits of Traditional TV Displays at First Look Event
LAS VEGAS, NV – JANUARY 6, 2019 – Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today introduced its latest innovations in modular MicroLEDdisplay technology during its annual First Look CES event at the Aria Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. The revolutionary new Micro LED technology designs featured at the event included: a new 75” display, a 219” The Wall as well as other various groundbreaking sizes, shapes and configurations for a next-generation modular Micro LED display – a 2019 CES Best of Innovation Award winner.

“For decades, Samsung has led the way in next-generation display innovation,” said Jonghee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our Micro LED technology is at the forefront of the next screen revolution with intelligent, customizable displays that excel in every performance category. Samsung Micro LED has no boundaries, only endless possibilities.”

Featuring self-emissive technology and modular capabilities, Samsung’s Micro LED displays deliver unparalleled picture quality, versatility and design. These transformative TV displays are made up of individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light to produce brilliant colors on screen – delivering unmatched picture quality that surpasses any display technology currently available on the market.

At last year’s CES, Samsung introduced Micro LED by unveiling The Wall, the critically acclaimed, award-winning 146” Micro LED display. Due to the technical advancements in the ultra-fine pitch semiconductor packaging processthat narrow the gap between the microscopic LED chips, Samsung has been able to create a stunning 4K Micro LED display in a smaller, more home-friendly 75” form factor.


Samsung Smart TVs to Launch iTunes Movies & TV Shows and Support AirPlay 2 Beginning Spring 201901.06.19

Thanks to the modular nature of Micro LED, this technology offers flexibility in screen size that allows users to customize it to fit any room or space. By adding Micro LED modules, users can expand their display to any size they desire. The modular functionality of Micro LED will allow users in the future to create the ultimate display evenat irregular 9×3, 1×7 or 5×1 screen sizesthat suits their spatial, aesthetic and functional needs.

Samsung’s Micro LED technology also optimizes the content no matter the size and shape of the screen. Even when adding more modules, Samsung Micro LED displays can scale to increase the resolution — all while keeping the pixel density constant. Additionally, Micro LED can support everything from the standard 16:9 content, to 21:9 widescreen films, to unconventional aspect ratios like 32:9, or even 1:1 – without having to make any compromises in its picture quality.

Finally, because Micro LED displays are bezel-free, there are no borders between modules – even when you add more. The result is a seamless, stunning infinity pool effect that allows the display to elegantly blend into any living environment. The possibilities for eye-catching designs are enhanced by new Ambient Mode features.

For more detail on Samsung’s 2019 QLED 8K and MicroLED lines, please visit booth #15006 in the Central Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center during CES 2019 (January 8-11, 2019).

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From: emitter1/8/2019 7:26:07 AM
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LG, the great hope of OLED TV sales, warns of an 80% drop in profit expected;

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From: emitter1/8/2019 8:46:21 PM
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Sure, Huawei is also selling OLED screened phones, but, um, whoops..

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From: MorganBucks1/10/2019 2:40:31 PM
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TCL Announces Premium Home Theater Products and Revolutionary Technology at CES 2019America's Fastest-Growing TV Brand Expands its Award-Winning Entertainment Solutions Portfolio with Large-Size TVs, Sound Bars and Future Innovation


TCL Jan 07, 2019, 16:28 ET


LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- TCL®, one of the world's best-selling and America's fastest-growing television brand, today unveiled new products to enhance its current home theater lineup and spoke to technology offerings that will deliver unique functionality for an elevated entertainment experience at the 2019 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES). TCL discussed new technologies being developed with Roku® including the first ever 8K TCL Roku TVs and new TV models with microphones built in, offering quick access to entertainment. In addition, TCL's latest introductions complement their award-winning TVs and further strengthen its North American portfolio with the company's first home audio product expansion - the TCL Alto Home Theater Sound Bars.

"2018 was another great year for the TCL television business globally and especially for us here in North America," said Aaron Dew, Director of Product Development, TCL North America. "We're making TVs people love and according to NPD, TCL became a leader in Smart TV with number two market share in the USA. The growth in large screen was even more pronounced with TCL taking a top-3 position in the 55" and above category. As TCL continues to drive into increasingly larger screen sizes with the opening of the world's most advanced Gen 11 panel production facility, the TCL team must ensure that we are delivering world-class products with the performance levels that our users truly want in their family room."

Responding to demand for the award-winning TCL Roku TV™ 6-Series, TCL will offer the newest and largest model in this series with a 75" screen size and up to 160 Contrast Control Zones®. This much-anticipated television is now available for pre-order today on for less than $1800 and will be rolled out to a broad range of retailers in the coming weeks. In addition to increasing in size, all TCL 5- and 6-Series sets in North America receive automatic software updates including Roku OS 9, available to TCL Roku TVs in the coming months. Roku OS 9 features Spotify support, "Free" Genre Voice Search and compatibility with Dolby Vision® HDR on Xbox One X and One S consoles, allowing owners to enjoy the most powerful High Dynamic Range experience in market.

To enhance its already stunning picture quality, TCL announced powerful innovation in its highest-performance TVs coming to North America. Mini LED, utilizing Quantum Dot technology, will enable deeper blacks, more color volume resulting in ultra-vibrant colors and excellent-off-angle viewing; Quantum Contrast Technology – powered by mini LED – will deliver up to 300% more contrast control zones; 8K resolution offers more clarity with quadruple the number of pixels available in today's 4K TVs; and Artificial Intelligence through Voice Assistant Services utilizes an integrated always-on far-field mic array.

"While we've made huge strides in successfully and quickly making TCL one of the most popular TV brands in the US, our mission is to continue that rapid growth by utilizing our vertical integration prowess to expand our home theater categories while delivering larger sizes and better technology in the television space this year. While our users are pleased with what we have delivered so far, they expect greater things from us. With our new sound bars, the 75" 6-Series, continuous software updates and promise of innovation to come, I think we are well poised to exceed those very high standards," said Chris Larson, Senior Vice President, TCL North America. "The best entertainment always involves a combination of first-class viewing and listening experiences and it's certainly an exciting time as we fine tune that recipe to pave the way for triumphs in both, with trusted partners like Roku and Dolby along the way."

TCL Alto Sound Bars

TCL will be launching two new lines of sound bars – the Alto 5 with convenient setup and great audio performance for TVs 43" and larger, as well as the Alto 7 with more connectivity and audio performance for TVs 55" and up - in two form-factors for each series. Both the Alto 5 + and Alto 7 + come equipped with a wireless subwoofer which is the best solution for big-screen home theaters. They are acoustically tuned to reveal the best details whether you are listening to music or enjoying movies. Offering a premium audio experience, specialized sound modes, and available wireless subwoofers, the TCL Alto Sound Bars provide precision playback for any TV as well as music from your smartphones, tablets and laptops.

The TCL Alto 5 and 7 Sound Bars will be available this Spring.

TCL TV Technology

This year, TCL will take the home theater experience to a whole new level with revolutionary TV technology in premium TCL Roku TV models currently in development. Building on TCL's Contrast Control Zone technology which uses a grid of LED lights that illuminate the TV from behind to identify bright and dark areas in each frame of content and control each zone within the frame to yield striking contrast between light and dark areas, TCL is showing an innovative new backlight technology in a television based on mini-LEDs that TCL calls Quantum Contrast technology. With the latest ultra-small LED technology, TCL will drive the number of Contrast Control Zones from the hundreds that are available with current technology to thousands in the years ahead. This means that TCL's TVs will, in the near term, deliver even greater contrast, brighter whites and deeper blacks.

Complementing these new mini-LEDs, TCL will be replacing its proprietary NBP Photon™ technology and will launch TVs in North America that use another powerful chemistry which is also highly effective in supporting the industry standard color space coverage. Known as Quantum Dot, TCL will bring QLED color technology to high-performance TVs, improving the color space, color volume, and color brightness.

TCL and Roku will also introduce 8K resolution to its product line, delivering over 33 million pixels compared to 8.3 million in today's UHD 4K TVs. More pixels mean more clarity and detail, especially in the largest TV screen sizes. As more consumers adopt 65", 75" and even larger screens for their homes, consumers will naturally choose the greater screen resolution of 8K for those displays, as evidenced by the prior trend in 4K TV purchases. Because of TCL's strong belief in the future growth of 8K display technology, the company has joined together with other leading display innovators to become one of the founding members of the recently announced 8K Association. The group will promote the benefits of 8K resolution to consumers and other industry partners, further defining the future of this new technology.

This year's TCL Roku TV 8-Series will offer available 8K resolution in screen sizes of 75" and larger in the US market. Each of these TVs will feature powerful upscaling performance to skillfully convert today's 4K and full HD resolution content that delivers a new sense of depth and clarity. And with support for the latest HDMI standards, these 8K TV models will be ready for the next stage of the 8K content evolution as new devices come to market that are ready to deliver 8Kmovies, games and more.

In addition to delivering incredible advances in picture performance with 8K, QLED and Quantum Contrast technologies, select TCL Roku TV models launching later this year will offer an integrated high-performance far-field mic array. Sophisticated noise suppression and beam-forming noise localization technologies, being developed by Roku, will allow customers to naturally talk to their TCL Roku TV at any time, even in most noisy situations. With Roku Entertainment Assistant, users will get quick access to entertainment by using natural language to control and navigate their TV or search for content.

To learn more about TCL and its products, please visit booth #12929 in Central Hall at the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show January 8-11 in the Las Vegas Convention Center or visit

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