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To: Woody who wrote (5045)9/9/2021 7:51:55 PM
From: worldcup1998
   of 5542
Speaking of comedians...“Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.”? George Carlin

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To: worldcup1998 who wrote (5046)9/9/2021 7:55:21 PM
From: Woody
   of 5542
OMG !! can you imagine if George Carlin was still with us .. the material is endless .. lol.

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To: Woody who wrote (5045)9/10/2021 2:53:58 AM
From: Doug R
   of 5542
They're now willing to officially acknowledge UFOs (UAPs) but NOT the cycle.

They're now throwing the freedom this country stands for under the bus....rather than admit to the cycle.

What does that tell ya?

We're goin' to da mattresses.

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To: Doug R who wrote (5044)9/10/2021 10:31:18 AM
From: Doug R
1 Recommendation   of 5542
Seeing as the USPS is the ONLY chain of custody conduit between govt. and the citizenry...which cannot be jeopardized (which is why every "threat" to do away with the USPS is a hollow threat) --

Biden Exempts Over 600,000 USPS Workers From Federal Mandatory Vaccination Order

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To: Doug R who wrote (5025)9/10/2021 4:47:43 PM
From: Doug R
1 Recommendation   of 5542
5 occurrences in over 200 years.

2 of them in the last decade.

And a relatively near-miss from a 3rd out of 6 that brings Greenland a 3rd (end-of-melt-season this time) large build in as many months as it begins this build season well above baseline.

"So while not unheard of, it is still incredibly rare for a hurricane to produce snow–particularly in early–September!
And while Larry will just miss out on producing “snowicane” conditions in the United States, after tracking northeast across the Atlantic Ocean, it does look set to dump historic volumes of summer snow along coastal Greenland."

“Snowicane” Larry Forecast to Dump Five+ Feet of Summer Snow on Greenland

"On Oct. 9, 1804, a snow hurricane struck Eastern New England, the first time in recorded history a tropical storm produced snowfall.
The storm devastated shipping, froze potatoes, destroyed orchards, crushed houses, killed dozens of people, leveled timber lots, smashed wharves and took the steeple off the Old North Church in Boston.

Not until 1841 would another tropical storm produce snow, and then not again until Hurricane Ginny struck in 1963. And then in 2012, Hurricane Sandy struck, another rare snow hurricane.

Less than a year ago, Hurricane Zeta produced snow in October.
Several inches were reported from New Jersey to Massachusetts.

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To: Doug R who wrote (5049)9/11/2021 8:05:39 PM
From: Doug R
1 Recommendation   of 5542
Members Of Congress, Staff Exempt From Biden Vaccine Mandate


Quietly Say "No" To Joe Biden's Call For Civil War

This isn’t about the vaccine. It never was. The only public health crisis now is a public mental health crisis.

The people who’ve been broken by the COVID-9/11 terror campaign have their own issues to work out. They can be forgiven their terror but it’s time for the grown-ups to talk. The children can be excused from the table.

So, the opposite of their hysteria is needed.

They don’t need a punch in the mouth, they need therapy. No more negotiating with facts. They are immune to facts.

What they are not immune to is a quiet, dismissive, if not exasperated, “No.” The kind of quiet disappointment my father used to shame me into maturation.

Nothing will drive them more insane with rage.

Calm, assertive statements of purpose. No histrionics. No court challenges. No media conferences.

No marches on the Capitol like they are trying to create the illusion of by seeding the idea into the media.

This is what they want you to do. Then they can justify to the self-righteously vaxxed that you deserve internment camps. That you are the terrorists.

Just exude, “No.”
The fact that this is all happening at the anniversary of 9/11 is no coincidence.
The treason/takeover of the US was completed by the NWO on 9/11/2001.
The usurpers made the statement "You're either with us or you're against us".

That statement now goes hand in hand with "...not about freedom..." uttered out of the same office. The Executive Office.

2 branches remain.

It might be a VERY good idea to FIND OUT what could be happening behind the scenes of the judicial branch about NOW. Habeus Corpus/Suspension Clause type stuff.

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From: Doug R9/12/2021 8:39:04 PM
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Now we know why the evacuation was so VERY LOUD.
And the real reason for not using Bagram to do so.

The finishing touch on the NWO fait accompli was quietly being held under the distraction that brought thousands of Afghanis here.

It's now advisable to avoid high profile and particular strategic locations.
Check your preps. It could get dark.

The govt. may feel the need to suspend habeus corpus soon.

It's go time.

Oh yeah...any word from the US govt. to We The People on this?

Not a peep?

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From: Doug R9/12/2021 10:31:59 PM
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Aaaaand now we have Canary Island seismicity to keep an eye on.
The tsunami potential for this area has serious implications for all of North America's East Coast.
Latest earthquakes near La Palma volcano:

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To: Doug R who wrote (5053)9/13/2021 11:31:11 AM
From: Doug R
   of 5542
La Palma volcano (Canary Islands): strong seismic swarm suggests magma intruding at depth Mon, 13 Sep 2021, 09:31

A strong earthquake swarm started under the area of La Cumbre Vieja volcano in the southern part of the Island yesterday. So far, more than 350 tremors have been detected, including 14 quakes of magnitudes above 3.0 and 226 quakes between 2.0 and 2.9.
The strongest was a magnitude 3.4 event at 00.46 am local time this morning, which was felt by nearby residents.
Most earthquakes are at shallow depths around 8-12 km, suggesting that new magma is currently intruding into a reservoir under the volcano. Whether or not this might be leading up to new volcanic activity is impossible to say at this stage, as there seem not to be other signs of significant volcanic unrest at this stage. Similar earthquake swarms have occurred in the past as well, most recently in late Dec last year; however back then, the quakes were deeper (at around 30 km depth), which could indicate that magma has now risen higher in the volcano's underground storage systems.
La Cumbre Vieja volcano last erupted in 1971, and it is considered one of the most active volcanoes of the Canary Islands. The situation clearly merits close monitoring.

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To: Doug R who wrote (4971)9/13/2021 11:57:57 AM
From: Doug R
1 Recommendation   of 5542
The more ice there is on Greenland, the more freshwater becomes available to melt off.

This addition comes 7 weeks earlier than the previous such record build just a year ago as this season begins with well above avg. ice already.

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