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   Technology Stockswagerr - betting belongs on the blockchain

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To: nodegirl who wrote ()1/26/2019 8:48:51 PM
From: Elroy
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Most blockchain platforms are in dire need of use cases that appeal to the masses; i.e., a killer app.

Wagerr allows you to bet on sports. That's amongst the most mass market killer apps one can think of. Billion of people on the planet like to bet on sports.

Nasgo is a blockchain with global reach that can support an unlimited number of side chains.

Are you kidding me? What's more popular. Is it 1. betting on sports, or 2. launching blockchains with an unlimited number of side chains?

The answer of course is betting on sports. Billions of humans want to bet on sports.

I doubt 100,000 humans on the planet even understand what it means to launch a blockchain with a sidechain! and are not ICO's but are live already.

Wagerr is live already. I lost two bets last night!

Your view is correct that mass market appeal and live functioning application are important. Wagerr is a much better fit for both of those criteria than your silly recommendations.

But thanks for stopping by!

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From: Elroy2/17/2019 4:44:29 AM
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Wagerr tokens still on Waves are stranded and worthless as of 2/16. The gateway between Waves and the wagerr mainnet is closed. It appears about 16 million WGR tokens were left on Waves. As I understand it the wagerr team plans to take them and use them for wagerr development. WGR token holders were warned about this back in November.

Wagerr finally making a small move upward.

The next big milestones is the anticipated release of a new user friendly html5 wallet sometime in Q1.

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From: Elroy4/4/2019 6:37:02 AM
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Wagerr 3.0 enters closed beta

They've said in the Telegram chat that if the testing goes OK, the public testing should begin in about two weeks, but no guarantees.......

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From: Elroy5/22/2019 7:37:07 AM
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Wagerr price has declined significantly in BTC terms. It has lost almost 2/3rds of its value in BTC since the halt of betting to prepare for release of the new wagerr wallet. At the same time that BTC has almost doubled, wagerr has basically turned "off" its functionality. Not a good combo.

WGR down to ~850 satoshis now, about 7 cents.

New wallet is supposed to be released "soon", and then betting reactivated. No idea how soon is soon, until them it seems like WGR may just decline as it now looks like an abandoned project. I believe they will release the new wallet and relaunch the betting, but lets see what happens.....

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From: Elroy5/29/2019 7:46:02 AM
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Preview the new Wagerr: New Lotto + improved Sports Betting

In preparation for the Main Network release of the new Wagerr Betting App (the Wagerr Electron Wallet), the developers will release a TestNet version by Wednesday, May 29th. Test drive the next version of Wagerr and tell us what you think.

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From: Elroy5/29/2019 8:50:07 PM
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Wagerr 3.0 public test wallet is out.

Follow the links at the bottom of this page to give it a try, and see what wagerr is all about. I haven't tried yet, but will probably have a go later today.

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From: Elroy6/1/2019 5:10:53 AM
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wagerr 3.0 public testing is available now.

Follow the links at the bottom of this article and it explains how to install the test wallet, get some free test wagerr, and you can bet on the new wallet.

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From: Elroy6/5/2019 12:42:03 AM
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Wagerr CEO message in Telegram today....

When three of the non-developer staff and one volunteer recently left the Wagerr Team, I was asked if the project could succeed without them. I can answer that unequivocally: Yes.

Previous members of the team brought valuable knowledge, skills, insight, and experience, which I will miss. But Wagerr currently has many capable advisors who understand betting, statistics, the betting industry, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. Even with the additional attention to the recent community discussions, the Wagerr project continues to move forward without skipping a beat.

The Wagerr developers are nearing the official public release of 3.0, and I am so proud of the team’s efforts. I extend my gratitude to all of the teams and individuals who have contributed, past and present.

Wagerr project funds.
Diversification has been a key element of Wagerr’s portfolio management. There are three types of holdings: original muti-sig wallets, fiat holdings, and strategically managed funds.

Original multi-sig wallets.
One portion of the funds is held in multiple cryptocurrency wallets. This portion includes funds that were never moved from the original wallets. The value of this portion is exposed to market fluctuations.

Movement of these funds can only be authorized by multiple signers. I would like to thank the past signers: Steven Grove, Adam Matlack, and Vaisal Thach. The current multi-signature arrangement requires two out of three signatories to move funds. In the coming days, I will post cryptographic signatures demonstrating that the Team retains control of key wallets and funds.

There are also single-key addresses with project funds. I am in sole control of all cryptocurrency assets in wallets that are not multi-sig, and can post signatures for these wallets, as well.

Another portion is held in fiat. The purpose is to maintain stable funding in order to meet operational costs for the foreseeable future.

Fiat holdings aren’t provable on the blockchain. Furthermore, it would be both difficult and dangerous to attempt to demonstrate proof of these holdings, and attempts to do so would be in violation of our operational security.

Strategically managed funds.
Another portion of funds is strategically managed. In contrast to the the multi-sig funds whose value can dramatically rise and fall passively with the market, the managed funds are actively rebalanced to grow steadily over time as market conditions change.

There is no verifiable and secure way to share information about them.

Diversification and sustainability.
Collectively, the team’s diversification strategy aims to make sure that the project will be supported by a sustainable endowment. We endeavor to protect the net value of the project funds so that all identified goals are achieved, even if there are externalities we cannot anticipate.

Wagerr is a project that is three years in the making. It’s at the center of my professional and personal life. (Just ask my wife and kids!) I’m proud of what the Team and community has accomplished. I believe that you, the Wagerr community, will be as thrilled as I am with the new wallet and other aspects of the project that have been in development. What’s more, I’m confident that these enhancements will lead to greater discovery and adoption of Wagerr, and that bettors and crypto enthusiasts beyond the Wagerr community will take notice.

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From: Elroy7/7/2019 11:53:32 PM
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One of the admins in the wagerr testnet Telegram chat today said that wagerr plans to do a "fork" on July 26th. After they they will test the network for stability, and when confident that things are ready to go they will launch wagerr 3.0 which consists of a new wagerr core and a separate Electron wallet. There should be a significant increase in number of matches available for betting at one time, superior user interface (compared to the wagerr 2.0 QT wallet) and perhaps then the wagerr team will begin marketing.

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From: Elroy7/14/2019 1:19:37 PM
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The wagerr telegram chat says the new Electron wallet will be released on July 19th. There will be a hard fork of the server network a week later. When the guys who are developing wagerr are confident that the post-fork network is stable (they guess about a week) then betting will resume again......

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