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From: frmrVZguy4/30/2019 1:44:29 PM
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Ukraine Election: Macroeconomic Rising Tide? Maybe. Here's why. Watch for 2H19 effects.
On 30 April, today, Ukraine declared a new President elected in a landslide - over 70%.

Poroshenko the blond, large, Ukrainian bully was defeated by Zelenskiy, a small, dark, intellectual Jewish man from a family of intellectuals. And oh, he was a comedian actor on TV.

Jewish, in a nation of Slavic, Caucasian Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Wow. Just wow.
Is a new era of global peace and prosperity dawning?

A Great White Christian Nation has chosen a Jew to lead it in negotiations for peace and prosperity.
Oh wait, which nation? Ukraine or USA?
Yes. Both. Yes.

Kushner is said to be finishing a new Israel-Palestinian treaty around 5/16-ish.
If Putin has his preparations made, a rapid agreement with Ukraine to establish Crimea as a Special Economic Zone could be completed in mere days also.
This implies a great global shift in optimism based on new peace treaties globally.

A new Macau-style playground in Europe's breadbasket playground temperate zone mere hours away by jet would be a major economic development. Jobs enable peace just as poverty enables instability.

We could be on the verge of peaceful settlement of the last great disputes on the planet.
Without a single munition being deployed: Korea, Israel, Ukraine and the Balkan States.

We could be on the verge of witnessing the greatest achievements by any Presidential administration. Without a single munition being deployed. Wow.

The resulting economic development boom in and beyond Crimea could make China's Belt and Road look like String and Garter.

The Donald could say in retirement: 'The Sun Never sets on the Trump Empire', after his development deals get done.

His son-in-law could become Viceroy of Adelsonia Precinct of Crimea.
East and West would meet in recreation and business.
A rising broad economic tide - worldwide - might lift all boats.

Are you ready? I suggest you get off the sidelines now.
2H2019 could become a surprise economic boom.

Godspeed Mr. President.

P.S. Oh, about those Sharia militants... hmmm, maybe this will take a little longer for the same peace with Islam completely across the Levant, as Israel enjoys post-Kushner.
Zelenskiy Officially Declared Winner of Presidential Election in Ukraine RFE/RL Ukrainian Service

Message 31700526

The 5G Kittens of Helsinki: Herding cats toward the future with Booo!

We shall see the corollary in Helsinki and that will tip the state of mind of POTUS. What relic of the past will be 'sunset' to enable the future? What relic of the Anciene Regime can be retired?

One relic is the heavy burden of expense by our Nation to defend Europe.
That is a relic that has been successfully challenged with 'Booo!'
And when those dollars are repatriated, our economy will gain another increment just as it did on tax reform for overseas revenues being repatriated.
These are major successes already booked by the current administration.

While 'Booo!' is an unorthodox style, it has been effective and entertaining.

Can peace in Israel, Korea, and the Caucasus all be achieved under Trump?

Godspeed Mr. President.

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From: frmrVZguy5/3/2019 4:47:00 PM
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CBRS ‘on the brink’ of readiness, FCC’s O’Rielly says CBRS could be operational within weeks
CBRS ‘on the brink’ of readiness, FCC’s O’Rielly says Kelly Hill Commissioner calls for government agencies to free up more mid-band spectrum, says CBRS could be operational within weeks...

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From: frmrVZguy5/3/2019 4:50:51 PM
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Our 3.5Ghz Partner in UK News: Three's Broadband 'Toy' Gets Set for 5G Push previously sold connectivity under the Relish brand
Three's Broadband 'Toy' Gets Set for 5G Push Iain Morris, International Editor 5/3/2019
Next to Three, with its 5,400 employees and 13.2 million customers, UK Broadband -- which has previously sold connectivity under the Relish brand -- does indeed look toy-like... UK Broadband claims to be the country's biggest commercial owner of spectrum suitable for FWA and 4G mobile technology, with 124MHz in the 3.5GHz and 3.6GHz bands. Additional licenses cover the 3.9GHz, 28GHz and 40GHz bands, says the company.
The barrier is the investment that would be needed to extend coverage. "It is very capital intensive to build sites," says Singleton. In the very busiest areas, a single site could in theory support several hundred customers over mid-band airwaves.

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To: frmrVZguy who wrote (206)5/4/2019 5:33:21 AM
From: w0z
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FCC’s O’Rielly says CBRS could be operational within weeks

Wow, isn't this great news for SQNS?

CBRS Coming to Life

In addition to IoT devices, we will have on display new CBRS devices, powered by Sequans Cassiopeia LTE Cat 6 platform, which has been adopted by industry-leading device makers to address the CBRS opportunity. Sequans is uniquely experienced in 3.5 GHz spectrum solutions and is a member of the CBRS Alliance.

Hopefully some good news in the CC on May 9.

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To: w0z who wrote (208)5/4/2019 5:54:30 AM
From: w0z
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CBRS ‘on the brink’ of readiness, FCC’s O’Rielly says

Last paragraph:

In related news, Telit has joined the CBRS Alliance, becoming he first cellular module maker to join the organization and the second new member this month. Telit noted that it already has a gigabit mPCIe adapter card that includes CBRS support, the LM960, as part of its portfolio, which can be used to serve the private LTE market with “routers, gateways and other devices connecting to LTE access points, small cells and other CBRS infrastructure.” The other new CBRS Alliance member this month was Tessco Technologies.

Is that underlined comment correct???

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From: frmrVZguy5/6/2019 6:28:40 PM
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Interesting PoV from Charlie Ergen @ DISH on Lightreading - He wants an LTE-only network without 2/3G fallback just like RJIO and Rakuten and Softbank's Masa.

I have stated several times the impediment to 5G is 2/3G - these need to sunset to eliminate old tech boxes and power demand supporting obsolete tech.

I have also stated several times here on SI and on SA that Masa seems to want a legacy-free business with Sprint and wants to divest all the legacy voice to others - TMo most obviously. Thus they are interested in selling off their Enterprise, Government, and MVNO voice biz to leave them with a stand-alone IP-only brand which may be SPRINT or something new. And it may stay under his ownership or get sold to TMo with access and network holdings retained by Softbank

mmWave is going the wrong direction from the true needs of a SECURE and EFFICIENT 5G.


(partial - click for entire article - just the parts I thought interesting)
Today's Mobile Networks Make Charlie Ergen Sick to His Stomach | Light Reading
"When I go to one of our towers, I want to throw up," Charlie Ergen, Dish Network's chairman, said on Friday's Q1 earnings call. "We're building something that we know is... technically obsolete... The architecture has to change for a wireless network."... "We're going to take that shed and put it in the cloud," Ergen said, noting that the plan is to not only do mobile phone service, but to tap into the "power of 5G" and support robotics, smart cities, smart agriculture and other forms of business. "You can't do that with an existing network today."
Dish's plan in this area has been linked to the success (or failure) of Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce company that aims to disrupt the mobile market there with a software-driven, virtualized network. Ergen talked up Rakuten and the tech partners it has assembled for the effort on today's call, calling what has been achieved there in the last eight months "unbelievable."
"That architecture... is starting to gain credibility," he said. "We're in position to build a virtualized network from the ground up... In our case, we don't have any [mobile/wireless] customers, so we can build it right the first time." Still, skeptics on the call noted that what Rakuten is trying to accomplish and the complexities involved make it far from a slam dunk. Ergen agreed, to a point. "I don't think they have to be a wild success, but they do need to make breakthroughs in technology and software," he said, still confident that they'll pull it off and those results will greatly benefit Dish.


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From: frmrVZguy5/9/2019 2:39:10 PM
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1Q19 Financial Statement: Highlighted lines that REALLY matter................................................................
Here's the math you care about
281,076,000 / 94,788,726 = $2.965 per share deficit

and line entries that demand attention
(425 - 99)
Net cash flow used in investments activities (1,650
Capitalized development expenditures (1,080
per SEEKING ALPHA "Revenue of $7M (-37.7% Y/Y) misses by $1.17M."
Sequans Communications Announces First Quarter 2019 Financial Results
PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--4G chipmaker Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS) today announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2019.
Issued capital, euro 0.02 nominal value, 94,788,726 shares authorized, issued and outstanding at March 31, 2019 (94,732,539 shares at December 31, 2018) $ 2,384 $ 2,384
Accumulated deficit (281,076 ) (272,036 )
Three months ended March 31,
(in thousands of US$) 2019 2018
Operating activities
Loss before income taxes $ (9,056 ) $ (8,730 )
Non-cash adjustment to reconcile income before tax to net cash from (used in) operating activities Depreciation and impairment of property, plant and equipment 1,262 769
Amortization and impairment of intangible assets 1,078 767
Share-based payment expense 488 531
Increase (decrease) in provisions (21 ) 22
Financial expense (income) 1,976 1,227
Foreign exchange loss (gain) (425 ) 146
Loss (Gain) on disposal of property, plant and equipment (32 ) —
Working capital adjustments
Decrease (Increase) in trade receivables and other receivables 2,980 3,958
Decrease (Increase) in inventories 604 8
Decrease (Increase) in research tax credit receivable (597 ) (982 )
Decrease in trade payables and other liabilities (2,478 ) (3,315 )
Decrease in deferred revenue (317 ) (34 )
Decrease in government grant advances (99 ) (410 )
Income tax paid 13 34
Net cash flow used in operating activities (4,624 ) (6,009 )
Investing activities
Purchase of intangible assets and property, plant and equipment (585 ) (329 )
Capitalized development expenditures (1,080 ) (463 )
Net cash flow used in investments activities (1,650 ) (777 )
Cash and cash equivalent at January 1 12,086 2,948
Cash and cash equivalents at end of the period $ 7,555 $ 14,638

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From: frmrVZguy5/13/2019 3:34:33 PM
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Federated Wireless completed (ESC) network for CBRS FCC Go Ahead next
Federated Wireless announced today that it has completed the rollout of its environmental sensing capability (ESC) network, meaning it’s ready to support initial commercial deployment (ICD) of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) across the United States as soon as the Federal Communications Commission gives the green light... CommScope and Google each will operate independent Spectrum Access System systems, similar to what Federated Wireless is doing, but they're collaborating on a jointly operated ESC network. CommScope said in March that the expectation is to complete their ESC network by the end of the year... (more)

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To: frmrVZguy who wrote (211)5/13/2019 3:46:03 PM
From: frmrVZguy
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Sequans and Momentum IoT Partner on Cloud-Based Telematics Solution for Fleet Managers
Sequans and Momentum IoT Partner on Cloud-Based Telematics Solution for Fleet Managers
today PARIS & LONG BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 13, 2019--LTE for IoT chipmaker Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS) and Momentum IoT, fleet management hardware and software solutions provider, have joined forces to add LTE-M connectivity to the Momentum IoT Eagle 1 telematics tracking device for a total solution that makes fleet management more user-friendly and more cost-effective. The Momentum IoT Eagle 1 allows fleet managers to monitor and track the status of virtually everything in their fleets, from location and fuel consumption to maintenance problems...
The Momentum Eagle 1 is an ultra-advanced and rugged device that is easy to install with plug-in connectors that need no wiring. The auto-load feature automatically sets up the vehicle in the dashboard where fleet managers can instantly view odometer, voltage, and fuel level readings, as well as the idle, park, or moving status of every truck or vehicle in their fleet. Managers have full visibility of trucks on the map, including distance from site and deviations. Notifications are provided for trip length and speed reports, and alerts are provided for maintenance issues...
The Momentum Eagle 1 telematics solution is now available. For a free trial and/or demo of the Momentum IoT Eagle 1 telematics tracker solution, please visi

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From: frmrVZguy5/13/2019 8:11:47 PM
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1Q19 CC Selected Comments Deserving Highlight - Some Gems and Surprises in his own words.
Buried comments that deserve emphasis: both positive and some truly odd disconnected euphemisms.

I have highlighted in RED a few that are genuinely hopeful... if there is any truth to them... which isn't certain because,... y'know... GK

Paris May 10, 2019 (Thomson StreetEvents) -- Edited Transcript of Sequans Communications SA earnings conference call or presentation Thursday, May 9, 2019...
Georges Karam...
I'm pleased to report that the signs of improvement we were expecting in the first quarter have indeed materialized... Only the vertical business was below our target this quarter...

First, we believe we are close to finalizing a new strategic deal we've been working on for some time. This deal will include a new business model for Sequans with a new go-to-market approach allowing us to expand our market share in IoT. It is a multimillion-dollar deal bringing a new source of revenues based on licensing and royalties. We are also working on a couple of similar deals that could materialize this year...

*****Meanwhile, together with the Board, we are continuing to explore the full array of possible alternatives and timing considerations for significantly strengthening our financial position and maximizing shareholders' value.

Since our clear preference would be to accomplish our balance sheet objectives, while avoiding or at least minimizing further dilution, we are concentrating a lot of energy on the strategic deals, while also making sure we are fully prepared to take whatever decision may be in the best interest of shareholders in the future. There is no doubt that the intrinsic value of our technology, our know-how, our relationships and our pipeline of business is increasing all the time....

Also, we have finished the
**** certification of our Sprint CAT 1 module and started shipping to several of our customer as planned. This will be a new revenue stream within our CAT 1 business...

Also, we have identified a potential opportunity to capitalize on our clear leadership in CAT 1 with
*****a new low power, lower cost variant that would expand the market. This innovation would make it clear -- would make it very difficult for other vendors to compete with us using their adapted CAT 4 technology. We are getting strong interest in this approach from some large potential customers, and it's becoming clear to us that the CAT 1 market is going to be around in some form for a long time... We believe that despite some cannibalization by the CAT M/NB, the CAT 1 market size will be more than $400 million by 2023, and we are committed to maintaining a strong position in this segment...

Several new Sequans-powered CAT M/NB devices will go into mass production around midyear, and we are starting to receive orders from them. The total number of Sequans-powered CAT M/NB devices in mass production is expected to reach 50 by the end of the year... represented an estimated $200 million of future revenue. Many of those that were nearly secured at year-end were converted to fully secured design wins during the first quarter. Counting all CAT M/NB devices already in mass production, design wins and those nearly secured, we now are looking at over $250 million of estimated future revenue represented by these projects...

... In the U.S., we are making good progress on the engagements we have on CBRS and enterprise router markets.
... we have started a proof-of-concept phase on a very large deal, and we are in the design-in phase with 2 other major opportunities. If we manage to secure them, our broadband business will recover completely and should show significant growth in 2020.
Our strategy here is to focus on 5G for fixed wireless access addressing consumer preferences and industrial applications. The goal is to optimize our 5G platform for applications allowing us to differentiate from those building 5G to address the smartphone market. Also this will give us different timing to launch our product as we need to align with the deployment of the 5G networks when they can achieve a high level of coverage. After 5 years of research activity, we are now moving to the development phase, and we are very excited about this new market opportunity.

Deborah Choate
... The full effect of recent cost-reduction moves does not show completely in our Q1 results, and we continue to expect operating expenses to average about $9.5 million per quarter in 2019 on a non-IFRS basis... we expect our revenue for the second quarter of 2019 to continue the trend we saw in Q1 and to be better than the first quarter with continued sequential improvement through the balance of the year...

Georges Karam
Thanks, Deborah. So just to conclude and to give you a little bit ...
*****our business is doing very well...
But what we can say today is that, first of all, I mean, we're reaching the bottom of this, and we start to see improvement as planned for the second half...

**** we have an ODM in Asia addressing at least 4, 5 design win that we have, and this is Asiatel. There is some public information on this. And this is addressing various devices, I mean, some tracking devices in general for telematic, but also for other kind of application...

****We have a buy-here-pay-here service as well that we announced with Connected Holdings. So these are the kind of application that we are going to see them in the short term....

Japan is very, very nice. I mean, we have a lot of very nice deals that we have secured in Japan. They turned to be more in shipment -- full shipment end of the year, beginning next year,... multiyear contract, big deals. And in terms of ASP holders, we're talking about CAT M around $4 chipset ASP in average. This is what you should put in the model.
the existing business of broadband... in the emerging, Huawei is capturing and capture a big part of the emerging market. And this has what impacted, if you want, my customers, and that's why, by the way, we had some losses of market share at the end really in the emerging market, mainly on the CAT 6 product, not on the CAT 4. On the CAT 4, we still have an attractive solution that's very -- even if Huawei will not make major difference there. But for sure, Huawei is taking some market share in the emerging to be very, very hard for my customers to take from them...

Deborah Choate
So the first question was -- on broadband was -- so, first of all, IoT was over half of our revenues, and broadband was a bit more than 20%....

Georges Karam
And again, Scott, for the broadband, you need to understand that it's very weak now... Brazil is moving well, but this is going to improve, as you're saying, in Q2 a little bit and improvement will start to get even better in Q3, Q4...

Our business is really to focus on IoT, on fixed wireless, for industrials and so on which is big enough for a company the size of Sequans to bring this technology and differentiate it. And obviously, not having Intel playing there has a positive side effect for Sequans in this game. Having, I'll say, the main competitor focusing more and more on the smartphone give us more room to focus on the IoT and the space where we want to play and makes less competition in this space. For example, Intel, they end of life their CAT 1 platform. The traction on CAT 1 is not -- you could say because of our position, but also because you have less people as well that they can offer this platform because the other guys, they didn't do anything special on the CAT 1. They just only took their CAT 4 product and they put a software for CAT 1...

Very frankly, what I said, in Q1, we didn't ship much. We shipped in Q1 below 100,000 unit.

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