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From: frmrVZguy4/21/2019 9:08:21 PM
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USA needs Qualcomm, So does Sequans. Surprise !

(Ed. This essay was started over a week ago. Over that time two grand losses on major sites of Western faith were suffered in broad daylight and live streaming. It is with a somber heart I post this after a cautionary pause and with the term 'Civil War' replaced with 'Civil War/Unrest'. While War tactics and weapons are being used by the aggressors, our military is not yet responding. Yet.)

USA needs QCOM and SQNS - Here's why

Investing during Civil War/Unrest
Civil War/Unrest - You were warned
Civil War/Unrest - It's here, It's there
I never knew and neither did you.
Now you know
Say it isn't so
A side bit of history - weird but true
Strange and True
College of Hayden Lake - teaching the Fox in the Chicken Coop
Why the H3LL is this relevant to investing? Insecure business is Insecure investing.
Who's side are you on?
You get what you pay for - or do you?
Is Security really a slippery fish, so hard to grasp?
Are dots really so hard to connect?
What's in the water?
Security has a cost, failure is priceless
History Repeats
There's more homegrown help - Political Sellouts
Industry Sellouts - Oreos and Crackers
Military Sellouts
We are at War/Unrest. The Armistice of 1865 has ended.
"White Nationalism remains"
This was five days ago
4/20 is the day after 4/19.
Market Analysis during Civil War/Unrest
A higher, truer test of investment worthiness


Anna Politkovskaya documented the 'bookends of History' in the Caucasus War factually -from the start of the War in the Caucasus until her assassination. She showed that the means and members of war were still in full and unchanged operation just as Baddeley reported 100 years ago as an embedded reporter in Chechnya. Now those tactics have arrived here at our USA homeland. Same members involved. And this Holy weekend they appeared in Sri Lanka.

This Essay begins with cautionary and demonstrated evidence of warnings of the past and concludes by identifying properties and equities affected by war, our not, and investing in those either unaffected or protected.

Civil War/Unrest - You were warned
We are at War, or perhaps Unrest since no army is active. The Armistice of 1865 has ended.

Anna Politkovskaya tried to warn us and not enough of us listened. She documented thoroughly how the British-Arab alliance that started mid-1800's to provide men, weapons of war, training and supplies to the Caucasus General Shamil who revered the writings of Jefferson, didn't end with his death or the ouster of England from Sevastopol in the Crimean War.

It is the 'Truth on the Ground' as of her reporting from the 90's to her death post 9/11. It is the Truth even as of the Boston Bombing on Patriot's Day 4/19/2013. And we fear it is the same actors in Sri Lanka this weekend too.

Civil War/Unrest - It's here, It's there
You 'woke' on 9/11/2001.
I woke before that. I'm the American who discovered the British Manifesto that declared War starting the Second Week of September, 2001. It was written by Worth Smith and titled "Miracle of the ages".

It's a printed published fact; a very unpleasant fact. And while it's likely the USA-branch fraternity members of his fraternity are ignorant of such an old Plan by its English brothers, they are co-conspirators by adhering to their internal vows and Proverb: Unity is Strength, Strength through Unity. And no doubt some of them participated in a tightly compartmentalized Secret Operation of the sort I am familiar with in Government Military.

I gave that document to our FBI 5/2001 and was just as ignored as Politkovskaya. The attack might seem too unreal to prepare for, but the results were real.
Before then I had also read both of Andrew Carnegie's "Triumphant Democracy" editions of 1886 and 1893 - including his unforgettable Anglo Saxon Supremacy Manifesto in the final chapter titled: Epilogue. My deductive premise is unassailable: that the bachelor's wealth was directed In Memoriam by his Executors toward his vision. Who are they and how do they get stopped? Do our MiB even care? Who's side are they on?

What we care about is not just whether these old PLANs are still alive, the proof is undeniable. We care about who, When Where and How. Until this essay you likely had no idea England is the Engineer and Commander past and present. You likely believed as I did that all those old disputes were settled and forgotten.
Oooops. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it.
You likely accepted the GREAT LIE that Arabs of Islamic radical political background were acting alone on 9/11/2001. Wrong.

We are at (cold) war. It only seems cold because the body count is mostly network servers and databases. You want to believe the hot body counts of 9/11 and 4/19 are unrelated and 'over'.
I never knew and neither did you.
Twenty-five years ago on a late all-night drive, on a stretch across Idaho, toward a family Thanksgiving much further east I had the radio on and discovered the phenomenon of AM Late Night Talk.
It wasn't Art Bell that was so memorable, it was Uncle _Mike_ in a remote section of rural Idaho. His callers were radical militia types around Hayden Lake and parts nearby. They were prepping for war and standing by to rollout at the signal. A couple years later News Wires reported the occupants of Hayden Lake moved out east to a similar compound in rural PA. Hayden Lake was deactivated and the land sold. Then came 9/11/2001.
We shouldn't have been surprised. You shouldn't have been surprised. I wasn't surprised.
Now you know. I bet you wish you had known ahead of time.
Patriot Act laws were written like Enabling Acts, barely legal at first passage and blatantly illegal in execution.

Congressional obstruction forced Brer Fox to throw Brer Rabbit into the bushes.
Say it isn't so
The dotGov hiring panic was a time of 'hold your nose and giterdun'. I know a little about those Hayden Lakers because years earlier my office had been lectured by one of these guys and it was also memorable: why the h3ll was he living in the boondocks? He wasn't an IT guy. He was a PhD Civil Engineer. In the boondocks.
A side bit of history - weird but true
In the movie Towering Inferno, the hero played by Paul Newman tried to force the truth from the lying, cheating, defrauding architect of the Tower and its Fire Safety system. He rode to the architect's designer home in a Taxi which pulled into the drive and was seen from 'God's Eye' view to have 911 as its taxi number: written as 33311. Hmmm.
Strange and True
I've already written about the Manifesto I discovered while on a Berlin business trip that predicted 9/11. A British Fraternity connected to their Royal Family, and therefor also to S.I.S and Mi5/6 too, claimed and published it in London dated 1952. It declared their War against all of us to begin Second Week of September 2001. It pledged to enforce a despotic system of rule superseding all National Laws. It was declaring an Anglo-Saxon sort of Sharia governance.

I gave this document to FBI that May of 2001 and the Attack is History. See Miracle of the Ages pages 160-161. It is so kooky that you would dismiss it as nutty but it contains two undeniable features:

- an actual attack date which thus transforms it from "Aspirational" into a "Plan of Attack";

and secondly

- the Fraternity itself has members, financing, organization, and secrecy and a long history of militant political activism in foreign countries. Because I have formal academic background in

Old and New Testament prophetic literature I held a unique ability to discern between an aspirational sermon and a plan. Our FBI did not and likely didn't even care. Do they now?
College of Hayden Lake - teaching the Fox in the Chicken Coop
I can't say with certainty the training at Hayden Lake was in IT. News stated it was 'militia training'. They sureash3ll were re-positioned in PA close to Contractors when needed. Lucky or forewarned? Are they now senior leadership in our IT network centers of government and civilian operations? Don't our Special Forces receive IT education? Yeeeup. Don't our Branches depend on IT security guys? Is this a guess too far? Well, at least I admit it's just a guess.
Why the H3LL is this relevant to investing?
If the attackers had years of preparation and are embedded like Chechen Warriors, then the Cold War/Unrest is actually a Civil Unrest. If the Unrest is planned, and conducted with C3 from London with English-speaking conscripts using our own network against us, then your investments should reflect either the profiteering opportunity as we respond, or the funds and derivatives covered by loss hedges.
9/11 Happened - Manhattan.

4/19 happened -Boston.
4/21 happened- Sri Lanka

It is against this background of Truth that our internal Civil Unrest is identified and examined with investment cautions as the final result.
This is not a political activist speech.

It is a reactionary essay for investors.
Caveat Emptor

Who's side are you on?
Four decades ago I was made Lead Investigator for a case of jet failures causing the USAF to threaten to ground a certain fleet of aircraft. Turned out that a not-born-in-USA supplier sold disposed 'scrapped' repackaged components as new and certified, and a sloppy manufacturer's inspection department shortcut the inspection to save money, thus allowing all those components into the factory. It's easy to recount today, yet harder to restore credibility.
If a company provides products that enable sabotage, are they on our side?
Thirty years ago I was acting Lead Engineer and Assistant to Chief Engineers on three successive stealth programs in sequence. This ended when I was ordered to commit fraud and resigned to avoid complicity. It was not the first order to commit fraud I had witnessed crippling a stealth program. Hundreds of engineers were put in the position of choosing losing integrity or losing a paycheck. None did what I did and walked out. None.

There were no whistle-blower laws in those years protecting civilians.

You get what you pay for - or do you?
Twenty years ago as a contractor at Microsoft, Redmond I had a neighbor who was a facilities Maintenance guy there. He was from Ukraine. One day in the driveway talking he revealed he was former Ukraine Army Spetznaz. This was about the same time as a US Attorney was murdered in Seattle with a 5mm Makarov.
This same guy had a truck-driver friend who drove for DB Schenker who walked up holding a bottle of Pellegrino over his head like a trophy. He twisted and broke the seal, sipped and passed it around. It wasn't water. It was booze. Strong booze from a freshly labeled bottle of Pellegrino.
Is Security really a slippery fish, so hard to grasp?
In 1980 Ronald Reagan had a Chief of staff named Dan Danilov. He was a successful Immigration Law practice attorney. That's not illegal nor un-American. It's just a fact.
Are dots really so hard to connect?
Is Security really such an inconvenience and lesser priority that we allow Spetznaz to enter our country and join our National Guard?
What's in the water?
You watch sports and sometimes place a wager, right? So when your team has an 'off night' is it really just an 'off night'? If the security of a bottling facility can produce fresh new Pellegrino with 'brandy' in it, how difficult is it to tamper and taint cases of bottled water for your sports team? And who in the gambling world has 'the cheat code'? It sureash3ll ain't you.
Security has a cost, failure is priceless

We can't afford to let any of our industrial gems get compromised as we enter a 5G-connected world. Our security skills must be enhanced to keep pace with the risks. Risks must be managed to enable security skills and systems to keep up. People are the front line. Character matters as it has since our Founders lectured on Righteous Politics.
History Repeats
Some years ago I studied Oxford University course material on Fascism. Education can be both indoctrination and vaccination.
Britain was keen on teaching the principles of identifying the pseudo-religious Eastern-Orthodox cum Pentecostal Rasputin-like superiority complex of Fascists. Trouble is, they couldn't look in the mirror and see their own Pax Britannia kookiness. They had formed a cultural fear and hate of Protestants and Reformists as anti-Monarchists and anti-Establishment proto-Nazis. Yet they couldn't distinguish calls for decency and rights as our Founders did and we do today, from anti-government proto-Nazi tendencies. Of course, that's why the US 'colonies' formed a 'more perfect union'.
Slippery Slope
Bill Clinton once said: 'There's what is legal, and there's what oughta be done'.
Has there ever been a Monarchy that wasn't and isn't despotic? Don't they all create a Royal Protection brigade and even conscript civilians to be Siilovikii in the manner of Rasputin's Russia? Aren't the religious Blavatsky-Graham kooks even more unstable than Protestants are?

England lives in a constant state of delusion there's a proto-Nazi in every Protestant home. In their own country Protestant sentiment is suppressed. Critical speech of Royals and their preferences is illegal. It is a kinder and gentler, but nonetheless Fascist state in which special rights based on a special relation to God is given to a special class of citizens, and not to others. That summaries the academic definition of Fascism.

In USA schools and public conversation it has become popular to say Fascism is a result of excessive corporate greed and that is a wrongful claim by being ignorantly narrow. ALL forms of government get their wealth from the wealthy who expect to participate in good and beneficial governance. Fascism is the lack of separation between a Religious or Spiritual preference and the State combined with special rights for Spiritual Elites leading government. Monarchies are just one flavor of Fascism just as Adolph's party was another flavor of Theosophical driven Fascism. And Vatican City is another, though its case would seem to be an appropriate design and is justifiably denied political Rights in our International bodies of Law.

There's more homegrown help - Political Sellouts
On July 10th at 10am the young Washington Intern Chandra Levy entered the Chinese Consulate and Buddhist Temple in the neighborhood across the street from Microsoft at 172nd Ave and 140th. I was on the sidewalk watching in shock. Washington knows this because I spoke to DC/FBI and DCMetro to defend a senior Congressman wrongfully accused of murder. DC doesn't care. Democrat Women politically assassinated their Leader Condit with falsehoods. The young lady was likely shuttled overseas
out of sight after hiring by Steve Ballmer's company. If an intrepid reporter who recognizes the role she played in the White Nationalist attack on USA ever photographs her living in Tel Aviv then the fact will be verified. Until then, my claim is just an allegation.
I write of that July 10 run-up event because you need to know that domestic, native co-conspirators are part of the Civil Unrest just as Russian natives fought against Moscow in the Caucasus, and just as Domestics fought our original Civil War between that States which, in case you have forgotten, was also supported by England in precisely the same manner and at the same time as the Caucasus War. Native born Americans fought native born Americans then and now. It repeats now with more outside help.

Politicians on the side of an English Reunification are in office now just as they have been for over 150 years. The enabling tactics are supported through laws that enable the disruption and debauchery of personal and civil rights. Laws that grant impunity for offenses and easy recruiting of offenders are the tactic in DC: drugs and immigration most obviously. But the enabling of an army of Corporate Police via paid conscription free of Judicial oversight is part of Patriot Act provisions.

How did you think social media became so bold to break laws so brazenly? dotGov is paying them and others billions to monitor you.

Did you really think Johnny Chung was a 'nobody' in the Clinton political machines? Did you really think Buddhist temples as money donors were 'stateless'? They are State Consulates.
Industry Sellouts - Oreos and Crackers
Depriving non-whites of education opportunities directly by de-funding trade education, and indirectly by sending jobs overseas.
No company has more effectively supported the White Nationalist agenda than Microsoft as it sent thousands of well-paying, prestigious jobs overseas. The dispiriting effect alone is crushing for a community already deprived of the honor of its elders by ages of racial deprivation. But depriving the industry of positions for non-whites also keeps the NOCs free of dissenting non-whites. I don't wanna hear any yakitty yak excuses. The facts on the ground are clear.

It is a sad, sad, and bitter truth that my Grandfather's and Father's generations failed to defend the rights of non-whites and ensure that our Social Marketplace was open to their achievement as for Whites. We are going to need help defending Liberty. If Liberty is seen as a failed or False Promise, or for Oreos and Crackers only, who will fight for it?

Evidence continues to this day if you stop watching entertainment tv to notice.
Decades ago a neighbor who immigrated from Ukraine admitted during a 'driveway chat' he had been Army Spetznaz(sp?), Special Forces. Another neighbor who drove for DB Schenker walked up with a bottle of Pellegrino held high like a trophy, broke the twist-off seal and passed it around. It was booze. Strong booze from a freshly labeled bottle of Pellegrino.

So, when you see an unjustified act by officials in sports or a dramatic differential between teams in a sporting events, it is justifiable to wonder if 'vitamins' supplied are tainted, or if bottled water supplied at sidelines is tainted. If a great player's play is suddenly diminished, especially following the signing of a huge new contract, has he failed to compensate his pharmacist? Is there blackmail or 'renegotiating' occurring?

It would be excellent business for a successful gangster to interfere in outcomes and thus sway gambling revenue. And if 'vitamin' deals are signed in Agent offices just as sportswear deals are, as early as high school and college recruitment time, is it wrong for Uncle Sam to be interested? There's a lot on the line.

Aren't there plenty of reporters with 'eyes on' the game to notice such details? How well do you remember Steve Wilstein who reported on steroid use and lost his career to death threats?
If classified defense programs aren't important enough to cause a man to object, how can a sports game be enough to risk one's career? Don't you suppose that Eisner knows that if you spread enough sugar frosting on a cookie it becomes an Oreo? Money is the string that makes Pinocchio dance.

Military Sellouts
- Years later I began to notice National Guardsmen mingling with the newly American community. Friendships appeared to be genuine, almost familial. That's not illegal. But it's noticeable.
- I wonder if you're aware that China stole the entire plan for data encryption security for Europe's Global GPS system in the runup to design of its own GPS named Beidou.
- I wonder if you're aware that when England performed a routine test launch of one of its ballistic missiles in the Bermuda Test Range two years ago the missile veered off course toward Miami and had to be prematurely terminated with its on-board Fail-Safe detonation system. Sarcastically: "Besides that, How'd that GPS navigation system work for ya' Mrs. Lincoln?"

- Oh, then there are Airline flights in China's neighboring airspace that have gone missing or weirdly failed to avoid entire mountains and crashed into them. That's not even including recent joystick control problems on aircraft that have Over-the-Air updates and telemetry feed back systems just like your smartphone does. And it's been proven that a wifi-enabled flight control system can be hacked from on-board transmitters just like your smartphone at a wifi cafe.

Kinda makes you wonder in hindsight whether these systems were active when Diana died and on 9/11.

If you see some thing, say something.
Rumsfeld is famous for saying: "There's known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns." So in a world of unknown unknowns it important to notice, remember, and act. Our Men in Black don't know everything. But what if noone has their back?

What if POTUS is complicit in a criminal plan? No married person should have to choose between honesty and employment.

At the end of this line of observations there cannot be any judgement of privately held thoughts and opinions. Only overt statements and actions are open to public review. But once you know those communities with a commonly shared view exist from observing their own words and actions, then you map out your friendships accordingly because rules of good manners dictates avoiding bad manners. There's no desire for provocation, just good manners.

This essay is about mapping out your investments in much the same manner.

We are in a state or Civil Unrest. The Armistice of 1865 has ended.
Combatant Men have stated their objective at several points along a 150-year timeline with provable published sources, all spanning the entirety of 150 years since our Armistice.
Acts of war have been carried out at several times on a timeline with provable participants.
This isn't hypothetical. Anna Politkovskaya documented the facts and so does this essay. These aren't opinions.

It's just damn unpleasant.

The 1865 Armistice is ended and Civil Unrest is in open clear view within our borders. It is a rebellion identical to that in Ingoshetia, Dagestan, Chechnya and Georgia - with the same C3, financing and support. Call it Civil unrest if you prefer.

'White Nationalism remains." (radio quote)
Five days ago I switched om AM radio to catch local news and weather. As news ended, that Limbaugh guy was on the topic of the Notre Dame fire and played a moving audio recording of an elderly Catholic woman describing the smoke-filled Sanctuary in which an illuminated cross held meaning for her. And as she said: " seemed to be saying, 'you can destroy everything around me, yet'..." then suddenly the voice of Rush intoned: "but White Nationalism remains." Then her voice resumed again.

My time zone receives a tape delay of East coast content so someone with access at the distribution network created a cut and spliced rendition of that audio.
Someone with access at the distribution network is a White Nationalist and wanted the Rush audience to know 'White Nationalism remains."

This was only five days ago
Are you paying attention yet? This isn't 150-year-old news. It is two five ago, Tuesday 4/16 news. And it isn't some remote rural Uncle Mike taking calls from itchy trigger-fingered militia types. It was a nationally syndicate major broadcaster saying: 'White Nationalism remains."

At the end of this line of logic, if England had wanted to aid USA to defend itself as it claims then it could have and would have presented their domestic Manifesto to USA long before 9/11 with apologies for past radicals and helped stop them. It could have admitted to formerly training and aiding Islamic radicals including Chechens and acknowledged those groups exist to target another foreign country. And they could have prevented an IRAQ and Afghanistan invasion against innocents by acknowledging their own radical participation internally to State level Security Briefs.

They didn't, by choice. Commission, not omission. Time talent and treasure were wasted as Carnegie et al envisioned. Old Plans were executed to perfection. And they are ongoing to this very date. Sri Lanka is burning this Easter morning.

Whether England still deserves to be an ally is for someone else to decide.

This essay is only about establishing the state of Unrest with facts plus presenting a form of analysis to aid your investment choices, and not arguing your own political actions and opinions.
Once you know whom is an adversary you are a better judge of your friends. That includes enemies of your enemies.

4/20 is the day after 4/19.
If all goes well, a hot civil war is avoided. If not then it all goes up in smoke. This morning we see and remember the smoke from 9/11, 4/16, 4/19 and today 4/21 .
Market Analysis during Civil War/Unrest
As with all wars, notice first the businesses and people in the hot zones. South Western border states and Catholic communities are 'hot'. So are seats of political power.

TRUTH is often the first casualty of War/Unrest. Do you see a liar?

- Where does your investment target operate? Are they exposed to known terrorist and criminal gangsters?
- Are the Government officers in that USA state opponents or proponents of good law enforcement?
- Are your Captains of Industry proponents or opponents of debauchery that cripples individual security and trust?
-Are utilities and the public commons secure and likely to remain secure?
- Are its officers Naturalized citizens or Green Card holders?
- Who are its lenders? Domestic or foreign financiers?
- Who are its customers and what reciprocity demands are enforced?
- Are your target companies involved in critical business that would cripple a nation if damaged? E.g. Food, major utility or critical commodity production?

These questions are suddenly critical and cannot be taken for granted any more.
To entrust, you must first trust. To be trusted you must first be trustworthy. Debauchery is the path to insecurity.

Just as important are larger questions about LOYALTY.
We cannot trust automatically a firm to be loyal to our well-being. Sabotage like what Intel and our Defense programs have experienced is real and is made to look like omission when it is really commission.

A higher, truer test of investment worthiness
It is in this topic theme of "Market Analysis during Civil War/Unrest" I close with the toughest calculus of all and this advice: Does your investment target adhere to to high Principles that once drove our Nation's founding? Or does it permit debauchery of its products, employees and balance sheet.

You know those high Principles as the ones practiced at Faith Services and impressed upon congregants to practice in their day-to-day sociopolitical life too. The distilled squeezings of that Faith are the ink with which we write our secular laws and regulations. While separation of Church and State isn't physically possible, it is entirely possible to have 'juicy' laws that are independent from Religion and Church.

So when a company can admit it needs to change and does so very visibly to maintain good conduct, it is a notable, noticeable expression that suggests higher Principles.

Examples I've noticed - a short list of two
QCOM just did this. Last week. Slowly and under duress. But that contrasts with others and suggests a cooperative durable toughness in contrast to an existential selfish brittleness. Sure it began with China publishing its famous "Four Sins" letter in the domestic press and has taken five years. But incrementally QCOM has adjusted and proven itself durable.

Qualcomm's years of supplying dotGov with comm solutions has established and burnished its credentials.

In these days of security Civil Unrests, as Great Names are revealed to be sloppy and even careless in their product design, the remaining Great Names should be protected all-the-more while the failures are rehabilitated. That is the premise of this essay.

SQNS has a French background that implies an adherence to those higher Principles too, just as its Nation has during these last nineteen trying years of war. Though admittedly there are questions of honesty that must be addressed once the Regulatory process is completed. I would welcome a retirement on the Board. Yet perhaps events have forced extraordinary forgivable actions. Sequans needs to see that higher Principles are still alive in our Market and country.

Our world needs successful, profitable advancing technology that is also legal and ethical.

These two firms demonstrate an adherence to higher Principles and among those are loyalty to higher Principles. That kind of loyalty doesn't exist in a selfish, private, existentialist system - named Fascism.

We are in a state of Civil Unrest. The Armistice of 1865 has ended.
Caveat Emptor.

Anna Politkovskaya
Crimean War/Unrest
William Howard Russell, who covered the Crimean War/Unrest, also for The Times, is often described[by whom?] as the first modern war correspondent.[4]The stories from this era, which were almost as lengthy and analytical as early books on war, took numerous weeks from being written to being published.
Shamil, 3rd Imam of Dagestan

John F. Baddeley. The Russian conquest of the Caucasus. 1908.
The Russian Conquest of the Caucasus - John F. Baddeley ... › Social Science › Ethnic Studies › General
Reprint of Baddeley's classic and rare account of the resistance of the North Caucasians under Shamil against the expansion of Tsarist Russia, with a new introduction by Moshe Gammer. Highly relevant to recent developments in the region.

Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike pub 1898

Miracle of the Ages by Worth Smith, 1952 Edition pp 160-161.

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From: frmrVZguy4/30/2019 1:44:29 PM
   of 289
Ukraine Election: Macroeconomic Rising Tide? Maybe. Here's why. Watch for 2H19 effects.
On 30 April, today, Ukraine declared a new President elected in a landslide - over 70%.

Poroshenko the blond, large, Ukrainian bully was defeated by Zelenskiy, a small, dark, intellectual Jewish man from a family of intellectuals. And oh, he was a comedian actor on TV.

Jewish, in a nation of Slavic, Caucasian Eastern Orthodox Christians.

Wow. Just wow.
Is a new era of global peace and prosperity dawning?

A Great White Christian Nation has chosen a Jew to lead it in negotiations for peace and prosperity.
Oh wait, which nation? Ukraine or USA?
Yes. Both. Yes.

Kushner is said to be finishing a new Israel-Palestinian treaty around 5/16-ish.
If Putin has his preparations made, a rapid agreement with Ukraine to establish Crimea as a Special Economic Zone could be completed in mere days also.
This implies a great global shift in optimism based on new peace treaties globally.

A new Macau-style playground in Europe's breadbasket playground temperate zone mere hours away by jet would be a major economic development. Jobs enable peace just as poverty enables instability.

We could be on the verge of peaceful settlement of the last great disputes on the planet.
Without a single munition being deployed: Korea, Israel, Ukraine and the Balkan States.

We could be on the verge of witnessing the greatest achievements by any Presidential administration. Without a single munition being deployed. Wow.

The resulting economic development boom in and beyond Crimea could make China's Belt and Road look like String and Garter.

The Donald could say in retirement: 'The Sun Never sets on the Trump Empire', after his development deals get done.

His son-in-law could become Viceroy of Adelsonia Precinct of Crimea.
East and West would meet in recreation and business.
A rising broad economic tide - worldwide - might lift all boats.

Are you ready? I suggest you get off the sidelines now.
2H2019 could become a surprise economic boom.

Godspeed Mr. President.

P.S. Oh, about those Sharia militants... hmmm, maybe this will take a little longer for the same peace with Islam completely across the Levant, as Israel enjoys post-Kushner.
Zelenskiy Officially Declared Winner of Presidential Election in Ukraine RFE/RL Ukrainian Service

Message 31700526

The 5G Kittens of Helsinki: Herding cats toward the future with Booo!

We shall see the corollary in Helsinki and that will tip the state of mind of POTUS. What relic of the past will be 'sunset' to enable the future? What relic of the Anciene Regime can be retired?

One relic is the heavy burden of expense by our Nation to defend Europe.
That is a relic that has been successfully challenged with 'Booo!'
And when those dollars are repatriated, our economy will gain another increment just as it did on tax reform for overseas revenues being repatriated.
These are major successes already booked by the current administration.

While 'Booo!' is an unorthodox style, it has been effective and entertaining.

Can peace in Israel, Korea, and the Caucasus all be achieved under Trump?

Godspeed Mr. President.

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From: frmrVZguy5/3/2019 4:47:00 PM
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CBRS ‘on the brink’ of readiness, FCC’s O’Rielly says CBRS could be operational within weeks
CBRS ‘on the brink’ of readiness, FCC’s O’Rielly says Kelly Hill Commissioner calls for government agencies to free up more mid-band spectrum, says CBRS could be operational within weeks...

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From: frmrVZguy5/3/2019 4:50:51 PM
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Our 3.5Ghz Partner in UK News: Three's Broadband 'Toy' Gets Set for 5G Push previously sold connectivity under the Relish brand
Three's Broadband 'Toy' Gets Set for 5G Push Iain Morris, International Editor 5/3/2019
Next to Three, with its 5,400 employees and 13.2 million customers, UK Broadband -- which has previously sold connectivity under the Relish brand -- does indeed look toy-like... UK Broadband claims to be the country's biggest commercial owner of spectrum suitable for FWA and 4G mobile technology, with 124MHz in the 3.5GHz and 3.6GHz bands. Additional licenses cover the 3.9GHz, 28GHz and 40GHz bands, says the company.
The barrier is the investment that would be needed to extend coverage. "It is very capital intensive to build sites," says Singleton. In the very busiest areas, a single site could in theory support several hundred customers over mid-band airwaves.

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To: frmrVZguy who wrote (206)5/4/2019 5:33:21 AM
From: w0z
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FCC’s O’Rielly says CBRS could be operational within weeks

Wow, isn't this great news for SQNS?

CBRS Coming to Life

In addition to IoT devices, we will have on display new CBRS devices, powered by Sequans Cassiopeia LTE Cat 6 platform, which has been adopted by industry-leading device makers to address the CBRS opportunity. Sequans is uniquely experienced in 3.5 GHz spectrum solutions and is a member of the CBRS Alliance.

Hopefully some good news in the CC on May 9.

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CBRS ‘on the brink’ of readiness, FCC’s O’Rielly says

Last paragraph:

In related news, Telit has joined the CBRS Alliance, becoming he first cellular module maker to join the organization and the second new member this month. Telit noted that it already has a gigabit mPCIe adapter card that includes CBRS support, the LM960, as part of its portfolio, which can be used to serve the private LTE market with “routers, gateways and other devices connecting to LTE access points, small cells and other CBRS infrastructure.” The other new CBRS Alliance member this month was Tessco Technologies.

Is that underlined comment correct???

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Interesting PoV from Charlie Ergen @ DISH on Lightreading - He wants an LTE-only network without 2/3G fallback just like RJIO and Rakuten and Softbank's Masa.

I have stated several times the impediment to 5G is 2/3G - these need to sunset to eliminate old tech boxes and power demand supporting obsolete tech.

I have also stated several times here on SI and on SA that Masa seems to want a legacy-free business with Sprint and wants to divest all the legacy voice to others - TMo most obviously. Thus they are interested in selling off their Enterprise, Government, and MVNO voice biz to leave them with a stand-alone IP-only brand which may be SPRINT or something new. And it may stay under his ownership or get sold to TMo with access and network holdings retained by Softbank

mmWave is going the wrong direction from the true needs of a SECURE and EFFICIENT 5G.


(partial - click for entire article - just the parts I thought interesting)
Today's Mobile Networks Make Charlie Ergen Sick to His Stomach | Light Reading
"When I go to one of our towers, I want to throw up," Charlie Ergen, Dish Network's chairman, said on Friday's Q1 earnings call. "We're building something that we know is... technically obsolete... The architecture has to change for a wireless network."... "We're going to take that shed and put it in the cloud," Ergen said, noting that the plan is to not only do mobile phone service, but to tap into the "power of 5G" and support robotics, smart cities, smart agriculture and other forms of business. "You can't do that with an existing network today."
Dish's plan in this area has been linked to the success (or failure) of Rakuten, the Japanese e-commerce company that aims to disrupt the mobile market there with a software-driven, virtualized network. Ergen talked up Rakuten and the tech partners it has assembled for the effort on today's call, calling what has been achieved there in the last eight months "unbelievable."
"That architecture... is starting to gain credibility," he said. "We're in position to build a virtualized network from the ground up... In our case, we don't have any [mobile/wireless] customers, so we can build it right the first time." Still, skeptics on the call noted that what Rakuten is trying to accomplish and the complexities involved make it far from a slam dunk. Ergen agreed, to a point. "I don't think they have to be a wild success, but they do need to make breakthroughs in technology and software," he said, still confident that they'll pull it off and those results will greatly benefit Dish.


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From: frmrVZguy5/9/2019 2:39:10 PM
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1Q19 Financial Statement: Highlighted lines that REALLY matter................................................................
Here's the math you care about
281,076,000 / 94,788,726 = $2.965 per share deficit

and line entries that demand attention
(425 - 99)
Net cash flow used in investments activities (1,650
Capitalized development expenditures (1,080
per SEEKING ALPHA "Revenue of $7M (-37.7% Y/Y) misses by $1.17M."
Sequans Communications Announces First Quarter 2019 Financial Results
PARIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--4G chipmaker Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS) today announced financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2019.
Issued capital, euro 0.02 nominal value, 94,788,726 shares authorized, issued and outstanding at March 31, 2019 (94,732,539 shares at December 31, 2018) $ 2,384 $ 2,384
Accumulated deficit (281,076 ) (272,036 )
Three months ended March 31,
(in thousands of US$) 2019 2018
Operating activities
Loss before income taxes $ (9,056 ) $ (8,730 )
Non-cash adjustment to reconcile income before tax to net cash from (used in) operating activities Depreciation and impairment of property, plant and equipment 1,262 769
Amortization and impairment of intangible assets 1,078 767
Share-based payment expense 488 531
Increase (decrease) in provisions (21 ) 22
Financial expense (income) 1,976 1,227
Foreign exchange loss (gain) (425 ) 146
Loss (Gain) on disposal of property, plant and equipment (32 ) —
Working capital adjustments
Decrease (Increase) in trade receivables and other receivables 2,980 3,958
Decrease (Increase) in inventories 604 8
Decrease (Increase) in research tax credit receivable (597 ) (982 )
Decrease in trade payables and other liabilities (2,478 ) (3,315 )
Decrease in deferred revenue (317 ) (34 )
Decrease in government grant advances (99 ) (410 )
Income tax paid 13 34
Net cash flow used in operating activities (4,624 ) (6,009 )
Investing activities
Purchase of intangible assets and property, plant and equipment (585 ) (329 )
Capitalized development expenditures (1,080 ) (463 )
Net cash flow used in investments activities (1,650 ) (777 )
Cash and cash equivalent at January 1 12,086 2,948
Cash and cash equivalents at end of the period $ 7,555 $ 14,638

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From: frmrVZguy5/13/2019 3:34:33 PM
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Federated Wireless completed (ESC) network for CBRS FCC Go Ahead next
Federated Wireless announced today that it has completed the rollout of its environmental sensing capability (ESC) network, meaning it’s ready to support initial commercial deployment (ICD) of Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) across the United States as soon as the Federal Communications Commission gives the green light... CommScope and Google each will operate independent Spectrum Access System systems, similar to what Federated Wireless is doing, but they're collaborating on a jointly operated ESC network. CommScope said in March that the expectation is to complete their ESC network by the end of the year... (more)

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Sequans and Momentum IoT Partner on Cloud-Based Telematics Solution for Fleet Managers
Sequans and Momentum IoT Partner on Cloud-Based Telematics Solution for Fleet Managers
today PARIS & LONG BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 13, 2019--LTE for IoT chipmaker Sequans Communications S.A. (NYSE: SQNS) and Momentum IoT, fleet management hardware and software solutions provider, have joined forces to add LTE-M connectivity to the Momentum IoT Eagle 1 telematics tracking device for a total solution that makes fleet management more user-friendly and more cost-effective. The Momentum IoT Eagle 1 allows fleet managers to monitor and track the status of virtually everything in their fleets, from location and fuel consumption to maintenance problems...
The Momentum Eagle 1 is an ultra-advanced and rugged device that is easy to install with plug-in connectors that need no wiring. The auto-load feature automatically sets up the vehicle in the dashboard where fleet managers can instantly view odometer, voltage, and fuel level readings, as well as the idle, park, or moving status of every truck or vehicle in their fleet. Managers have full visibility of trucks on the map, including distance from site and deviations. Notifications are provided for trip length and speed reports, and alerts are provided for maintenance issues...
The Momentum Eagle 1 telematics solution is now available. For a free trial and/or demo of the Momentum IoT Eagle 1 telematics tracker solution, please visi

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