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From: Eric8/22/2017 3:11:57 PM
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Elon Musk Takes Us Into His World, Shares Picture Of SpaceX Factory As Seen From Space

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From: Eric8/23/2017 12:34:04 PM
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Future Tense

SpaceX just teased a chic new spacesuit

by Jackie Wattles and Rachel Crane @CNNMoney August 23, 2017: 12:21 PM ET

Elon Musk unveils SpaceX's new spacesuit

The world just got a glimpse of the suits astronauts may one day wear when they travel to the International Space Station aboard a SpaceX craft. Elon Musk -- the billionaire serial entrepreneur behind SpaceX -- shared a photo Wednesday of an astronaut wearing a crisp white suit with black paneling, and a helmet with a large, tinted face shield.

Musk said via an Instagram post that the suit pictured is an actual, functioning version of what the company will one day give to astronauts.

"Worth noting that this actually works (not a mockup)," he wrote. "Was incredibly hard to balance esthetics and function."

The spacesuit is designed to be used on SpaceX's Crew Dragon -- a new spacecraft the private company is developing that will ferry astronauts to the space station under contracts with NASA.

SpaceX is in a race against Boeing ( BA) to make history by becoming the first private company to complete that sort of mission. Until now, only governments have sent humans into orbit.

The United States hasn't had a craft certified to carry humans into space since NASA retired the Space Shuttle program in 2011. So in recent years, NASA has relied on Russian missions to get its astronauts to and from the space station.

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Boeing and SpaceX have each been developing a crew-worthy spacecraft for years. NASA put its faith in the two companies by awarding them both contracts in 2014 to one day fly crew.

Both have been awarded missions, and the companies received $4.2 billion and $2.6 billion respectively.

Now, it's a race to the launch pad. Both Boeing and SpaceX are expected to launch their first crewed missions at around the same time, possibly next year.

Boeing was first in one respect: the company has already revealed its spacesuit design. It's a notably different esthetic -- bright blue material and mid-calf boots designed by Reebok.

Apart from the spacecrafts under development by Boeing and SpaceX, there's one more crew vessel in the works: NASA's Orion, which Lockheed Martin ( LMT) is building under a federal contract.

Orion, however, is intended for missions more complicated than space station trips. Rather, NASA has designed it for trips to the moon, Mars and even beyond.

NASA says the suits for Orion missions will be modified versions of the bright orange jumpsuits astronauts wore for take off and landing during Shuttle missions.

SpaceX declined to share more details about its spacesuit design on Wednesday.

Musk teased on Instagram, "More in days to follow."

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From: Eric8/24/2017 9:26:21 AM
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Formosat-5 launch coming up just before Noon PDT:

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From: Eric8/24/2017 3:10:18 PM
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Formosat-5 just delivered into orbit.

First stage successfully landed on drone ship!

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From: supernova238/25/2017 3:25:21 PM
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Tech Teams Around The World Prepare to Compete at the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition
by Luke Graham

Teams from universities and colleges around the world are coming together at SpaceX to test their pod designs on a hyperloop test track.The hyperloop involves using magnets and a vacuum tube to accelerate a podat speeds of more than 700 miles per hour.Aside from the technological challenges, investment, legislation and politics remain obstacles for hyperloop to overcome.

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From: supernova238/26/2017 1:56:57 PM
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SpaceX President Gwynne Shotwell Talks Space, Life, and Elon Musk

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From: Eric8/30/2017 8:24:35 PM
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SpaceX gets OK for landing zone on Space Coast

Aug 30, 2017, 4:46pm EDT

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Private commercial rocket company SpaceX got approval for additional space for its Dragon spacecraft and Falcon Heavy rocket at Cape Canaveral.

The Hawthorne, Calif.-based company got the OK on Aug. 21 to build a stormwater system at Landing Zone 1, formerly known as Launch Complex 13. Price Civil Design LLC is the civil engineer team behind the project.

10 photos

Landing Zone one is being called a temporary dragon hangar facility.

Sources say SpaceX is building a temporary Dragon processing facility at Cape Canaveral until a long-term Dragon processing and refurbishment operations can be established at a location yet to be determined. The landing zone also will be a key location for SpaceX's Falcon Heavy — its largest rocket, which is equipped with three boosters. The company plans to build two more landing pads to land two rocket boosters simultaneously and one on a drone ship in the sea.

Orlando Business Journal first reported in January about the SpaceX landing pads. SpaceX signed a five-year deal for launch complex 13 to land rockets in 2015, however, the complex was equipped with only one landing pad.

Located on two patches of land — each a little more than 11 acres, according to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station — SpaceX hopes to have the additional pads ready by November when it launches its Falcon Heavy.

The new pads would need to be built in a way to handle the force of the returning boosters. Each concrete pad would cover more than 11 acres, with an approximate diameter of 282 feet surrounded by an area of 50-foot-wide, hard-packed soil. The pads would be 18 inches thick and designed to support the weight and thrust of the Falcon booster vehicle, according to documents.

While SpaceX does not have its main manufacturing facility in Central Florida, the company does launches at least twice a month and has a refurbishment center in Port Canaveral — all activity that supports dozens, if not hundreds of jobs locally. Right now, the company has nearly 20 job openings posted on its website.

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From: Eric9/6/2017 9:03:15 AM
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SpaceX, U.S. Air Force to launch secretive robotic space plane from Cape Canaveral

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To: Eric who wrote (30)9/6/2017 11:57:01 AM
From: Road Walker
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Uh, weather permitting.

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To: Road Walker who wrote (31)9/7/2017 8:22:05 PM
From: gg cox
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Weather , launchable!

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