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   PoliticsMuslims Gone Mad

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To: James Seagrove who wrote (1100)1/23/2019 12:54:28 PM
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"You mean you haven’t heard of the brand new law that I just made up????"

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To: Savant who wrote (1103)1/30/2019 12:26:29 AM
From: James Seagrove
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Greta Thunberg should be more worried about getting raped by Muslims.

Greta Thunberg, the Teenage Spear Point of Radical Climate-Change Alarmists

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From: James Seagrove2/11/2019 8:40:47 PM
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Eric Zemmour - Migrant Invasion of France

09:18 This is present-day France! And we’re going back, you see,
09:22 back to the two words of François Hollande: “the partition”
09:26 He’s right, François. Yes. You laugh, but he’s right.
09:30 He’s lucid. The problem is that he is powerless. But he is lucid.
09:34 You know that’s what it is: the great modern tragedy.
09:38 It’s not the stupidity of the great modern tragedy. It’s the lack of will,
09:42 the lack of, of… The inability to act.
09:46 And you therefore have
09:55 The attacks, they happen like that, you’re under the impression that it
09:59 falls from the sky. I’ll explain. I listened to a —
10:03 on the radio, I don’t know if you heard that, the commercial for
10:07 “de-radicalization”. You have to die of laughter!
10:11 You have to die of laughter. You’re under the impression
10:15 that [the jihadi] is a kid who believes in
10:19 whatever, all the conspiracy theories, a poor, lost kid,
10:23 and the parents are distraught. They f***ing take us for imbeciles!
10:27 The word “Islam” isn’t mentioned a single time, obviously.
10:31 It’s comical, in fact. They are rather funny. They invent concepts.
10:35 “Radicalization”. Radicalization of what? Where?
10:39 Where is it coming from? We don’t know. It fell from the sky, like that.
10:43 It’s radicalization. So of course you have understood that
10:47 the conflagration is born of the invasion and the colonization.
10:51 Of course all those young people have to do is
10:56 to read the Quran. They know what they have to do.
11:00 The jihad is part of the Quranic instructions.
11:04 And it was NEVER questioned by anybody. Not even
11:08 most tolerant the most rational Muslim philosophers —
11:12 such as Averroes! Even Averroes — who is quoted to us all the time —
11:16 he defends the idea of jihad.
11:20 Even the Sufis, you know that Muslim sect
11:24 That is much more spiritualist, much less
11:28 ritualistic than the others, doesn’t question the jihad.
11:32 The jihad is an instruction from God.
11:36 And like all the Quranic instructions, they are
11:40 divine instructions, which have been given directly by God,
11:44 and they didn’t pass through humans — unlike the Gospels or the Torah —
11:48 and they [therefore] cannot be debated, unlike the Christian
11:53 theology of the Talmud. Incidentally, Tariq Ramadan recognizes it himself: there is no
11:57 “Islamic theology”. And for good reason: since it came directly [from God] and it has to be applied
12:01 in a strict way. Therefore those young people are in no way
12:05 “guilty” — as it’s being suggested — they are absolutely not imbeciles,
12:09 [they aren’t “guilty”] of not knowing their own religion. On the contrary!
12:13 They have a theological-political project called “Islam”.
12:17 Voilà, that’s what it is: the terrorist attacks,
12:21 it’s that: those people who — we are under impression —
12:25 arrive just like that in Nice, or I read that
12:29 he had a fight with his wife; they were in the middle of a divorce so he killed a hundred people.
12:33 Jaw drop. If everybody
12:37 who is getting divorced were to take a truck onto the Promenade des Anglais
12:41 and kill eighty people, wow, that
12:46 would be something, things would go to pot; it would be good for social security,
12:50 but, well, other than that… They are screwing with us.
12:54 They are telling us nonsense. Yes.
12:58 So, you absolutely need to understand that there’s a logic,
13:02 a civilizational, political and economic logic,
13:06 that this situation that we are experiencing and will continue
13:10 to experience didn’t fall from sky. Only voilà, today there are European peoples
13:18 who have become conscious of this great danger.
13:22 You know, usually in history it is the elites who guide their peoples.
13:26 Here, however, we have the elites who switched to doing something else,
13:30 who don’t want to guide their peoples any more, who don’t want to know them any longer,
13:34 who are sort of in a their own world.
13:38 You know, a great American sociologist, Christopher Lasch,
13:42 has predicted that since the ’70s-’80s. He called it “the Revolt of the Elites”,
13:47 which shows that there are very lucid people out there. And who can see what’s coming.
13:51 So voilà: we are experiencing the Revolt of the Elites, and today
13:55 the peoples are revolting against this Revolt of the Elites.
13:59 There’s a terrible confrontation between the peoples
14:03 and their elites, between the peoples and another people, brought in by the elites,
14:07 who became mixed with those elites; you have certainly seen it.
14:11 It’s very interesting today, I recommend that at every election you have a look
14:15 at the social relations of the votes.
14:19 It’s always the same. You always have the same
14:23 social groups: you have invariably on one side
14:27 the CSP+ [managers, and highly trained professionals], the children of immigration, the women
14:31 from large cities, and then you have on the other side
14:35 the popular class in the small towns, in rural America,
14:39 in dilapidated English towns; you see, it’s always the same.
14:44 Always. In reality you have a confrontation between two peoples.
14:48 For now it’s only an electoral [confrontation].
14:52 That’s all I have to say about that.

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To: Savant who wrote (1103)2/22/2019 5:29:46 AM
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Accused Spy for Iran Allegedly Radicalized During Stint at US University That Took $100M From Muslim Nations

A former U.S. Air Force intelligence specialist accused of espionage for Iran, Monica Witt, was allegedly radicalized in part during a stint at a Washington university that has taken $100 million from Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.

Certain American universities have received funding from the U.S. government with a partial goal of training students to be diplomats and intelligence specialists for the U.S., while simultaneously accepting financial donations from Middle East countries. In some cases, the programs have been staffed by academics who are critical of U.S. policy and who publicly espouse fringe positions.

Witt was charged Feb. 13 by the Department of Justice with sharing government secrets with Iranian officials. She was allegedly helping create a cyber-hacking operation on fellow former agents. She is at large and believed to be in Iran.


Muslim-majority nations — plus a handful of private groups associated with them — have given $100 million to George Washington University in the form of gifts and contracts since 2011, according to Department of Education disclosures. That includes $80 million from Saudi Arabia, $14 million from Kuwait, $4.5 million from the United Arab Emirates, and $730,000 from Turkey. Most of those countries gave as recently as June 2018.

The Middle East centers of Washington-area universities provide a direct line to shaping U.S. policy. In 2011, for example, GWU’s now-director of the Middle East studies program Nathan Brown testified before the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence: “We have no policy toward the [Muslim] Brotherhood. And let me stake out what might seem to be an odd position here: I do not think we need a policy.”


Even as GWU receives financing from Middle East interests, the Department of Education has used taxpayer money to amplify its ability to shape the way Americans think about the region. For 2019-2021, it received a quarter million dollars for “Foreign Language and Area Studies” of the Middle East from a U.S. taxpayer-funded program known as Title VI.

Title VI grantees often have a trickle-down influence that shapes how not only college students, but young schoolchildren understand the Middle East. The Education Department says that “In addition to supporting foreign language and area studies instruction and research, Title VI” recipients will “conduct outreach and develop programs that expand global opportunities for K-16 educators.”[…]

[Note: The incursion of Islamic money into U.S. education isn’t news to long-time Gates of Vienna readers]

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From: James Seagrove2/25/2019 12:28:19 PM
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Man shot dead by police suffered mental health issues: South Sudanese community

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From: FUBHO2/28/2019 7:28:46 AM
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Germany: Stabbings and Knife Crimes at Record High

by Soeren Kern • February 28, 2019 at 5:00 am

  • Police reported more than 4,100 knife-related crimes in 2018, compared to around 3,800 reported during 2017 — and only 400 in 2008. Overall, during the past ten years, knife-related crimes in Germany have increased by more than 900% — from one a day to more than ten a day.
  • German media do not report most knife-related violence. Crimes that are reported are often dismissed as "isolated incidents" that are unrelated to mass immigration. Moreover, many crime reports, including those in police blotters, omit references to the nationalities of the perpetrators and victims — apparently to avoid inflaming anti-immigration sentiments.... Many Germans have the sense that danger lurks everywhere, but the lack of official statistics seemingly allows German authorities to pretend that the problem is imaginary.
  • Germany's knife-crime epidemic has continued nonstop into 2019. During the first 45 days of 2019, police reported more than 500 knife crimes — an average of 11 a day.

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To: James Seagrove who wrote (1108)3/13/2019 3:38:39 PM
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GERMANY: Did you know Muslim religious leaders are brought in to indoctrinate Christian kindergarten students on a regular basis?

March 13, 2019 by BareNakedIslam 2 Comments

I tried to find the Christian and Jewish leaders visiting Muslim kindergartens on a regular basis, or even once in awhile, but somehow, could not. #Germany: Muslim hijab educator and an imam now regularly come to a Christian kindergarten in Dusseldorf, to bring the kids closer to Islam! Is there such a thing also in […]

Filed Under: Islamization of the West

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To: James Seagrove who wrote (1108)5/27/2019 12:38:24 AM
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Hope you are OK Seagrove. You've been gone quite a while. Get well soon if you got ill.

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