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From: Sultan6/1/2017 3:50:56 PM
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June Presentation

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From: Sultan6/5/2017 3:56:45 PM
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2017 CEO Letter to FLYHT Shareholders: Aircraft Tracking, Part 2

June 5, 2017

Subject: Aircraft Tracking, Space Based ADS-B, and Timely Access to Flight Recorder Data, Part 2

Dear Shareholders and Interested Parties;

This is part 2 of a letter published on April 26, 2017. Part 1 of this letter discussed International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regulatory activities, air traffic control surveillance, aircraft tracking solutions and the value that FLYHT’s Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRSTM) provides aircraft operators.

This part of the letter will explore Amendment 40: Timely Access to Flight Recorder Information. This ICAO performance-based requirement specifies that by 2021 new aircraft type designs make the flight recorder data available in a timely manner.

Performance-based rules prescribe a result and do not dictate an implementation method, allowing industry to achieve the rule in the most efficient means possible, on a case by case basis.

The intent of this Timely Access to Flight Recorder Information is to resolve the problems recently encountered. The Air France AF447 disaster occurred in 2009 when this flight entered a high-altitude stall and crashed into the ocean at the mid-Atlantic Ridge; killing all on board. The search for the aircraft and recovery of its cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders, together known as “black boxes”, took approximately two years. Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 went missing in 2014 and investigators do not know what became of the aircraft and its 239 people. It is paramount for accident investigators to get the black boxes as soon as possible because they are the primary data source. Without the data from the recorders, the accident investigators have difficulty piecing together the facts of the incidents.

So, industry is faced with this prescriptive requirement – how do we get the accident investigators started immediately, without necessarily securing the black boxes themselves?

There are thought to be two primary implementation options to begin investigating the cockpit voice and flight data immediately following an incident. The first, and from FLYHT’s perspective the superior solution, is to stream the recorder data from the aircraft while it is in flight. The second, more challenging solution, is to fit aircraft with deployable recorders; recorders which eject while the aircraft is in flight or as it is crashing. It is likely that both approaches will be pursued by industry.

The deployable recorder is intellectually intriguing, but is wrought with challenges. Having the full content of the recorder (25 hours of flight data and 2 hours of cockpit voice) shortly after the accident is very desirable. However, the system can deploy at the wrong time over populated areas and could strike flight surfaces at certain aircraft attitudes, compounding the challenges the aircraft is facing. If the incident occurs in mountainous or difficult to access terrain, the deployable does no good and may in fact make recovery more difficult. Practically, to install the device, a part of the exterior skin of the aircraft must be redesigned and replaced because the typical design approach is to form an airfoil to “fly” the recorder away from the aircraft. The deployable recorder floats in water, has a GPS receiver and a satellite communication transmitter to broadcast its location so it can be retrieved. This system is very expensive, particularly for retrofit solutions. The safety and practical aspects of the deployable recorder make it an awkward solution for the problem, particularly in this “always connected” age we live in. It is old thinking; an old concept of operations.

Streaming data from an aircraft offers the value of not only knowing where your aircraft is, but also knowing what is going on in the aircraft, always. Whether the streamed data is a result of a “trigger,” (an event that turns on the streaming of data when it is recognized something is wrong) or if data is simply streamed throughout flight, having immediate access to this data on a specific, secure server is the ideal scenario for accident investigators to being their evaluation of what has happened.

Concerns have been raised regarding the security of the streamed data either during transmission or storage; as well as concerns over access, privacy and cost. These concerns are reasonable, but solutions exist. Securing the transport of digital information is actively studied and current networking technology continues to be refined and improved to protect commercial and privacy interests. Securing data during storage is also a very active area of investment and development. Access rules can be defaulted to be the same as those currently employed for flight data recorders (FDR) and cockpit voice recorders (CVR) when installed on aircraft. The FDR data is routinely downloaded after flights occur and is broadly used in Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA) and other activities. CVR data can be triggered so it only streams in response to an event. Alternatively, the erase button in the cockpit could mark segments to erase post-flight if there are no incidents during flight, as is the case currently with the CVR. Costs for satellite airtime continue to drop and become more feasible over time as more satellites are launched, compressions schemes improve, and transmission prioritization controls are implemented.

Streaming data to augment the on-board FDR and CVR is an important next step to satisfy Amendment 40: Timely Access to Flight Recorder Information requirement. FLYHT Aerospace Solutions has offered commercialized data streaming through our FLYHTStreamTM application for several years. Our system currently uses the Iridium constellation which offers global coverage, but limited bandwidth. Other satellite solutions, such as Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband offer much larger pipes to send more data, faster if required. Iridium is launching “Next,” higher bandwidth, replacement low earth orbit satellites to provide alternatives to Inmarsat. Other Satcom technologies exist as well. FLYHT is forging partnerships and investigating different ways to enhance the industry leading technology that we currently offer to provide solutions to meet both Autonomous Distress Tracking and Timely Access to Flight Recorder Information requirements in a system that saves operators money, streamlines operations and proactively enhances safety.

Best regards –

Thomas R. Schmutz

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From: Sultan6/6/2017 1:03:18 AM
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FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd.
Announces Management Change
Calgary, Alberta – June 5, 2017 - FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. (“FLYHT”) (TSX-V: FLY) (OTCQX: FLYLF) today announced that Nola Heale will not be continuing in her position of CFO & VP Finance of FLYHT. The Company has appointed Paul Takalo, the Board of Director's Audit Committee Chair, to serve as the interim CFO & VP Finance. FLYHT will pursue a permanent replacement to fill the position.

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From: Sultan6/9/2017 2:27:28 PM
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FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. to Present at The MicroCap Conference on June 27th in Toronto at the Sheraton Centre Hotel

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From: Sultan6/19/2017 1:19:19 PM
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FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. Receives U.S. Patent for FLYHTStream(TM)

CALGARY, AB--(Marketwired - June 19, 2017) - FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. ("FLYHT") (TSX VENTURE: FLY) ( FLYLF) is pleased to announce the receipt of a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for FLYHT's emergency data streaming technology which has been initially enabled in a commercial software product called FLYHTStream™.

"During the extended search for AF447 it became clear to FLYHT that there was a problem to solve. Could real-time communications be used to send data to locate and get valuable information from the aircraft, possibly to even prevent a future accident? We extended the capabilities of our system and this patent was filed," stated Kent Jacobs, FLYHT's first employee who jointly filed the patent application back in 2010. "Having this patent granted marks an important milestone for our Company as we continue to protect our intellectual property and expand our exclusive offerings to our customers in the aviation industry."

FLYHTStream is used during an emergency or abnormal situation onboard an aircraft. It sends flight data recorder information to the airline immediately, through a real-time communications network, so airlines and investigators know the status and the location of the aircraft. The data streaming is initiated either automatically during an unsafe condition, by the pilots through an event button in the cockpit or by the operations team on the ground through the server, UpTime™. Key airline personnel are notified immediately and essential data is streamed from the aircraft. Video demo of the FLYHTStream technology.

FLYHT has already been granted this patent in China and has the patent pending in other regions. The United States patent comes at a business-relevant time because the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has passed a performance-based requirement for new aircraft type designs to make the flight recorder data available in a timely manner by 2021, a short time away in the aviation timeline. The intent of the Timely Access to Flight Recorder Information is to resolve problems recently encountered when aircraft and their black boxes cannot immediately be accessed. See more on the requirement in the June 5 edition of the FLYHT CEO Letter.

FLYHTStream is commercially available today and is a solution which augments the on-board flight data recorders and flight voice recorders. FLYHTStream is a software service that is enabled by the Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS™) which hosts services that save aircraft operators money, streamline their operations and proactively enhance safety, which prevents accidents and can save lives.

The patent title is Aircraft Flight Data Delivery and Management System with Emergency Mode, US 9,602,187 B2 and is dated March 21, 2017.

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From: Sultan6/21/2017 1:18:55 AM
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Worldwide Business interview to air June 24, 25

Tune into Fox Business Network as sponsored programming on Sunday, June 25, 2017 and Bloomberg International on Saturday, June 24, 2017. See market-by-market listings below.

LOS ANGELES - June 20, 2017 - Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is pleased to announce an exclusive interview with Tom Schmutz, CEO of FLYHT Aerospace Solutions, a leading provider of global flight-tracking technology.

The company offers real-time data streaming solutions that are positioned to have a massive impact on the aviation industry. FLYHT Aerospace Solutions' unique ability to capture, process and transmit data -- coupled with real-time alerts -- provides airlines with direct insight into the operational status and health of their aircraft and enables them to take corrective action in order to maintain the highest standard of operational control. FLYHT Aerospace Solutions was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

Schmutz says that FLYHT Aerospace Solutions has revolutionary technology that can help prevent catastrophic conditions in flight. He explains, "Most airline passengers are surprised to find out that most of the tracking and communication technologies that are on board today's aircraft are 1980s and 1990s technology. Ultimately, what we find is that there are gaps in communication coverage around the world. Aircraft can be lost. This is unacceptable. At FLYHT, we have the technology to eliminate those kinds of problems. Our leading technology enhances the efficiency and safety of aircraft. It saves aircraft operators money, it helps streamline their operations and it proactively enhances safety, preventing accidents and saving lives."

JL Haber, Vice President of Programming for Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®, added, "With so many people choosing to fly every single day, the safety of everyone on board each aircraft is crucial. What FLYHT Aerospace Solutions has done for the aviation industry is amazing, to say the least. Their groundbreaking, innovative technology will surely have a dramatic impact on aircraft operators and all those who love to travel. We are proud to have FLYHT Aerospace Solutions on our show."

For more information about FLYHT Aerospace Solutions, visit and tune into Fox Business Network as sponsored programming on Sunday, June 25, 2017 at 5:00pm EST and Bloomberg International on Saturday, June 24, 2017 at 7:30am GMT.

About Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

Worldwide Business with kathy ireland® is a weekly business television program featuring real-world insights from corporate executives from all over the globe which can be viewed on Fox Business Network as part of their sponsored programming lineup, as well as internationally to over 50 countries on Bloomberg International.

Visit for detailed airing schedules or check your local listings.

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From: Sultan6/21/2017 7:03:13 PM
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FLYHT Aerospace Solutions featured on Worldwide Business with kathy ireland®

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From: Sultan7/7/2017 11:06:55 AM
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FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. Increases its Line of Credit to $1.5 Million

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From: Sultan7/13/2017 11:18:03 AM
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FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. Announces Share Consolidation

Calgary, Alberta – July 13, 2017 – FLYHT Aerospace Solutions Ltd. (“FLYHT” or the “Company”) (TSX-V: FLY) (OTCQX: FLYLF) is pleased to announce that the TSX Venture Exchange has approved a consolidation of its common shares (the “Consolidation”) on a 10 to 1 basis.

The Consolidation was previously approved by the Company’s shareholders at the Annual and Special Meeting held on May 10, 2017.

The Consolidation results in one (1) new post-consolidated common share being issued for ten (10) old pre-consolidated common shares.

The Consolidation will take effect on July 17, 2017 with the Common Shares trading on a post-Consolidation basis beginning at the open of markets on July 17, 2017. At the date of this press release, there are a total of 209,636,273 Common Shares issued and outstanding. Assuming no other change in the issued capital of the Company, it is expected upon completion of this Consolidation, FLYHT will have approximately 20,963,617 (after taking into account certain fractional rounding) Common Shares issued and outstanding. FLYHT’s issuing name will not change as a result of the Consolidation.

The Company is pursuing the Consolidation due to the improvement in the underlying financial performance of the Company and the management of FLYHT believes that the Consolidation will have positive effects for Company stock trading and financial reporting. FLYHT was profitable in 2016 and has produced four successive positive quarters. FLYHT is also producing positive cash flow through normal operations. A more thorough discussion of the rationale for the Consolidation can be found on the Company website at

A full description of the Consolidation is contained in the Company’s Management Information Circular and Proxy Statement dated April 4, 2017, which has been filed with SEDAR at

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From: Sultan7/13/2017 11:35:08 AM
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2017 CEO Letter to the Shareholders: Consolidation

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