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   PoliticsThe Donald Trump Presidency

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To: RetiredNow who wrote (31407)6/15/2019 5:26:03 PM
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China has no choice but to submit, but they refuse right now because they very foolishly think they can out last Donald's patience, that's a very naive and stupid strategy but they have no choice if they want to continue saving face at home...

China's mistake is thinking that Donald is just another politician, but he's anything but another politician... Donald doesn't give a shit what China thinks or even what his domestic political enemies think of him, he's deadly serious and he plays for keeps, this is something so many people here at home still don't realize and will probably never understand...

Donald's plan is to humble China into submission so they would and could no longer steal the tech and semi developments of other's worldwide...

This would actually also be a big win for China, but they don't believe they have the talent in their own country to complete successfully in the global market... if China could rely on their own homegrown talent, then they would be able to develop their own devices for the very first time and then complete in the global markets as an equal for the very first time... this kind of global competition would speed the development of technology and also lower costs... the biggest benefactor would be the global consumer who could then be able to buy more highly advanced technology at lower costs... these advancements would reach into so many services, e.g., medicine, communication, and so on...

In this way, Donald is changing the high tech world and the entire global economy for the better... none of this is even mentioned in the media because the media is not capable of thinking that big... all they can focus on is their shortsightedness and their obsession with petty things they believe would help their television ratings here and now, they don't care about tomorrow, they don't care about you or me...

His entire life, Donald's first guiding personal principle is to think big and to think bold, and this is something all of us should learn to do, it would only make us smarter and more savvy...

Donald is an outright business genius and anyone who would argue that would first have to prove they've done better for themselves than Donald has for himself...

With the many dozens of businesses Donald has started in his lifetime, he created more jobs in the past 40 years than biden, or any of them, could ever dream of creating in all their sorry years as political hacks sitting on their fat pimply asses collecting a government paycheck and never doing an honest day's work...

That we even have career politicians is ludicrous and absurd... politicians and diapers are one and the same, both should be changed often and for the same reason...


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To: Shoot1st who wrote (31410)6/15/2019 5:35:59 PM
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Seven things that will happen if House dimwit-crats move to impeach Donald Trump

None of these reasons would be good for the dimwit-crats...

According to Karl Rove:

1) Swing voters will conclude the Democrats are conducting a highly partisan exercise.

2) Impeachment talk will largely or completely obscure anything else House Democrats will do legislatively.

3) Voters could decide the Democrats are a do-nothing bunch.

4) Impeachment will play a much larger role in the Democratic presidential primary.

5) The issue of impeachment will obscure the other messages of the Democratic presidential hopefuls and raise the prospect of a backlash against candidates like former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who have yet to embrace impeachment.

6) The Republican Senate will quickly dismiss any impeachment resolution passed by the House, killing the issue, and

7) Any of the dozens of vulnerable House Democrats in Republican-leaning districts who back impeachment will have given their GOP opponents a big issue.


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From: isopatch6/16/2019 5:39:35 PM
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Thanks to SI Member <fred woodall > for heads up on these Obama era graphs. WOW!!

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To: isopatch who wrote (31419)6/17/2019 4:53:25 PM
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We already know that Donald will announce his run for a second term this week in Orlando...

“Big Rally tomorrow night in Orlando, Florida, looks to be setting records,” Donald tweeted. “Our Country is doing great, far beyond what the haters & losers thought possible - and it will only get better!”

Although more than 100,000 requests for tickets have been made there's only room for 20,000 inside the stadium, but as of this past weekend there are already more than 20,000 people are already camping out in front of the stadium in order to get into the stadium for the great announcement!!!


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To: GROUND ZERO™ who wrote (31420)6/18/2019 8:31:34 AM
From: isopatch
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This welcome news, directly from our president, will only add to attendance at his rallies. More important? Will greatly reduce illegal voting in next years election!

Looking, AWA hoping, for deportation to focus on key swing states.


<WASHINGTON, June 17 (Reuters) - President Donald Trump said on Monday that U.S. authorities would begin next week removing millions of immigrants who are in the United States illegally.

"Next week ICE will begin the process of removing the millions of illegal aliens who have illicitly found their way into the United States," Trump tweeted, referring to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. "They will be removed as fast as they come in," he said. He did not offer specifics.

There are an estimated 12 million immigrants who are in the United States illegally, mainly from Mexico and Central America.

Under a deal reached earlier this month, Mexico has agreed to take Central American immigrants seeking asylum in the United States until their cases are heard in U.S. courts.

The agreement, which included Mexico pledging to deploy National Guard troops to stop Central American immigrants from reaching the U.S. border, averted a Trump threat to hit Mexican imports with tariffs.

Trump also said in the tweet that Guatemala "is getting ready to sign a Safe-Third Agreement."

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence suggested last week that Guatemala could receive asylum seekers from its neighbors as a so-called safe third country.

Details of the plan have not been made public, and Guatemala has not publicly confirmed talks that the U.S. State Department said were taking place in Guatemala on Friday.

U.S. rights group Human Rights First said, however, it was "simply ludicrous" for the United States to assert that Guatemala was capable of protecting refugees, when its own citizens are fleeing violence.

Mexico has agreed that if its measures to stem the flow of migrants are unsuccessful, it will discuss sig a safe third country agreement with the United States.>

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To: isopatch who wrote (31421)6/18/2019 9:05:53 AM
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Yeah, I saw that earlier, it's great news!!!

America is MAGA country!!!


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To: GROUND ZERO™ who wrote (31418)6/18/2019 10:57:15 AM
From: Fintas
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HMMM so it takes Carl Rove to inform many?

A good history student could figure that out in a blink.

The disappointment is that there are those who are playing the long game of well when we win in 2020.

Hey Carl and friends. How about ya stop booking future appearances and revenue and solve the things BEFORE they become a problem.

I know that's a unique concept.

Yet just think if those who are paid to be watch dogs saw what was going on in the Middle east way back as they hit the USS KOHL and other before such or heeded the warnings of there's something going on.

Just think if the POTUS leaving or in place had just said. MY FELLOW AMERICANS there is unusual activity and be vigilant.

OH wait, isn't that what's going on here and now and what we have from leadership is yakking about impeachment, obstruction etc.

Perhaps we should be on the watch and while doing so address the a holes that gave an T enemy country 150 Billion of which 1.5 billion was cash that they are using to buy those weapons, support their agenda.

YUP..CARL and gang put on their ties and then resent their boards to list this and that.

Those with street sense say. SERIOUSLY guys. Ya fix things before they are a problem.

I don't need a list to know what can go wrong. I want a list on how to avoid something going wrong.

FIRST step here and NOW as it should have been from day one of his presidency. SUPPORT DJT.

And go after any who knowingly try to stop him from doing his JOB. FIRST and foremost. PROTECT THIS NATION.

EVERY TIME you hear some dim wit yak about impeachment, obstruction, defend illegals, defend the non defensible, twist a fact ya QUICKLY address them. Just as DJT did when he said to STEP N POOP.. you're a wise guy.. DJT doesn't suffer fools. Neither should we let alone elect them, employ them etc.


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To: Fintas who wrote (31423)6/18/2019 11:10:02 AM
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All very excellent points!!!


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From: isopatch6/18/2019 1:06:43 PM
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Contradicting recent MSM Fake News Polls which nobody should believe after they were ALL 100% wrong in 2016.

The reality? A powerful trend which will shortly push Trump into the lead. A larger and larger lead, in fact, as the election nears...))

Just as important? We can take nothing for granted. Have to pitch in to help our president as we did in 2016.

<HERE HE COMES: Trump Surging In Battleground States, Poll Says

By Hank Berrien

June 18, 2019

A new poll shows President Trump is surging in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, slicing into the lead of former Vice President Joe Biden, who is currently leading the Democratic field by a large margin. Additionally, the poll shows the two men in a statistical dead heat in Michigan

The Firehouse-Optimus poll, conducted from June 11-13, shows Trump with a tremendous surge in Pennsylvania; Biden had an eight-point lead in March that has narrowed to a scant one-point lead. The Trump “base” in Pennsylvania has a huge lead over the Democratic “base.” Trump’s stands at 42%, dwarfing the Democrats’, which is at 24%. The poll adds, “This is a recurring trend across states- those who say they will vote for Trump are very consistent across ballot tests, while many Democratic-leaning voters fluctuate between supporting the Democrat, a generic third-party candidate, or not being sure.”

Since March, Biden’s lead over Trump in Wisconsin has shrunk from 12 percentage points to six. The Trump “base” in Wisconsin, according to the poll, rests at 37%; the Democratic “base” stands at 32%. Trump’s approval rating has risen from 41% to 44% since March.

In Michigan, where the Trump “base” is 39% and he Democratic base rests at 32%, Trump and Biden were tied in March; Biden now holds a slim three-point lead, leaving them in a statistical dead heat.>

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To: isopatch who wrote (31425)6/18/2019 1:21:29 PM
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If anyone wants to see the REAL poll numbers, then look at the attendance at the campaign rallies... and very clearly Donald is head and shoulders way above anyone else...

Donald is attracting more than 100,000 people to tonight's Orlando rally, biden attracted 86 (no typo here) people to his most recent rally and the polls claim biden's ahead... that's right, only 86 people showed up but you'll never hear that in the news reports...

So, the polls say biden is ahead, I have to ask ahead of what??? LOL!!!


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